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New Hampshire by Kent, Deborah.

New Hampshire

Sep 22, 2014
North Dakota by Stille, Darlene R.

North Dakota

Sep 22, 2014
Ohio by Stille, Darlene R.


Sep 22, 2014
Panama by Blashfield, Jean F.


Sep 22, 2014
Oregon by Kent, Deborah.


Sep 22, 2014
Pennsylvania by Somervill, Barbara A.


Sep 22, 2014
Mr. Ferris and his wheel by Davis, Kathryn Gibbs.

Mr. Ferris and his wheel

Sep 22, 2014
Oriental shorthair cats by Finne, Stephanie.

Oriental shorthair cats

Introduces Oriental shorthair cats, describes how they were originally bred, and presents information about their physical features, temperament, behavior, and required care.

Sep 22, 2014
Niagara Falls - North America's largest waterfall by Goldsworthy, Steve, author.

Niagara Falls - North America's largest waterfall

Provides information about the largest waterfall in North America, including how it formed, the plants and animals that live nearby, and legends surrounding the falls.

Sep 22, 2014
National Geographic kids cookbook - a year-round fun food adventure by Seaver, Barton, author.

National Geographic kids cookbook - a year-round fun food adventure

Documents a year's worth of culinary exploration and cooking, sharing recipes suitable for each month of the year as well as advice for healthy eating, suggestions for food-themed activities, and advice on hosting special occasions.

Sep 22, 2014
Seals by Gregory, Josh, author.


Sep 22, 2014
Puerto Rico by Stille, Darlene R.

Puerto Rico

Sep 22, 2014
The Philippines by Oleksy, Walter G., 1930-

The Philippines

Sep 22, 2014
Saudi Arabia by Yomtov, Nelson.

Saudi Arabia

Sep 22, 2014
South Dakota by Burgan, Michael.

South Dakota

Sep 22, 2014
South Carolina by Somervill, Barbara A.

South Carolina

Sep 22, 2014
Scotland by Yomtov, Nelson.


Sep 22, 2014
Turkey by Orr, Tamra.


Sep 22, 2014
What is the Panama Canal? by Pascal, Janet B.

What is the Panama Canal?

"Before 1914, traveling from the East Coast to the West Coast meant going by land across the entire United States. To go by sea involved a long journey around South America and north along the Pacific Coast. But then, in a dangerous and amazing feat of engineering, a 48-mile-long channel was dug through Panama, creating the worlds most famous shortcut: the Panama Canal!"

Sep 22, 2014
The story of Twitter by Gilbert, Sara.

The story of Twitter

"A look at the origins, leaders, and innovations of Twitter, the online social networking and microblogging service founded in 2006, which has hundred of millions of users worldwide"--

Sep 22, 2014