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Into the woods by

Into the woods

A modern twist on several of the beloved Brothers Grimm fairy tales, intertwining the plots of a few choice stories and exploring the consequences of the characters' wishes and quests. This humorous and heartfelt musical follows the classic tales of Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk, and Rapunzel, all tied together by an original story involving a baker and his wife, their wish to begin a family and their interaction with the witch who has put a curse on them.

Mar 27, 2015
Strange Magic by

Strange Magic

A music-filled fairy tale about finding true love in the unlikeliest of places. Features a host of colorful characters, including a princess who has sworn off love, a dubious villain, a slightly nutty Sugar Plum Fairy, a tenacious elf, a mischievous imp, and a knight who is no Prince Charming.

Mar 27, 2015
Paddington by


The story of the comic misadventures of a young Peruvian bear that travels to the city in search of a home. Finding himself lost and alone, he begins to realize that city life is not all he had imagined; until he meets the kindly Brown family who read the label around his neck that says 'Please look after this bear. Thank you,'" and offer him a temporary haven. It looks as though his luck has changed until this rarest of bears catches the eye of a museum taxidermist.

Mar 27, 2015
Families of United Kingdom by

Families of United Kingdom

Follows the daily life of two children and their families living in United Kingdom. Learn about their life, family and culture as you follow them from home to school and all points in between.

Mar 26, 2015
Grumpy Cat's worst Christmas ever - official soundtrack. by

Grumpy Cat's worst Christmas ever - official soundtrack.

Feline internet sensation Grumpy Cat becomes the star in her own holiday movie for Christmas. The accompanying soundtrack features original and traditional favorites from Chris Mann, The Bird and the Bee, the Brian Setzer Orchestra, and more.

Mar 25, 2015
Happily Ever After- Robinita Hood by

Happily Ever After- Robinita Hood

HBO presents this magical, animated musical special that puts a feminist spin on one of the world's most famous fairy tales. With the help of her faithful band of Merry Chicas, Robinita Hood saves her village from the evil Sherriff de Jamon in this salsa-fied adaptation of the classic adventure tale.

Mar 25, 2015
Grenadilla by Grenadilla (Musical group)


"Layered voices textured with Kwela flavored rhythms, up-beat melodies, a touch of Cape Town jive and a hint of the blues."--Container.

Mar 25, 2015
Action Bible songs - 17 classic Christian songs for kids. by

Action Bible songs - 17 classic Christian songs for kids.

Mar 23, 2015
Monster High. Haunted. by

Monster High. Haunted.

When the ghouls of Monster High follow Spectra Vondergeist one day, they discover a creeperiffic Ghost World with an all-spirit school. But their scary-cute student bodies are hardly welcome with the very strict Principal Revenant, and she punishes Spectra with frightful detention chains that prevent her from re-joining Monster High. Now, it's up to the imperfectly perfect friends to take on ghostly forms in order to save one of their own from disappearing forever.

Mar 23, 2015
Green kids club. The green spring, saving our planet!. by

Green kids club. The green spring, saving our planet!.

Be a part of the The Green Kids Club, where you'll learn how to conserve our natural resources and protect our endangered species! In this program, the animals of the world realize that they need the help of humans to protect their homes. They choose Victor and Maya to be the "Green Kids" and teach others the importance of protecting and conserving our environment. Young viewers will be inspired to do their part to preserve the planet and its important wildlife.

Mar 23, 2015
American moments. Our Bill of Rights. by

American moments. Our Bill of Rights.

Explores the greatest achievements in American history in the context of the time period, incorporating archival footage that captures the monumental events of yesteryear. Through compelling re-creations, witness the arguments both for and against the addition of the Bill of Rights to the Constitution. This program portrays Franklin, Washington and others in their historic roles and offers deeper understanding as to how the Bill of Rights became part of our Constitution.

Mar 23, 2015
100 sing-along-songs for kids by Cedarmont Kids Singers.

100 sing-along-songs for kids

Cedarmont provides another great children's album that features three discs and 100 great singalong songs.

Mar 23, 2015
I want to be a missionary now - songs for the future army of Helaman. by Romney, Clive, producer.

I want to be a missionary now - songs for the future army of Helaman.

Songs for future Mormon missionaries, arranged for children.

Mar 23, 2015
Auto B Good. The classics, vol. 4, pirates of the parkway by

Auto B Good. The classics, vol. 4, pirates of the parkway

Welcome to the City of Auto, where cars and trucks come to life. Join Johnny, Izzi, EJ, Cali and friends in three adventures as they drive on the road of fun, excitement and wonder. Along the way, everyone learns valuable lessons that will last a lifetime.

Mar 23, 2015
Start smart. Science I need to know. Mass, newton, push, pull, load & friction. by

Start smart. Science I need to know. Mass, newton, push, pull, load & friction.

This live-action video program incorporates many research-based learning strategies proven to help young viewers learn and retain science vocabulary, utilizing video footage, photographs, diagrams and colorful, animated graphics and labels. Kids will understand the terms: "mass,"newton," "push," "pull," "load," and "friction." The program begins with a simple definition. The term is repeated numerous times by the narrator and the text shown on-screen.

Mar 23, 2015
Eggy by


It's everyone's favorite time of year in the magical town of Puff! It's a time for best pals Eggy and Top Hat to hop around with their furry friends, and take part in exciting new adventures. But when the evil Crow Witch tries to ruin their big party, the animals put all their eggs in one basket and begin their hunt to save the town!

Mar 23, 2015
Kaboom! Easter basket by

Kaboom! Easter basket

Get carried away this Easter with your favourite Treehouse friends. Join Toopy and Binoo, Max & Ruby, Babar and Badou, Franklin and more in over 80 minutes of hopping Easter fun.

Mar 23, 2015
I had a favorite dress by

I had a favorite dress

As the year passes, the narrator's favorite dress goes through a series of creative changes, from dress to shirt to tank top to scarf and so on, until all that's left of it is a good memory.

Mar 23, 2015
Start smart. Let's make up! by

Start smart. Let's make up!

This program features scenarios that provide ideas to help young kids learn about conflict and model the skills involved in identifying and resolving conflicts peacefully. The program encourages young viewers to think of different ways to solve their problems and differences with others without violence.

Mar 23, 2015
Penguins of Madagascar [Motion picture - 2014] by

Penguins of Madagascar [Motion picture - 2014]

They're cute. They're cuddly. They're back! From the creators of "Madagascar" comes the hilarious new movie that proves global espionage is for the birds! In DreamWorks' "Penguins Of Madagascar," your favorite super-spies - Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private - join forces with the elite North Wind team to save the world. It's a side-splitting, globe-trotting adventure the whole family will love

Mar 20, 2015