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Where is Mount Everest? by Medina, Nico, 1982- author.

Where is Mount Everest?

Introduces Mount Everest, the tallest peak in the world, describing its ancient beginnings, the first human settlers, and historic climbs.

Aug 27, 2015
Where is the Empire State Building? by Pascal, Janet B., author.

Where is the Empire State Building?

Introduces the Empire State Building, the third tallest structure in New York City, describing the construction process, the rise of skyscrapers in the United States, and the effect the building continues to have today.

Aug 27, 2015
Who is Malala Yousafzai? by Brown, Dinah, author.

Who is Malala Yousafzai?

Chronicles the life of the young Pakistani student who advocates for women's rights and education, survived an assassination attempt, and in 2014 became the youngest Nobel Peace Prize-winner in history.

Aug 27, 2015
Who is Richard Branson? by Burgan, Michael, author.

Who is Richard Branson?

Details the life and career of the trend-setting, thrill-seeking businessman famous for founding the Virgin Group.

Aug 27, 2015
Who was Beatrix Potter? by Fabiny, Sarah, author.

Who was Beatrix Potter?

Presents the life and accomplishments of the author best known for her Peter Rabbit stories.

Aug 27, 2015
Who was Ben Franklin? by Fradin, Dennis B.

Who was Ben Franklin?

A biography of the eighteenth-century printer, publisher, inventor, scientist, and statesman who played an influential role in the early history of the United States.

Aug 27, 2015
Who was Edgar Allan Poe? by Gigliotti, Jim, author.

Who was Edgar Allan Poe?

Chronicles the life and work of the famous nineteenth-century American author whose poetry is known for its lonely and macabre themes, songlike rhythms, and sense of longing.

Aug 27, 2015
Who was J.R.R. Tolkien? by Pollack, Pam, author.

Who was J.R.R. Tolkien?

Presents the life and accomplishments of the author best known for his "Lord of the Rings" trilogy.

Aug 27, 2015
Who was King Tut? by Edwards, Roberta.

Who was King Tut?

Highlights the life of the boy pharaoh, describes the process by which his body and his tomb were prepared for the afterlife, and describes the search and excavation of his tomb in 1922.

Aug 27, 2015
Who was Mother Teresa? by Gigliotti, Jim, author.

Who was Mother Teresa?

Presents the life of an Albanian girl, Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu, who became known as Mother Teresa and spent most of her life serving "the poorest of the poor" in Calcutta, India.

Aug 27, 2015
Who was Steve Irwin? by Anastasio, Dina, author.

Who was Steve Irwin?

Describes the life and career of Steve Irwin, famously known as the Crocodile Hunter, from his childhood and early love of animals to his rise in popularity as a film and television star and naturalist.

Aug 27, 2015
Who was Woodrow Wilson? by Frith, Margaret, author.

Who was Woodrow Wilson?

First he was known as Tommy, then Woodrow, and eventually, Mr. President. Born on December 28, 1856, in Staunton, Virginia, Thomas Woodrow Wilson was a born leader. He was the president of Princeton University, served as governor of New Jersey after that, and was then elected president of the United States. But not everything was so easy for Wilson. He was ahead of his time in wanting a League of Nations after World War I to help prevent another war like it, but his hopes were dashed when the Un

Aug 27, 2015
Who were the Brothers Grimm? by Reed, Avery, author.

Who were the Brothers Grimm?

Details the life and times of the nineteenth-century German brothers who penned many famous fairy tales.

Aug 27, 2015
Wilderness rescue pilot by Perish, Patrick, author.

Wilderness rescue pilot

"Engaging images accompany information about wilderness rescue pilots. The combination of high-interest subject matter and light text is intended for students in grades 3 through 7"--

Aug 27, 2015
Witches and Wicca by Alexander, Audrey.

Witches and Wicca

Aug 27, 2015
World War II heroes by Zullo, Allan, author.

World War II heroes

Presents ten true stories of heroes in the second World War, from a group of Rangers on a secret D-Day mission to a teenaged soldier at the battle of Iwo Jima.

Aug 27, 2015
Your muscular system works! by Brett, Flora, author.

Your muscular system works!

"Engaging text and informative images help readers learn about their muscular system"--

Aug 27, 2015