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Zoe's room - no sisters allowed by

Zoe's room - no sisters allowed

Zoe is the Queen of the whole Universe, but her favorite place in the universe is her own room, where she hosts tea parties, builds empires out of blocks, and gazes out upon the stars. Then her parents announce that her little sister Addie is moving in to Zoe's room. Little sisters aren't good at tea parties, block-building, and starwatching. So the Queen's new roommate is a royal pain, until Zoe discovers that even her smallest subjects can be userful in a storm!

Jun 2, 2015
Zoe's jungle by

Zoe's jungle

High above the jungle floor, fearless Zoe, explorer extraordinaire, catches a glimpse of the rare wild Addiebeast. She springs over the treeline in hot pursuit - And then Zoe's mother calls, 'We're leaving in five minutes!' Yet Zoe still has so much to do on the playground, which transforms into a jungle in her imagination! So against the ticking clock of Mama's countdown, she chases the elusive Addiebeast.

Jun 2, 2015
Zoe gets ready by

Zoe gets ready

Each day is full of possibilities, and Zoe wants to be ready for everything this one might bring. But that makes getting dressed really, really hard! If it's a twirling day, she'll need to wear the purple skirt. But if it's a cartheeling day, she'll want the polka-dot tights. Or it might be a hiding day, perfect for the flower crown that will help her blend into the garden, or a flying day, which demands butterfly wings!

Jun 2, 2015
Turbo fast. Season One. by

Turbo fast. Season One.

From DreamWorks, creators of the hit movie, comes the high-speed animated series that takes comedy, action and excitement to the extreme. Join the world's fastest snail and his Fast Action Stunt Team as they put their elite skills to the test against all-new opponents on and off the track. It's a Turbo-charged collection of heart-racing thrills.

Jun 2, 2015
Tony Chestnut & Fun Time Action Songs by Learning Station.

Tony Chestnut & Fun Time Action Songs

A musical collection brimming with 14 lively action songs, circle games, and upbeat learning fun. The music sparks imaginations with songs that invite active participation and free creative expression.

Jun 2, 2015
Thump, quack, moo - a whacky adventure by

Thump, quack, moo - a whacky adventure

The annual Corn Maze Festival is coming and every day the chickens, cows, and Duck help Farmer Brown--with a few bribes--to create a special Statue of Liberty corn maze, and every night Duck works hard creating his own surprise.

May 26, 2015
The Spongebob movie - Sponge out of water [Motion picture - 2015] by

The Spongebob movie - Sponge out of water [Motion picture - 2015]

When pirate Burger Beard steals the secret recipe for the beloved Krabby Patties, SpongeBob and friends come ashore to bring back the missing formula. To succeed, they must team up with former rival, Plankton, but soon realize that to defeat a super-villain, they must unleash their inner superheroes.

Jun 2, 2015
The Smurfs. Vol. 1, True blue friends by

The Smurfs. Vol. 1, True blue friends

Join Papa Smurf, Smurfette and friends for lots of fun and adventure.

May 28, 2015
The dog who saved summer by

The dog who saved summer

This summer, the Bannister family has a new home and a new set of problems: George struggles to help Zeus pass a Dog Obedience Class, party planner Belinda once again is plagued by her business rivals Marilyn and Kent and the inept criminal team of Ted, Fred and Stewey have a new caper to bungle.

Jun 2, 2015
Teen titans. Robin and friends by

Teen titans. Robin and friends

Seven new episodes from the most famous superhero library, DC Comics, complete the first season.

May 26, 2015
Teen Beach Movie 2 by

Teen Beach Movie 2

Dive in and rock out with the hottest surf sequel under the sun! Now that summer's over and school has begun, Brady and Mack's relationship seems headed for a wipeout; until Lela, Tanner and the 'Wet Side Story' kids show up! Dazzled by the novelty and variety of the modern world, Lela wants to stay, but the real world and the 'reel' world just don't mix. Can Mack and Brady find the magic to get the kids home and get their own romance back on track before it's too late?

May 26, 2015
Teen Beach 2 Movie Soundtrack by

Teen Beach 2 Movie Soundtrack

One of the most popular films in Disney Channel history gets a sequel with an equally exciting soundtrack featuring stars Ross Lynch, Maia Mitchell, Grace Phipps, Garrett Clayton, and John DeLuca.

May 26, 2015
Sheriff Callie's Wild West Soundtrack by

Sheriff Callie's Wild West Soundtrack

Join Callie, a lovable kitty cat sheriff, and her friends Peck and Toby for a collection featuring 26 songs from their hit Disney Junior series. Included is the theme song; Amazing Lucky Scarf; Picture Perfect; and more.

May 26, 2015
Run wild, run free by

Run wild, run free

A young autistic boy meets several new people and begins to open up.

May 26, 2015
Putumayo- Dreamland by

Putumayo- Dreamland

More than simply a bedtime album for children, Dreamland features beautiful, universally appealing songs that will help create a calm ambience in the home during yoga, meditation, and massage sessions.

May 29, 2015
Nancy Drew- sea of darkness by

Nancy Drew- sea of darkness

May 26, 2015
Minions- The Deluxe Junior Novel by Universal.

Minions- The Deluxe Junior Novel

Beginning at the dawn of time, starting as single-celled yellow organisms, Minions evolve through the ages, perpetually serving the most despicable of masters. Continuously unsuccessful at keeping these masters-from T. Rex to Napoleon-the Minions find themselves without someone to serve and fall into a deep depression. But one Minion named Kevin has a plan, and he-alongside teenage rebel Stuart and lovable little Bob-ventures out into the world to find a new evil boss for his brethren to follow.

May 26, 2015
Max & Ruby. Sharing and caring. by

Max & Ruby. Sharing and caring.

Max, a determined three-year-old bunny, and his big sister, Ruby, a smart, goal-oriented seven-year-old, offer an empowering message for children by showing Max and Ruby playing together and resolving their differences in ways that are respectful and supportive.

Jun 2, 2015
Lego Friends - Friends Together Again by

Lego Friends - Friends Together Again

Friends continues to follow five main characters: Olivia, Mia, Andrea, Emma, and Stephanie, and their lives in Heartlake City depicting their houses, hobbies, cars and favorite places to spend free time. The different interests of the girls reflect on the sets they are included in and are meant to help a girl find a character whose interests identify with her own.

May 26, 2015
How great can this day be by Henriques, Lori

How great can this day be

May 26, 2015