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Santa's Little Helper by

Santa's Little Helper

After losing his job, a slick-talking businessman is given the chance of a lifetime, to be Santa's second-in-command. But to earn the coveted position, he'll have to wage an outrageous battle against a scheming elf who wants the gig for herself.

Oct 3, 2015
Sandrider by Sage, Angie.


Tod sets out for the Desert of the Singing Sands to retrieve the Egg of the Orm. It's a journey that will test not only her Magykal and PathFinding skills but her friendships, too.

Sep 30, 2015
Sabotage at Willow Woods by Keene, Carolyn.

Sabotage at Willow Woods

Who knew a new sports field could cause so much drama? That's what Nancy, Bess, and George are investigating. Ever since George's cousin Carrie Kim announced her candidacy for city council, along with her platform of building a new football field and a state-of-the-art sports complex, someone has been trying to sabotage the campaign! Nancy has to go undercover as a member of the Green Club when she suspects they may be behind all of the mischief. When Carrie starts getting threatening notes and

Sep 30, 2015
Robots Go Wild by Patterson, James.

Robots Go Wild

Sammy Hayes-Rodriguez and his 'bro-bot' E, are making new friends every day as E works as his bedridden sister Maddie's school proxy. But disaster strikes when E malfunctions just in time to be upstaged by the super-cool new robot on the block--and loses his ability to help Maddie. Now it's up to Sammy to figure out what's wrong with E and save his family!

Sep 30, 2015
Pop Star Puppy by

Pop Star Puppy

When twelve year old Austin Brown's family moves to Fort Langley, Austin has a hard time fitting in. So before his dad deploys to Afghanistan, he buys Austin a puppy named Dino to keep him company while he is away. It's not long before Austin discovers that Dino has a very special talent; he can sing! When Austin hears that auditions for 'America's Next Pop Icon' are coming to Fort Langley, he enters Dino. Captivating American households and dominating the competition.

Oct 3, 2015
Peep & The Big Wide World Peep Floats by

Peep & The Big Wide World Peep Floats

Join Peep, Chirp, and Quack as they dive into six new fun-filled adventures. Sail a toy boat, see the power of duck feet in action, help fish understand the world 'up there,' make boats float and sink, and much more!

Oct 2, 2015
Paper planes by

Paper planes

Dylan Webber, is an imaginative twelve-year-old boy with a knack for folding and flying paper planes. After discovering his talent could take him to the top at the World Junior Paper Plane Championship, Dylan prepares to take on powerful rivals. With a great challenge soaring ahead, and a goal to fly into the number one spot, there's no telling how far he can go!

Oct 3, 2015
Once Upon a Thriller by Keene, Carolyn.

Once Upon a Thriller

A rash of crimes in a neighboring towna blazing fire at a bookstore, a boat that sinks in the harbor, and a valuable dog's dognapping are eerily similar to the plots from famous mystery writer Lacey O'Brien's popular books. So who's behind the crimes? Could it be Lacey looking for publicity? One of Lacey's superfans? Or maybe it's Paige Samuels, owner of the bookstore that burned. Nancy, Bess, and George will have to read between the lines as they dig deep into a dangerous mystery.

Sep 30, 2015
Nutrition - today's guide for a healthy life by

Nutrition - today's guide for a healthy life

A nutritionist leads kids on an exploration of nutritional foods, healthy activities, and appropriate serving sizes. They'll learn to classify and compare foods by nutritional value and food group. Students will prepare attractive examples of healthy meals and snacks and practice making healthy choices when eating out.

Oct 3, 2015
Now That's What I Call Disney Princess by

Now That's What I Call Disney Princess

It's a royal celebration as one of music's most popular series joins forces with one of the biggest brands in entertainment for a collection that includes some of the most beloved songs in the Disney catalog.

Oct 3, 2015
Naya's Arctic Adventures- Meet Naya by

Naya's Arctic Adventures- Meet Naya

Join Naya and her friends as they embrace numerous quests in the Arctic. One might think that a young girl would get bored living in the Arctic but not Naya! Every day is an adventure with her and her friends. Each story starts with the sea washing ashore an item and then throughout the story, Naya and friends learn the purpose of the item. Your little one is sure to enjoy these heart-warming adventures that teach children fundamental human values all while enjoying a good laugh!

Oct 3, 2015
National Geographic Herod's lost tomb by

National Geographic Herod's lost tomb

Sep 30, 2015
Mystery of the Phantom Heist by Dixon, Franklin W..

Mystery of the Phantom Heist

In this second book of a fresh approach to a classic series, Frank and Joe track down violent pranksters. Rich girl Lindsay Peyton is throwing the biggest and best Sweet Sixteen bash that Bayport has ever seen. But her party planning is off to a bad start when Frank and Joe discover that someone has keyed her very expensive car, an early birthday present, and has put the mean prank up on YouView. Soon after the prank goes viral, a group calling themselves the Scaredevils begin to film themselves

Sep 30, 2015
My little pony, friendship is magic. Games ponies play. by

My little pony, friendship is magic. Games ponies play.

Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Spike and even the young Cutie Mark Crusaders are ready for fun with new challenges and competitions. Join the excitement as Applejack and Rainbow Dash face off in an Iron Pony Competition. See if Spike can save the day as he and the ponies are turned into comic book heroes. Find out if the young ponies can bring a notorious outlaw to justice and more in six fantastic adventures!

Sep 29, 2015
Monsterville. Cabinet of souls by

Monsterville. Cabinet of souls

Dare to enter a mysterious realm, where the cost of admission just might be your soul. From the dark imagination of renowned author R.L. Stine. When a traveling Hall of Horrors show arrives in the town of Danvile, the high school friends can't wait to get spooked. The monsters, zombies, and ghouls are completely lifelike, and the villainous showman, Dr. Hysteria, and his enchanting assistant, Lilith, really know how to turn up the scares.

Sep 29, 2015
Monster High. Boo York, Boo York by

Monster High. Boo York, Boo York

Its fright lights, big city when the Monster High ghouls head to Boo York. Cleo de Nile is invited to attend a fancy gala celebrating the return of a magical comet and, of course, she brings along her beast friends. But their trip isn't all fun and frightseeing because Nefera, Cleo's sister, uses the comets powers for her own spooktacularly sneaky plans. Can the monsters unwrap the mystery of the comet in time to stop Nefera?

Sep 29, 2015
Molly Moon and the Incredible Book of Hypnotism by

Molly Moon and the Incredible Book of Hypnotism

An adaptation of the first book in the Molly Moon series by Georgia Byng, the film tells the story of a young orphan who struggles through life alongside her friends (and enemies). Her life dramatically changes when one day she discovers an intriguing book in the local library. The book, Hypnotism An Ancient Art Explained, written by a mysterious master hypnotist - Dr Logan, starts her on an unstoppable journey of discovery and adventure.

Oct 3, 2015
Mighty mighty monsters. Halloween havoc by

Mighty mighty monsters. Halloween havoc

Frankie, Vlad and Gunner, three awkward misfit monsters, come face-to-face with their greatest fear yet: High School. Forced to attend an all human school, the monsters must learn the ins-and-outs of being scream-agers and surrender to the lifestyle of the other ghouls and boils. But when Frankie decides to go full human, Vlad and Gunner must spook some sense back into their friend and prove once and for all there2s nothing scarier than being human!

Sep 29, 2015
Max & Ruby. Max's Christmas by

Max & Ruby. Max's Christmas

How do you make your way in the world - and even in your own house - when your big sister knows just the "right way" to do everything? Just ask Max, a three-year-old bunny with lots of determination and a little bit of mischief too. It doesn't matter that his big sister Ruby thinks she has a lot to teach him: Max has his own ideas. Join their loving, laughing sibling rivalry!

Oct 1, 2015
Judy Moody & Stink- The Wishbone Wish by McDonald, Megan.

Judy Moody & Stink- The Wishbone Wish

Will Judy and Stink win the annual Turkey Trot race?

Sep 30, 2015