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Look out for the blue-ringed octopus! by Olsen, Alana, author.

Look out for the blue-ringed octopus!

Presents general information about blue-ringed octopuses, looking at where they are found, their characteristics, their natural defenses, the danger that they pose to humans, how people can avoid their deadly bite, and the threats that the species faces from people.

Feb 7, 2016
Life during the California Gold Rush by Onsgard, Bethany, author.

Life during the California Gold Rush

Describes life during the California Gold Rush, including the journey to California, the towns that sprung up around mining groups, and impact it had on the environment and people of California.

Feb 7, 2016
Keystone species that live in ponds, streams, & wetlands by Hinman, Bonnie.

Keystone species that live in ponds, streams, & wetlands

Explains the concept of keystone species that are so important that if they are lost it imperils their whole habitat, and describes the role of alligators, crayfish, beavers, eastern newts, and Chinook salmon in freshwater areas.

Feb 7, 2016
Explore spring! - 25 great ways to learn about spring by Anderson, Maxine.

Explore spring! - 25 great ways to learn about spring

Explains what spring is and why it occurs. Includes projects, activities, and experiments.

Feb 7, 2016
Explore fossils! by Brown, Cynthia L. (Cynthia Light), author.

Explore fossils!

Feb 7, 2016
Dwight D. Eisenhower by Aronin, Miriam.

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Feb 7, 2016
Hedgehog by Matzke, Ann H., author.


"Hedgehogs are not your typical pet. These interesting and unusual nocturnal animals with bright eyes, sweet faces, and prickly backs require special care and hadling. Did you know that hedgehogs are one of the oldest, most primitive animals to roam the Earth since the time of dinosaurs? Lean more about these cute, quirky little pets and see if a hedgehog is the right pet for you!"--Provided by publisher.

Feb 7, 2016
A great big cuddle - poems for the very young by Rosen, Michael, 1946- author.

A great big cuddle - poems for the very young

Invites children to celebrate the sounds and versatility of language, presenting nonsense verses in the style of classic nursery rhymes designed to induce giggles and help children recognize their feelings.

Feb 7, 2016
Exercise! by Marsico, Katie, 1980- author.


Describes the benefits of exercise, the importance of building up stamina, and the different ways to exercise.

Feb 7, 2016
Crime scene investigators by Zullo, Allan, author.

Crime scene investigators

"A gold ring has been discovered at a murder scene, but police have little else to go on. Can State Patrol Investigator Richard Havel use that clue to track down the killers? A bomber is terrorizing a western community. What forensic clues can Investigator Jack Charles gather to stop and solve the bombings? Enter the secret world of crime scene investigators who use the latest forensic techniques to solve mysteries and bring criminals to justice. You will never forget these incredible true stori

Feb 7, 2016
Cranberry by Lee, Jackie, active 2015, author.


"In this book, readers will learn how cranberries grow"--

Feb 7, 2016
Anacondas by Gregory, Josh, author.


"This book details the life and habits of anacondas"--

Feb 7, 2016
I am Martin Luther King, Jr. by Meltzer, Brad, author.

I am Martin Luther King, Jr.

"A biography of Martin Luther King Jr. that tells the story of how he used nonviolence to lead the civil rights movement"--

Feb 7, 2016
Jump back, Paul - the life and poems of Paul Laurence Dunbar by Derby, Sally, author.

Jump back, Paul - the life and poems of Paul Laurence Dunbar

"Did you know that Paul Laurence Dunbar originated such famous lines as "I know why the caged bird sings" and "We wear the mask that grins and lies"? From his childhood in poverty and his early promise as a poet through his struggles to find acceptance as a writer and his tumultuous romance with his wife, to his immense fame and his untimely death, Dunbar's story is one of triumph and tragedy. But his legacy remains in his much-beloved poetry--told in both Standard English and in dialect--which

Feb 7, 2016
Hypnotize a tiger - poems about just about everything by Brown, Calef.

Hypnotize a tiger - poems about just about everything

"This is the first longer-format, middle-grade collection from #1 New York Times-bestselling author-illustrator Calef Brown. Moving away from the picture book format offers Calef the opportunity to tackle a variety of themes and poetry styles as well as reach a slightly older audience along the lines of Doug Florian and Shel Silverstein. The book is chock-full of Calef's zany black-and-white artwork and features his wonderfully inventive characters and worlds--from the "completely nonviolent and

Feb 7, 2016
Frozen fever party book by Gudlaugsson, Olafur.

Frozen fever party book

"Just like the royal sisters Anna and Elsa, anyone can throw a "Frozen Fever" party with the advice and step-by-step instructions in the beautifully illustrated book, Disney Frozen Fever Party Book. Everything you need to create the party of the year is included here -- from invitations and decorations to food, table settings, and games. Celebrate like the royal family of Arendell with the great suggestions contained within these pages."--provided from

Feb 7, 2016
Hungary by Bjorklund, Ruth.


Feb 7, 2016
Hillary Rodham Clinton - do all the good you can by Levinson, Cynthia, author.

Hillary Rodham Clinton - do all the good you can

A portrait of the former first lady, secretary of state, and presidential candidate includes coverage of her childhood in Illinois, rise to political prominence, struggles with personal setbacks, and achievements as a senator and beyond.

Feb 7, 2016
Asthma by Squire, Ann.


Experts estimate that more than 235 million people around the world suffer from the respiratory condition known as asthma. Readers will get an in-depth look at this common illness as they learn how it attacks the airways of those who suffer from it, making it difficult to breathe. They will also learn about the many possible triggers of asthma attacks, find out how the disease is diagnosed and treated, and much more.

Feb 7, 2016
Asteroids by Riggs, Kate, author.


"A young scientist's guide to rocky asteroids, including how they interact with other elements in the universe and emphasizing how questions and observations can lead to discovery"--

Feb 7, 2016