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The rogue knight by Mull, Brandon.

The rogue knight

Cole Randolph never meant to come to The Outskirts, but when his friends were kidnapped on Halloween he had to try and save them. Now he's trapped in a world that lies between wakefulness and dreaming, reality and imagination, life and death. Cole's search for his friends has led him to Elloweer, another of the five kingdoms that make up The Outskirts. He's accompanied by Mira, Twitch, and Jace - new friends he's met here in the Outskirts who each have their own important missions.

Oct 31, 2014
Betty Bunny didn't do it by Kaplan, Michael B.

Betty Bunny didn't do it

Oct 31, 2014
Bear sees colors by Wilson, Karma

Bear sees colors

Oct 31, 2014
Daredevil - the daring life of Betty Skelton by McCarthy, Meghan, author, illustrator.

Daredevil - the daring life of Betty Skelton

In the 1930s, most girls were happy playing with dolls. But Betty Skelton liked playing with airplanes. When Betty was young there weren't many women flying airplanes or racing cars, but she wouldn't let that stop her. She was always ready to take on a challenge. Betty rode motorcycles, raced cars, jumped out of planes, and flew jets, helicopters, gliders, and blimps. And by the time she was an adult, Betty was known in the press as the "First Lady of Firsts!"

Oct 31, 2014
Emma and the blue genie by Funke, Cornelia

Emma and the blue genie

Oct 31, 2014
Doll people set sail by Martin, Ann M.

Doll people set sail

Oct 31, 2014
Jack and the beanstalk by Bridge, George.

Jack and the beanstalk

A delightful retelling of a classic tale.

Oct 31, 2014
Fisher-Price car ride fun by

Fisher-Price car ride fun

Oct 31, 2014
Ms. Coco is loco by Gutman, Dan

Ms. Coco is loco

Oct 31, 2014
NOW that's what I call Disney. 3 by

NOW that's what I call Disney. 3

For decades, Disney has created some of the most memorable music on both the big and small screen. Joining forces again with one of music's most popular series, this collection showcases even more of these popular songs.

Oct 31, 2014
Arcady's goal by Yelchin, Eugene.

Arcady's goal

For twelve-year-old Arcady, soccer is life. Sent to live in a children's home after his parents are declared enemies of the state, he plays to win his dinner, and to maintain his sanity. When a visiting inspector decides to adopt him, Arcady questions his motivations. Who could want an enemy of the people as a son? In his new life, Arcady will come to discover the power of believing in and loving another person; and himself.

Oct 31, 2014
Pokémon, Indigo League - the complete collection. by

Pokémon, Indigo League - the complete collection.

Ash Ketchum is a brand-new Pokemon Trainer, and on his first day he gets his very first Pokemon, Pikachu! But their friendship gets off to a rocky start. It's up to Ash to earn Pikachu's trust as he and friends Misty and Brock follow their quest to collect Pokemon, make friends and battle their way to the Indigo League!

Oct 31, 2014
Man with the violin by Stinson, Kathy.

Man with the violin

Dylan is someone who notices things. His mom is someone who doesn't. So try as he might, Dylan can't get his mom to listen to the man playing the violin in the subway station. But Dylan is swept away by the soaring and swooping notes that fill the air as crowds of oblivious people rush by. This video is based on the true story of Joshua Bell, the renowned American violinist who famously took his instrument down into the Washington, D.C. subway for a free concert.

Oct 31, 2014
The sorcerer's apprentice by Bavis, Cyril, author.

The sorcerer's apprentice

When the sorcerer's apprentice was left alone to clean the castle, he tried to do some magic of his own, and ended up in a bubbly mess! Ultimately the young apprentice finds that passion and hard work, tempered with patience and discipline, can make the most magical dreams come true.

Oct 31, 2014
Over and under the snow by Messner, Kate

Over and under the snow

Oct 31, 2014
VeggieTales. All the songs. Volume one. by

VeggieTales. All the songs. Volume one.

Oct 31, 2014
Timmy failure- we meet again by Pastis, Stephan

Timmy failure- we meet again

Oct 31, 2014