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Advanced toss & batting tee drills by

Advanced toss & batting tee drills

"Advanced Toss & Batting Tee Drills is an instructional DVD for youth baseball coaches and parents. Marty Schupak, a baseball coach of 25 years experience, presents a medley of drills to aid young baseball players-including inner city youth who may have a strictly limited amount of space to practice! The drills highlight fundamental hitting techniques, improving eye-hand coordination, improving reaction time, correcting balance during the swing, hip rotation awareness, and much more."--provided

Aug 4, 2015
About Our World - Trash, Recycling and the Environment by

About Our World - Trash, Recycling and the Environment

What happens to buried garbage? How does garbage change? What problems does garbage cause? By taking a trip to a recycling center, landfill and town dump, kids will come to understand what happens to trash and garbage after they throw it away. A program that focuses on the environmental problems created by solid waste and offers suggestions for ways to alleviate the problem.

Aug 4, 2015
About Our World - Seeds and Plants by

About Our World - Seeds and Plants

In addition to learning about the structure and characteristics of seeds and plants, this program takes viewers to different locations around the globe. They will learn about the diversity of plants throughout the various land regions around the world. Graphics, animation and live-action footage will assist children in identifying characteristics of various plants on Earth. Kids will appreciate how plants have adapted to live in Polar Regions, tundra, desert, grasslands, forests and salt and

Aug 4, 2015
About Our World - Animal Behavior by

About Our World  - Animal Behavior

In the information-packed program, viewers will learn about the behavior patterns of all types of animals including mammals, birds, insects and more. From food gathering to mating, survival instincts and sleeping habits to social behaviors, the program shows how behaviors of each animal help them to adapt to different environments.

Aug 4, 2015