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The baby tree by

The baby tree

Sooner or later, every child will ask, where do babies come from? Answering this question has never been this easy or entertaining! Join a curious little boy who asks everyone from his babysitter to the mailman, getting all sorts of funny answers along the way, before his parents gently set him straight.

Mar 3, 2015
Brain boogie boosters by Learning Station.

Brain boogie boosters

The Learning Station teams up with Dr. Becky Bailey to create a collection of interactive, fun, and brain-boosting songs and activities to help with a child's mental development.

Mar 3, 2015
Buzz buzz by Berkner, Laurie.

Buzz buzz

Laurie Berkner gets children up and dancing with 22 tracks of fun and movement-oriented songs. From Monster Boogie to The Valley of Vegetables, these songs are witty and delightful.

Mar 3, 2015
Edda- a little valkyrie's first day of school by

Edda- a little valkyrie's first day of school

Edda is a Valkyrie (an ancient Norse goddess who guides and protects heroes). She lives in a magical land called Asgard. Edda wants to find a friend her own age. Edda's wise papa knows of a place where she can make friends: a place on Earth called 'school.' School is very different from Asgard. Edda's not sure if she likes it at first. But then she remembers that Valkyries are very brave. Edda learns that being different is what makes her special and she begins to make new friends.

Mar 3, 2015
El perro y el gato- From here to there = De aqui para alla by

El perro y el gato- From here to there = De aqui para alla

Who wants to be an astronaut or a vet? Or go on a jungle adventure? Then join up with two best friends who go from an under the sea encounter with an octopus to a not-quite-ordinary trip to the supermarket. Wherever they go, it's always fun, and always in English and in Spanish. This dog and cat are going places!

Mar 3, 2015
El perro y el gato- The adventure begins = La aventura comienza by

El perro y el gato- The adventure begins = La aventura comienza

In their debut show, preschoolers as well as older brothers and sisters are introduced to their non-stop world. With lots of vibrant colors and plenty of attitudes, these two best friends, a dynamic dog and a laid back cat, create wonderful adventures from the beach to the zoo to the first day of school. And everything is in English and in Spanish. A totally fun way to learn both languages!

Mar 3, 2015
The wide-mouthed bullfrog by Music With Mar.

The wide-mouthed bullfrog

Maryann 'Mar' Harman is a recording artist/music teacher who has over several recordings produced under the name 'Music With Mar'. Several have won national awards, inclduing a Parents' Choice Silver Honors Award and John Lennon's Songwriter's Award.

Mar 3, 2015
The last chance detectives. Legend of the desert bigfoot by

The last chance detectives. Legend of the desert bigfoot

A fast-paced adventure in which kids learn about the biblical principle of integrity and the importance of doing what's right, even when it's tough. Long, course strands of animal hair the vet can't identify, old Silas' wild story, metal doors ripped apart by powerful claws, and in the middle of it all, a dog named Jake who captures a place in Mike's heart.

Mar 3, 2015
Divirtamonos aprendiendo by Palmer, Hap.

Divirtamonos aprendiendo

A collection of Hap Palmer's most famous songs, like Growing; What A Miracle; and Put Your Hands Up In The Air.

Mar 3, 2015
Cooperative new games leadership by

Cooperative new games leadership

Includes New Games not before recorded, as well as a leadership section and a listing of the many physical and social skills that are developed or enhanced by playing the games.

Mar 3, 2015
Calling all the elephants by Randy & Dave.

Calling all the elephants

Randy and Dave deliver a stampede of clever and cheeky songs that are laugh-out-loud funny. Their arrangements are rhythmic with rock and country influences. The songs are about real situations that kids encounter every day.

Mar 3, 2015
Big hero 6 score by Jackman, Henry.

Big hero 6 score

Original score composed by Henry Jackman and the end title track 'Immortals' performed by Fall Out Boy.

Mar 3, 2015
American moments - general douglas macarthur by

American moments - general douglas macarthur

This series explores the greatest achievements in American history in the context of the time period, incorporating archival footage that captures the monumental events of yesteryear. Learn about the incredible contributions that General Douglas MacArthur made for our country. Understand his role in World War II, post-war Japan, and the early days of fighting in Korea. As a master strategist, his leadership unequivocably saved countless lives and protected our country's freedom.

Mar 3, 2015
5 ways to work things out without fighting by

5 ways to work things out without fighting

The program gives kids five strategies to help them resolve the problems that they face in a safe and appropriate way. Children are taught that hitting is not a way to solve a problem and that fights can be avoided when they use their words to talk about the problem. The program also demonstrates how blaming someone else for the problem does not resolve the problem. It emphasizes that asking questions can lead to a satisfactory resolution for everyone involved with the problem.

Mar 3, 2015
The last chance detectives. Escape from Fire Lake by

The last chance detectives. Escape from Fire Lake

The Last Chance Detectives search for their missing friend Mike. A trail of clues lead out into the barren wilderness known as Fire Lake.

Mar 3, 2015
Into the woods by

Into the woods

A modern twist on several of the beloved Brothers Grimm fairy tales, intertwining the plots of a few choice stories and exploring the consequences of the characters' wishes and quests. This humorous and heartfelt musical follows the classic tales of Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk, and Rapunzel, all tied together by an original story involving a baker and his wife, their wish to begin a family and their interaction with the witch who has put a curse on them.

Mar 3, 2015
If you find this by Baker, Matthew.

If you find this

The story of unlikely friendships, unexpected bravery, and eleven-year-old Nicholas Funes' quest to prove his grandfather's treasure is real. With the help of misfit classmates, two grandfathers, a ghost house, hidden messages, seances, and an uncanny mind for numbers, Nicholas stages a nursing home breakout, tangles with high schoolers in smugglers' tunnels, and gets swept up in a duel with the biggest bullies in the neighborhood. Will it be enough to find the treasure and save his house?

Mar 3, 2015
Good burger by

Good burger

Lively kids' comedy about plucky burger-flippers battling an evil fast-food franchise.

Mar 3, 2015
Five weeks in a balloon by

Five weeks in a balloon

Fergusson leads a journey via hot-air balloon in order to claim a remote area in Africa for England. Joining him in the trek are a reporter, a goofy professor, and the professor's assistant. Along the way they encounter many obstacles and deadly danger.

Mar 3, 2015
El perro y el gato- Unleashed = Sin correa by

El perro y el gato- Unleashed = Sin correa

What could be more fun than hanging out with an unstoppable dog and a taking-it-easy cat, and learning a new language along the way? Their world views may be different, but they2re still best friends, and totally bilingual. They make some beautiful music, do a little yoga, walk us through all four seasons, and welcome a new baby to the family. Plus, lots more. But whatever they are up to, it's always fun.

Mar 3, 2015