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Who was Betsy Ross? by Buckley, James, Jr., 1963- author.

Who was Betsy Ross?

Born the eighth of seventeen children in Philadelphia, Betsy Ross lived in a time when the American colonies were yearning for independence from British rule. Ross worked as a seamstress and was eager to contribute to the cause, making tents and repairing uniforms when the colonies declared war. By 1779 she was filling cartridges for the Continental Army. Did she sew the first flag? That's up for debate, but "Who Was Betsy Ross?" tells the story of a fierce patriot who certainly helped create th

Mar 21, 2015
Who was Frederick Douglass? by Prince, April Jones.

Who was Frederick Douglass?

Presents the life of the man who escaped slavery in Maryland to become a speaker and writer for abolition and the rights of African Americans and women, focusing on his childhood and youth as a slave.

Mar 21, 2015
Who was Sitting Bull? by Spinner, Stephanie, author.

Who was Sitting Bull?

No one knew the boy they called "Jumping Badger" would grow to become a great leader. Born on the banks of the Yellowstone River, Sitting Bull, as he was later called, was tribal chief and holy man of the Lakota Sioux tribe in a time of fierce conflict with the United States. As the government seized Native American lands, Sitting Bull relied on his military cunning and strong spirituality to drive forces out of his territory and ensure a future homeland for his people.

Mar 21, 2015
You wouldn't want to live without bacteria! by Canavan, Roger.

You wouldn't want to live without bacteria!

Though most of them are too small to be seen with the naked eye, bacteria are everywhere. They appeared on Earth more than 3 billion years before the first dinosaurs. Some bacteria cause deadly diseases, but many of them are helpful to us. They fertilize the soil by breaking down dead material, and they are an essential ingredient in many foods. Bacteria in our own bodies are a vital part of the digestive process.--from page 2 of cover.

Mar 21, 2015
The thrills and chills of amusement parks by Brown, Jordan, author.

The thrills and chills of amusement parks

An introduction to the science that powers favorite amusement park rides reveals why a rollercoaster does not need an engine and how bumper cars can move without gasoline.

Mar 21, 2015
The path to citizenship by Howell, Sara.

The path to citizenship

Mar 21, 2015
The rock cycle by Hirsch, Rebecca E. author.

The rock cycle

"Get ready to get your hands dirty with The Rock Cycle. With its reader-friendly and interactive approach, this title covers key curriculum Earth science topics in an engaging way. This title explores the natural processes, how geologists study the rock cycle, and how the rock cycle relates to the reader's daily life"--

Mar 21, 2015
Scrapes with snakes - true stories of adventures with animals by Barr, Brady, 1963- author.

Scrapes with snakes - true stories of adventures with animals

Information about and pictures of some of the biggest snakes ever found.

Mar 21, 2015
Searching for el Chupacabra by Rivkin, Jennifer.

Searching for el Chupacabra

With its claws and fangs and hunting for blood in the night, el Chupacabra is the stuff of nightmares. Many people insist that this mysterious Mexican monster is real, while others proclaim it a bedtime story. This intriguing volume uses a presentation of firsthand accounts and more to encourage well-rounded research and critical thinking skills.

Mar 21, 2015
The secret galaxy by Hodgkins, Fran, 1964- author.

The secret galaxy

"When you gaze into the sky at night, what do you see? Most of us see only the brightest stars because they are the only ones that can cut through the artificial light that overwhelms the night. But up there, beyond the haze of streetlights and buildings, lies the Milky Way--our home galaxy. The words and photos in The Secret Galaxy allow young readers to see the stars as never before."--

Mar 21, 2015
Sharks - predators of the ocean by Stephens, David, 1945-

Sharks - predators of the ocean

Mar 21, 2015
Snake by Bodden, Valerie, author.


Mar 21, 2015
The spirit of the sea by Hainnu, Rebecca, author.

The spirit of the sea

Mar 21, 2015
The Magic School Bus presents the rain forest by Jackson, Tom, 1972- author.

The Magic School Bus presents the rain forest

Ms. Frizzle introduces some of the animals who inhabit the rain forests plus explains how they have adapted to their ecosystem.

Mar 21, 2015
Landscape designer by Mason, Helen, 1950- author.

Landscape designer

Mar 21, 2015
Interior designer by Mason, Helen, 1950- author.

Interior designer

Mar 21, 2015
The little butterfly by Shahan, Sherry.

The little butterfly

Presents a detailed look at each stage of the butterfly's life cycle.

Mar 21, 2015
Ocean animals by Owen, Ruth, 1967- author.

Ocean animals

Mar 21, 2015
Inside a Formula 1 car by MacArthur, Collin, author.

Inside a Formula 1 car

Mar 21, 2015
I say Shehechiyanu by Rocklin, Joanne.

I say Shehechiyanu

"Learn about the many occasions in the Jewish year on which you can say "Shehechiyanu," a blessing for beginnings, first times, and happy arrivals"--Provided by the publisher.

Mar 21, 2015