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Chick 'n' Pug meet the Dude by Sattler, Jennifer Gordon.

Chick 'n' Pug meet the Dude

While Pug continues relaxing, Chick goes after the Dude, an enormous dog that stole their favorite toy during their nap.

Dec 15, 2014
A Chick 'n' Pug Christmas by Sattler, Jennifer Gordon, author, illustrator.

A Chick 'n' Pug Christmas

Sidekick Chick's new mission for his best friend--and hero--Pug, who would rather sleep, involves dressing as Santa and spreading joy to everyone at Christmas.

Dec 15, 2014
Blue on blue by White, Dianne.

Blue on blue

Rhyming text and illustrations depict the swell and quieting of a storm.

Dec 15, 2014
The story of Peppa Pig. by Scholastic Inc. (COR)

The story of Peppa Pig.

Peppa Pig and her family visit Granny and Grandpa Pig.

Dec 15, 2014
Princess Patty meets her match by Harper, Charise Mericle.

Princess Patty meets her match

With no Prince Charming in sight, Princess Patty sets out on a journey to find one for herself.

Dec 15, 2014
Pete the cat - big Easter adventure by Dean, Kim, 1969- author.

Pete the cat - big Easter adventure

Pete the Cat is appointed as an unwitting helper to a troubled Easter Bunny and races to deliver eggs before time runs out, in a tale complemented by a poster, punch-out cards, and stickers.

Dec 15, 2014
The mouse mansion by Schaapman, Karina, 1960- author, illustrator.

The mouse mansion

Best friends Sam and Julia love spending their days exploring the many rooms and secret hiding places of the Mouse Mansion, where they live with their families.

Dec 15, 2014
Hershel and the Hanukkah goblins by Kimmel, Eric A., author.

Hershel and the Hanukkah goblins

Relates how Hershel outwits the goblins that haunt the old synagogue and prevent the village people from celebrating Hanukkah.

Dec 14, 2014
The extraordinary Mr. Qwerty by Strambini, Karla, author.

The extraordinary Mr. Qwerty

Hiding his unusual thoughts under his hat, Norman Qwerty builds an extraordinary innovation when his ideas grow too big to hide and begin to transform his world in fantastical ways.

Dec 14, 2014
A Crankenstein valentine by Berger, Samantha.

A Crankenstein valentine

A boy who looks ordinary transforms into grumbling Crankenstein on the most "lovey-dovey, yuckiest day of the year."

Dec 14, 2014
Backhoe Joe by Alexander, Lori.

Backhoe Joe

Nolan is delighted to find a stray backhoe and, after naming it Joe and persuading it to follow him home, sets out to train it so that his parents will let him keep Joe as his very own.

Dec 14, 2014
365 penguins by Fromental, Jean-Luc.

365 penguins

When a box containing a penguin arrives anonymously on New Year's Day, a family of four is puzzled, but as they continue to receive one penguin each day their problems--and food budget, and storage issues--are multiplied.

Dec 14, 2014
Albie's first word - a tale inspired by Albert Einstein's childhood by Tourville, Jacqueline.

Albie's first word - a tale inspired by Albert Einstein's childhood

Because three-year-old Albie, who would one day be known as Albert Einstein, has never spoken, his concerned family takes him to a doctor who recommends a series of activities that might stimulate him to talk.

Dec 14, 2014
Chick 'n' Pug by Sattler, Jennifer Gordon.

Chick 'n' Pug

Chick leaves the boring coop in order to find his hero, Wonder Pug, and a little bit of excitement.

Dec 14, 2014
Boom boom by Naberhaus, Sarvinder.

Boom boom

An exploration of the four seasons, told through each season's distinct sounds.

Dec 14, 2014
Back to bed, Ed! by Braun, Sebastien.

Back to bed, Ed!

Ed the mouse will not sleep in his own bed, until eventually his exasperated and tired parents find a way to keep him from joining them in the middle of the night.

Dec 14, 2014
The olive tree by Marston, Elsa.

The olive tree

Sameer's neighbors left when war came to Lebanon, but now they have returned and instead of finding a friend to play with, Sameer meets an unfriendly girl, Muna, who confronts him about taking olives that fall from her family's tree to his side of the wall.

Dec 14, 2014
The legend of St. Nicholas - a story of Christmas giving by Mackall, Dandi Daley, author.

The legend of St. Nicholas - a story of Christmas giving

As Nick does last-minute Christmas shopping, he sees several Santas and overhears one retelling the legend of Saint Nicholas, which he takes to heart as he examines his own attitudes towards gift-giving.

Dec 14, 2014
Pirate, Viking & scientist by Chapman, Jared, author, illustrator.

Pirate, Viking & scientist

"A pirate and a Viking fight to become the very best friend of a kid scientist, who meanwhile devises the perfect formula for all three friends to play happily together"--

Dec 14, 2014
Noodle magic by Thong, Roseanne, author.

Noodle magic

Grandpa Tu is famous for his special noodles, and as the emperor's birthday approaches, he encourages his granddaughter, Mei, to find her own noodle magic.

Dec 14, 2014