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The Fly by Horacek, Petr

The Fly

Apr 21, 2015
The Polar Express by Van Allsburg, Chris.

The Polar Express

A magical train ride on Christmas Eve takes a boy to the North Pole to receive a special gift from Santa Claus.

Apr 15, 2015
The potato king by Niemann, Christoph, author, illustrator.

The potato king

Presents a fictionalized account of how King Frederick of Prussia tricked his subjects into adopting the potato into their diet.

Apr 21, 2015
The skunk by Barnett, Mac.

The skunk

"A man is followed by a skunk all day until the tables turn"--

Apr 21, 2015
The tooth book by LeSieg, Theo., 1904-1991.

The tooth book

Rhyming text and illustrations briefly point out what animals have teeth, their uses, and how to care for them. On board pages.

Apr 21, 2015
The world in a second by Martins, Isabel Minhós, author.

The world in a second

A story inspired by the question, "What are people doing right now on the other side of the world?" depicts natural and human events happening all over the world--from New York and Turkey to South Africa and Greece--at the same second.

Apr 21, 2015
There was an old lady who swallowed a frog! by Colandro, Lucille, author.

There was an old lady who swallowed a frog!

Presents a retelling of the classic tale in which the solution proves worse than the predicament when an old lady swallows a frog and other objects associated with a garden.

Apr 21, 2015
There's no such thing as little by Pham, LeUyen, author, illustrator.

There's no such thing as little

Reveals how things that seem little are actually very important, such as a little light that is really a welcoming light, or a little idea that is actually a fantastic idea.

Apr 21, 2015
Thomas & friends. The adventure begins by

Thomas & friends. The adventure begins

"How did Thomas the Tank Engine arrive on the Island of Sodor? How did he become the number 1 little blue engine?" --

Apr 21, 2015
Tommy can't stop by Federle, Tim.

Tommy can't stop

Tommy has worn out his parents and sister with his bouncing, clomping, and leaping, but when they convince him to try tap dancing, he finds it the perfect outlet for his energy.

Apr 21, 2015
Troto and the trucks by Shulevitz, Uri, 1935- author, illustrator.

Troto and the trucks

Troto is a happy little car who likes to go places until he drives all the way to Cactusville and meets some big trucks that tease him for being so small.

Apr 21, 2015
Uh-oh! by Crum, Shutta.


Two toddlers have a nearly-silent adventure at the beach.

Apr 21, 2015
Under a pig tree - a history of the noble fruit by Palatini, Margie.

Under a pig tree - a history of the noble fruit

Using sticky notes, an author tries to convince her publisher that her book is about figs, not pigs, but the wording, illustrations, and even recipes present pigs as growing on trees, and tasty with orange and ginger sauce.

Apr 21, 2015
Use your words, Sophie by Wells, Rosemary, author, illustrator.

Use your words, Sophie

"When Sophie's new sister won't stop crying, only two-year-old Sophie can communicate with her, even if she isn't using her words as her parents want her to"--

Apr 15, 2015
Wake up, Bear by Dodd, Lynley.

Wake up, Bear

Despite all their efforts none of the animals can get bear to wake up from his winter sleep.

Apr 21, 2015
When the animals saved Earth - an eco-fable by Lumbard, Alexis York, 1981-

When the animals saved Earth - an eco-fable

Apr 21, 2015
Where are my books? by Ohi, Debbie Ridpath, 1962- author, illustrator.

Where are my books?

Spencer loves books and reads one every night, sometimes aloud, then puts the book back in its place, but one morning his favorite book is missing, and the next day another, each replaced by a different object.

Apr 21, 2015
Where is Pim? by Landström, Lena, author.

Where is Pim?

Playing in the park, Pom is helping his friend Pim fly by tossing the stuffed toy into the air, but suddenly Pim flies off when a dog arrives to join in the game.

Apr 21, 2015
Wherever you go by Miller, Pat Zietlow.

Wherever you go

Illustrations and rhyming text follow a young rabbit as he leaves home on a journey, discovering the joys of different kinds of roads and what they may bring--including a way back home.

Apr 21, 2015
Who will tuck me in tonight? by Roth, Carol.

Who will tuck me in tonight?

Various farm animal mothers do their best to tuck Woolly the lamb into bed, but nothing is quite right until Mother Sheep arrives.

Apr 21, 2015