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Pathfinder by Sage, Angie.


A young PathFinder named Alice TodHunter Moon, who insists on being called Tod, sets out from her seaside village to rescue her friend Ferdie from the malevolent Lady. She receives help from ExtraOrdinary Wizard Septimus Heap and Ex-ExtraOrdinary Wizard Marcia Overstrand, but the Lady's brother, the Darke Sorcerer Oraton-Marr, has a plan that will put everyone Tod holds dear in danger.

Oct 1, 2014
The snow queen and other stories by Andersen, Hans Christian.

The snow queen and other stories

This is one of Andersen's most affecting stories. Little Kay is enticed away from his home by the Snow Queen who traps him in her palace in the cold far north. His loyal friend Gerda goes on a long and dangerous journey, overcoming many obstacles to rescue him. Other stories include: The Leap-Frog, The Old House, The Snowman and The Daisy.

Oct 1, 2014
Triathlon by Rolie Polie Guacamole, composer, performer.


Oct 1, 2014
Ruby's studio- the safety show by

Ruby's studio- the safety show

Through creative animation, original songs, and easy-to-follow arts & crafts projects, beloved host Ruby, from the award-winning 'Ruby's Studio' children's series, offers young kids a much-needed exploration of important ways to keep themselves safe.

Oct 1, 2014
Pokémon, BW. Adventures in Unova. 1. by

Pokémon, BW. Adventures in Unova. 1.

Ash and his friends Iris and Cilan have foiled Team Rocket's latest evil plan, and a new danger lurks on the horizon. But first, with eight Gym badges in hand, Ash is ready to take on the region's ultimate challenge; the Unova League, where he'll face familiar reveals and new opponents in his ongoing quest to become a Pokemon Master. Meanwhile, Iris has been having some trouble with her powerful and stubborn Dragonite.

Oct 1, 2014
Nocturna by


A young boy named Tim finds an unusual discovery on the rooftop of his orphanage that plunges him into a secret world, inhabited by curious creatures that control the night.

Oct 1, 2014
My Little Pony - the complete original series by

My Little Pony - the complete original series

Ponyland is a mystical land, home to all kinds of magical creatures. The Little Ponies make their home in Paradise Estate, living a peaceful life filled with song and games. However, not all of the creatures of Ponyland are so peaceful, and the Ponies often find themselves having to fight for survival against witches, trolls, goblins and all the other beasts that would love to see the Little Ponies destroyed, enslaved or otherwise harmed.

Oct 1, 2014
Mighty morphin power rangers. Green with evil by

Mighty morphin power rangers. Green with evil

The evil alien witch Rita Repulsa has cast a spell on martial arts all-star Tommy Oliver, making him her very own Ranger and is using him to destroy the Power Rangers. Find out if the Rangers have what it takes to defeat Rita and her minions, and save themselves and Tommy, the Green Ranger, from her wicked machinations.

Oct 1, 2014
Rio 2 sing-along by

Rio 2 sing-along

The cast of the animated hit comedy returns with a sing along to the amazing beats with ten songs performed by your favorites, including Janelle Monae, Kristin Chenoweth, Anne Hathaway, Bruno Mars, Jamie Foxx and more. Choose the sing-along feature or watch the movie.

Oct 1, 2014
Winx club- season 2 vol. 1 - the shadow phoenix by

Winx club- season 2 vol. 1 - the shadow phoenix

A modern fantasy adventure series following six fashion-forward best friends (Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, and Aisha) situated mainly in the Magical Dimension and on Earth. When trouble arises, the Winx Club transforms into beautiful fairies who use their unique magical powers to fight villains and save the world from evil. They discover new, evolved, much stronger fairy transformations and forms, unlock new secrets and even stronger magical abilities, and battle against the darkness.

Oct 1, 2014
Littlest pet shop. Passport to fashion by

Littlest pet shop. Passport to fashion

Blythe Baxter has two amazing gifts: she can talk to animals and can create amazing fashion! Together with her pet friends, Zoe the spaniel, Pepper the skunk, Sunil the mongoose, Russell the hedgehog, Penny the panda, Vinnie the gecko, and Minka the monkey, Blythe is determined to make her dream of a career in fashion come true.

Oct 1, 2014
Planes - fire & rescue by

Planes - fire & rescue

When world-famous air racer Dusty learns that his engine is damaged and he may never race again, he must shift gears and is launched into the world of aerial firefighting. Dusty joins forces with veteran fire and rescue helicopter Blade Ranger and his team, a bunch of all-terrain vehicles known as The Smokejumpers. Together, the fearless team battles a massive wildfire, and Dusty learns what it takes to become a true hero.

Sep 29, 2014
R.l. stine's mostly ghostly- have you met my ghoulfriend? by

R.l. stine's mostly ghostly- have you met my ghoulfriend?

The second installment of the Mostly Ghostly franchise finds the young magician Max and his ghostly pals Tara and Nicky still searching for the siblings' missing parents while trying to evade Phears, the evil spirit responsible for their disappearance, and his frightful ghoulfriend. As Tara and Nicky give Max a supernatural hand in negotiating middle school, he tries to help them foil Phears' terrifying plot to gain dominion over the world. But can they stop him before their Halloween deadline?

Sep 29, 2014
Little people- christmas sing-along by

Little people- christmas sing-along

Gather the loved ones together and sing in the Christmas spirit with a set of Yuletide favorites from the Fisher-Price Little People characters.

Sep 26, 2014
Christmas favorites by

Christmas favorites

A compilation CD filled with our favorite Christmas tracks. These include Jingle Bells; Little Drummer Boy; and Up On the House Top.

Sep 26, 2014
The best in me by Kinnoin, Dave.

The best in me

Dave Kinnoin is offering another set of enjoyable songs for the family to savor. Positivity reigns as Kinnoin sings of overcoming fears, embracing opportunity, acting kind toward others, having honor and the power of perseverance, all set to a rockin' folk-pop sound that bursts with energy and enthusiasm.

Sep 26, 2014
Little people- jingle bell rock by

Little people- jingle bell rock

Sep 26, 2014
Rain reign by Martin, Ann M..

Rain reign

Rose Howard has OCD, Asperger's syndrome, and an obsession with homonyms. She gave her dog Rain a name with two homonyms. Rose and Rain are practically inseparable. And they are often home alone, as Rose's father spends most evenings at a bar, and doesn't have much patience for his special-needs daughter. Just as a storm hits town, Rain goes missing. Rose's father shouldn't have let Rain out. Now Rose has to find her dog, even if it means leaving her routines and safe places to search.

Sep 26, 2014
The magic marks the spot by Carlson, Caroline.

The magic marks the spot

Hilary Westfield has always dreamed of being a pirate. She can tread water for thirty-seven minutes, tie a knot faster than a fleet of sailors, and she already owns a rather pointy sword. But when it comes to piracy, her admiral father and the Very Nearly Honorable League of Pirates have put their foot down. There are simply no girls allowed. To escape a life of petticoats and politeness, Hilary and the gargoyle set out in search of adventure.

Sep 26, 2014
Worlds together - colombia by

Worlds together - colombia

Colombia examines Colombia's history, culture and cuisine, and above all, the Colombian people themselves.

Sep 26, 2014