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Money math by Marsico, Katie, 1980- author.

Money math

"All the kids in this book are earning or spending money, and they all need math to plan their savings and big purchases. Join the fun as these kids discover that math is everywhere!"--

Apr 30, 2016
Monsters and other mythical creatures by Baltzer, Rochelle, 1982- author.

Monsters and other mythical creatures

Presents instructions for drawing a variety of mythical animals, including a werewolf, vampire, zombie, centaur, and dragon.

Apr 30, 2016
The world's oddest inventions by Higgins, Nadia, author.

The world's oddest inventions

"Describes some of the oddest, strangest, and most bizarre inventions from around the world"--

Apr 30, 2016
Morocco by Seward, Pat, 1939-


Apr 30, 2016
Roald Dahl by Leaf, Christina.

Roald Dahl

"Simple text and full-color photographs introduce readers to Roald Dahl. Developed by literacy experts for students in kindergarten through third grade"--

Apr 30, 2016
Wildfires by Simon, Seymour, author.


Presents wildfires as neither good nor bad but as part of the endless cycle of change in forests and grasslands.

Apr 30, 2016
The U.S. Constitution by Clay, Kathryn, author.

The U.S. Constitution

"Introduces young readers to primary sources related to the U.S. constitution"--

Apr 30, 2016
M is for money - an economics alphabet by Shoulders, Debbie.

M is for money - an economics alphabet

Uses examples, scenarios, and rhymes to explain complex monetary ideas ranging from taxes to supply and demand.

Apr 30, 2016
Worms for breakfast - how to feed a zoo by Becker, Helaine.

Worms for breakfast - how to feed a zoo

Introduces the different types of food zoo animals eat, with recipes from zoos around the world, including predator popsicles, digger's delight, and presto pesto sauce.

Apr 30, 2016
Skunks by Bodden, Valerie, author.


"A basic exploration of the appearance, behavior, and habitat of skunks, the musk-spraying mammals. Also included is a story from folklore explaining the unpleasant scent of skunks"--

Apr 30, 2016
Stickmen's guide to watercraft by Farndon, John, author.

Stickmen's guide to watercraft

Explains how ships and other water vehicles work, what keeps them afloat, and how they are constructed.

Apr 30, 2016
Soccer by Morey, Allan.


"This photo-illustrated book for early readers introduces the basics of soccer and encourages kids to try it. Includes labeled diagram of soccer field and photo glossary"--

Apr 30, 2016
Peeking underground by Kenney, Karen Latchana, author.

Peeking underground

"Illustrates the layers below Earth's surface, from crust to core, and the plants and animals that live within"--

Apr 30, 2016
Portugal by Heale, Jay.


Apr 30, 2016
Poland by Heale, Jay.


Provides comprehensive information on the geography, history, wildlife, governmental structure, economy, cultural diversity, peoples, religion, and culture of Poland.

Apr 30, 2016
Netherlands by Seward, Pat, 1939-


Apr 30, 2016
The story of Buddhism - a concise guide to its history and teachings by Lopez, Donald S., Jr., 1952-

The story of Buddhism - a concise guide to its history and teachings

Apr 30, 2016
Stories of Titanic's children by Caravantes, Peggy, 1935- author.

Stories of Titanic's children

Compelling narrative nonfiction text introduces the children on the Titanic, including details about their family life, adventures on the ship, and the dangers they faced at sea. Additional features to aid comprehension include a table of contents, fact-filled captions and callouts, historical photos, a glossary, sources for further research, a listing of source notes, and an introduction to the author.

Apr 30, 2016
This or that? 4 - even more wacky choices to reveal the hidden you by Harris, Michelle, author.

This or that? 4 - even more wacky choices to reveal the hidden you

Apr 30, 2016
Penguin's way by Johnston, Johanna, author.

Penguin's way

'All over the snow plain the penguins begin to sing. The eggs are beginning to arrive.' This is the story of the emperor penguins that live far away on the edge of a secret sea. During summer they are content with fishing, swimming and playing in the icy waters. But when the season changes, they must travel to the snowy lands around the South Pole. How will they and the newly hatched penguin chicks survive the icy winter? This is a delightful introduction to the natural world of the penguin, tol

Apr 30, 2016