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About Our World - Animal Behavior by

About Our World  - Animal Behavior

In the information-packed program, viewers will learn about the behavior patterns of all types of animals including mammals, birds, insects and more. From food gathering to mating, survival instincts and sleeping habits to social behaviors, the program shows how behaviors of each animal help them to adapt to different environments.

Aug 3, 2015
About Our World - Seeds and Plants by

About Our World - Seeds and Plants

In addition to learning about the structure and characteristics of seeds and plants, this program takes viewers to different locations around the globe. They will learn about the diversity of plants throughout the various land regions around the world. Graphics, animation and live-action footage will assist children in identifying characteristics of various plants on Earth. Kids will appreciate how plants have adapted to live in Polar Regions, tundra, desert, grasslands, forests and salt and

Aug 3, 2015
About Our World - Trash, Recycling and the Environment by

About Our World - Trash, Recycling and the Environment

What happens to buried garbage? How does garbage change? What problems does garbage cause? By taking a trip to a recycling center, landfill and town dump, kids will come to understand what happens to trash and garbage after they throw it away. A program that focuses on the environmental problems created by solid waste and offers suggestions for ways to alleviate the problem.

Aug 3, 2015
Advanced toss & batting tee drills by

Advanced toss & batting tee drills

"Advanced Toss & Batting Tee Drills is an instructional DVD for youth baseball coaches and parents. Marty Schupak, a baseball coach of 25 years experience, presents a medley of drills to aid young baseball players-including inner city youth who may have a strictly limited amount of space to practice! The drills highlight fundamental hitting techniques, improving eye-hand coordination, improving reaction time, correcting balance during the swing, hip rotation awareness, and much more."--provided

Aug 3, 2015
Alphabet Jam- Songs and Rhymes to Build Reading by Bollinger, Cathy.

Alphabet Jam- Songs and Rhymes to Build Reading

The songs that make up Alphabet Jam are all designed to help build early reading skills through repetition and sing-alongs. Tracks include Abbi Alligator; Hiccups; and Wake Up Will.

Aug 3, 2015
American Girl Grace Stirs Up Success Soundtrack by

American Girl Grace Stirs Up Success Soundtrack

The tale of a girl's trip to France serves as the inspiration for a soundtrack to the latest American Girl film. Included are French-inspired pop songs plus the original song Up, Up and Away.

Jul 31, 2015
Anne of Green Gables by

Anne of Green Gables

The story of a young girl who finds adventure (and misadventure) as she makes her way from a series of unpleasant foster families and orphanage experiences to the paradise of P.E. Island and the sternly Cuthbert household of Green Gables.

Jul 31, 2015
Back to the Future- The Complete Animated Series by

Back to the Future- The Complete Animated Series

Join Marty McFly and Doc Brown, along with his wife Clara and their kids, Jules and Verne, as they travel throughout time. With a little help from a DeLorean, the time travelers find themselves back in the Prehistoric and Medieval Times, witnessing the Civil War and Salem Witch Trials and, of course, traveling to the future.

Aug 3, 2015
Barbie- My Fab Playlist by

Barbie- My Fab Playlist

Join Barbie and her friends as they throw another fabulous party with a new collection of kid friendly renditions of top pop hits.

Aug 3, 2015
Barney's Worldwide Adventure! by

Barney's Worldwide Adventure!

Barney and his friends have a stu-u-u-pendous time learning and traveling around the world. Barney puts on a show in Greece then takes Emma on a trip to Venice. Baby Bop brings butterfly Monty to Mexico, while Barney introduces a dancing horse in Spain. Then the search is on for colorful eggs in Hawaii.

Aug 3, 2015
Becca and the Prisoner's Cross by Abbott, Tony.

Becca and the Prisoner's Cross

Studious language expert Becca's thrilling first-person account of the next stop in the Kaplans' perilous journey. As Becca and her family race through London, it's up to Becca to make sense of the strange time blackouts she's experiencing before the evil Teutonic Order beats them to the next relic. Or worse, hurts the people she loves.

Jul 31, 2015
Caroline and the Magic Potion by

Caroline and the Magic Potion

Little Caroline, a fan of curiosity and mischief, embarks on an adventure of magic with a rescue mission to save her grandmother following her mysterious kidnapping by the evil cosmetics company. During the adventure Caroline discovers her magic powers and that her family is witches who devote their lives to helping people with their knowledge on witchcraft.

Aug 3, 2015
Christmas Is... by

Christmas Is...

Christmas is many things to many people. It celebrates the birth of the Christ child. It is also Saint Nicholas and Santa Claus, angels, lights, Christmas trees, cards, carols, presents, and prayers with peace, love, and joy.

Aug 3, 2015
Common core kindergarten reading. 25 sight words. by

Common core kindergarten reading. 25 sight words.

This first in a series of programs covers the beginning nine weeks of kindergarten, where kids learn 25 sight words, such as the, he, we, etc. Join young host Julianna, who explains what sight words are, and enthusiastically presents each word, sounds it out slowly and uses it in a simple sentence with on-screen graphics and illustrations that reinforce the use of the particular sight word.

Jul 29, 2015
DJ Pon-3 Presents My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Remixed by Ingram, Daniel.

DJ Pon-3 Presents My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Remixed

Daniel Ingram's beloved songs for the popular animated series are remixed by some of today's top electronic artists including Rubicon 7, Heavygrinder, Faust & Shortee, and Arkasia.

Jul 31, 2015
Dora and friends. Doggie day! by

Dora and friends. Doggie day!

Todos juntos! Dora and her amigos need help in these four magical adventures in Playa Verde! Help them reunite Cusco with his lost puppy brothers in time for Doggie Adoption Day. Plus, save Magic Land, bring music back to Opera Land, and journey to fairytale puppet world too!

Aug 3, 2015
Elf- Buddy's Musical Christmas by

Elf- Buddy's Musical Christmas

Based on the Broadway musical based on the hit Christmas movie, tells the story of Buddy the elf and his quest to reunite with the human father he never knew existed. While Buddy's sincerity and idealism are commonplace at the North Pole, these attributes are rejected in cynical New York City. But through song, dance, and relentless good cheer, Buddy rekindles the spirit of Christmas for the entire city.

Aug 3, 2015
Ghost Squad by

Ghost Squad

Three middle-school-aged best friends, struggling with bullies and pressures at school, are dared by a gang of older kids to spend the night in an abandoned mansion. Lying to their parents about their whereabouts for the evening, they camp out together with plenty of gadgetry stake-out gear. If they make it through the night, they hope to win over the girls they have been crushing on. However, the night takes an interesting turn when they encounter a ghost-dog in the haunted house!

Aug 3, 2015
Hansel & Gretel- A Wickedly Delicious Musical Treat Original Cast Recording by

Hansel & Gretel- A Wickedly Delicious Musical Treat Original Cast Recording

Popular children's artist Justin Roberts creates the music and lyrics for a magical interpretation of a classic fairy tale. Features the songs We Gotta Run; Crumb by Crumb; and I Would Have Been Lost.

Jul 31, 2015
History for kids. Abraham Lincoln. by

History for kids. Abraham Lincoln.

In 1861, the Civil War was a conflict that threatened to permanently divide the United States. Without President Abraham Lincoln's leadership, courage, and determination to maintain the Union, our country may have ceased to exist. From his childhood in Kentucky to his election as president and his outspoken views against slavery, this program chronicles his life through re-enactments and archival photographs.

Jul 29, 2015