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National Geographic Herod's lost tomb by

National Geographic Herod's lost tomb

Sep 30, 2015
Mystery of the Phantom Heist by Dixon, Franklin W..

Mystery of the Phantom Heist

In this second book of a fresh approach to a classic series, Frank and Joe track down violent pranksters. Rich girl Lindsay Peyton is throwing the biggest and best Sweet Sixteen bash that Bayport has ever seen. But her party planning is off to a bad start when Frank and Joe discover that someone has keyed her very expensive car, an early birthday present, and has put the mean prank up on YouView. Soon after the prank goes viral, a group calling themselves the Scaredevils begin to film themselves

Sep 30, 2015
A Shiloh Christmas by Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds.

A Shiloh Christmas

Christmas is coming and Marty and his rescued pup Shiloh are sure glad about that, for their town is low on love and understanding and they hope that the joy of the holiday will bring with it the generosity of spirit that's so lacking. But just as townsfolk grow more accepting of Judd, a fire in the woods destroys many homes, including Judd's, and Judd's newly formed reputation. Doubt, blame, and anger spread faster than the flames - flames that are fanned by the new minister.

Sep 30, 2015
Once Upon a Thriller by Keene, Carolyn.

Once Upon a Thriller

A rash of crimes in a neighboring towna blazing fire at a bookstore, a boat that sinks in the harbor, and a valuable dog's dognapping are eerily similar to the plots from famous mystery writer Lacey O'Brien's popular books. So who's behind the crimes? Could it be Lacey looking for publicity? One of Lacey's superfans? Or maybe it's Paige Samuels, owner of the bookstore that burned. Nancy, Bess, and George will have to read between the lines as they dig deep into a dangerous mystery.

Sep 30, 2015
Sabotage at Willow Woods by Keene, Carolyn.

Sabotage at Willow Woods

Who knew a new sports field could cause so much drama? That's what Nancy, Bess, and George are investigating. Ever since George's cousin Carrie Kim announced her candidacy for city council, along with her platform of building a new football field and a state-of-the-art sports complex, someone has been trying to sabotage the campaign! Nancy has to go undercover as a member of the Green Club when she suspects they may be behind all of the mischief. When Carrie starts getting threatening notes and

Sep 30, 2015
The Vanishing Game by Dixon, Franklin W..

The Vanishing Game

A thrilling amusement park ride turns diabolically deadly in this Hardy Brothers adventure, a fresh approach to a classic series. Joe and Frank Hardy are attending the season's opening night at Funspot, a local amusement park that's been declining for years, but that recently got new owners and a facelift. Their friend Daisy's family has everything riding on Funspot's success: If the revamped park is a failure, her family will be broke! At first, an exhilarating new attraction is a huge hit, but

Sep 30, 2015
The great bear by

The great bear

Jonathan, 11, usually spends his vacations alone with his grandfather who lives on the edge of a vast forest populated by mythical animals. This year his kid sister Sophie joins him. But it's not cool to be stuck with a little sister, so he does what he can to avoid her. He succeeds entirely too well: Sophie is kidnapped by a giant, 1000-year-old bear. Now, Jonathan has to venture into the heart of the forest to confront the strange beings that dwell there and rescue his sister.

Oct 1, 2015
Garfield holiday collection by

Garfield holiday collection

A collection of five holiday and award winning Garfield television specials.

Oct 1, 2015
Max & Ruby. Max's Christmas by

Max & Ruby. Max's Christmas

How do you make your way in the world - and even in your own house - when your big sister knows just the "right way" to do everything? Just ask Max, a three-year-old bunny with lots of determination and a little bit of mischief too. It doesn't matter that his big sister Ruby thinks she has a lot to teach him: Max has his own ideas. Join their loving, laughing sibling rivalry!

Oct 1, 2015
Jim Henson's Pajanimals. Spooky costumes by

Jim Henson's Pajanimals. Spooky costumes

After going to a Halloween party, Cowbella reveals that she is nervous about trick or treating tomorrow because she doesn't like all the scary vampires and zombies they saw at the party today. The Pajanimals travel to Storybook Land, where Edwin explains to Cowbella that there's nothing to be scared of. Those vampires and werewolves, etc. are just costumes that the big kids wear to have fun, just like her pretty princess costume! Enjoy four more adventures with Cowbella, Apollo, Sweet Pea Sue, a

Oct 1, 2015
Tough truck adventures. The biggest show on wheels by

Tough truck adventures. The biggest show on wheels

The biggest event of the year is finally here: Truckweek! For the next action-packed, piston-pounding week, the world's biggest, toughtest, and most powerful truck teams from all around the world will compete for the undisputed World's Toughest Truck Championships! Tonka Joe and his team of tough trucks are ready to defend their title and are revved up to save the day by doing things the right way, the Tonka way. So buckle up and hold on as Tonka Joe and his team of trucks race, save, and rescue

Oct 1, 2015
Peep & The Big Wide World Peep Floats by

Peep & The Big Wide World Peep Floats

Join Peep, Chirp, and Quack as they dive into six new fun-filled adventures. Sail a toy boat, see the power of duck feet in action, help fish understand the world 'up there,' make boats float and sink, and much more!

Oct 2, 2015
Iesodo- Forgiveness by

Iesodo- Forgiveness

Iesodo is a wise white dove whose name means, 'The Way of Jesus.' Watch as he and his friends bring your favorite New Testament stories to life in a whole new way, and demonstrate the importance of forgiveness. Includes two episodes: The Good, The Bad, and the Vulture; and Forgive and Forget.

Oct 5, 2015
Tapper Twins Go to War by Rodkey, Geoff.

Tapper Twins Go to War

A fresh, uproariously funny middle grade novel about an all-out war between two very creative twin siblings, Claudia and Reese. They are two twelve-year old fraternal twins who couldn't be more different; except in their determination to come out on top in a vicious prank war.

Oct 5, 2015
She'll be Comin' Round the Mountain by

She'll be Comin' Round the Mountain

To the melody of the popular children's song, a community of friendly animals prepare for the arrival of the librarian in her bookmobile! Ages 3-7.

Oct 5, 2015
The sandman and the lost sand of dreams by

The sandman and the lost sand of dreams

The Dreamworld is in peril when Habumar, dispenser of nightmares, steals The Sands of Dreams. The benevolent Sandman sends his trusty sidekick, a sheep named Nepomuk, to the real world to fetch a fearless captain who will assist them in saving the day. However, Nepomuk accidentally recruits Miko, a sweet and timid little boy who happens to be playing dress-up. Miko transforms into an animated puppet and together they travel to the dreamscape to join forces with the Sandman.

Oct 5, 2015
Yu-gi-oh! Zexal. Season 2. by

Yu-gi-oh! Zexal. Season 2.

Aspiring duelist Yuma meets Astral, a mysterious visitor from another world; it seems like the perfect match: While Yuma requires Astral's dueling expertise; Astral needs Yuma to gather 99 Number Cards that contain his lost memories. They would be dueling's greatest tag team, if they could only get along!

Oct 5, 2015
When Marnie was there by

When Marnie was there

When shy, artistic Anna moves to the seaside to live with her aunt and uncle, she stumbles upon an old mansion surrounded by marshes, and the mysterious young girl, Marnie, who lives there. The two girls instantly form a unique connection and friendship that blurs the lines between fantasy and reality. As the days go by, a nearly magnetic pull draws Anna back to the Marsh house again and again, and she begins to piece together the truth surrounding her strange new friend.

Oct 5, 2015
Nutrition - today's guide for a healthy life by

Nutrition - today's guide for a healthy life

A nutritionist leads kids on an exploration of nutritional foods, healthy activities, and appropriate serving sizes. They'll learn to classify and compare foods by nutritional value and food group. Students will prepare attractive examples of healthy meals and snacks and practice making healthy choices when eating out.

Oct 5, 2015
Common Core Kindergarten Reading - Volume 3 - Sight Words 51 - 75 by

Common Core Kindergarten Reading - Volume 3 - Sight Words 51 - 75

A set of high-quality, nationally-accepted, academic standards in reading. These learning goals outline what a student should know and be able to do before entering first grade.This third in a series of programs covers weeks nineteen through 27 of kindergarten, where kids build upon the first 50 sight words, already introduced, with 25 more sight words, such as 'eat,' 'said,' 'read,' etc.

Oct 5, 2015