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The Three Mouths of Little Tom Drum by Willard, Nancy/ Hawkes, Kevin (ILT)

The Three Mouths of Little Tom Drum

Jan 25, 2015
The snowman and the snowdog by Audus, Hilary, author.

The snowman and the snowdog

"In the middle of winter, a little boy's Snowman and Snowdog come to life and take him on a breathtaking and magical adventure."--Page 4 of cover.

Jan 25, 2015
The Paddington treasury - six classic bedtime stories about the bear from Peru by Bond, Michael, author.

The Paddington treasury - six classic bedtime stories about the bear from Peru

A collection of best-loved tales featuring the bear from Peru includes "Paddington at the Zoo," in which Paddington's marmalade sandwiches prove to be irresistable to the zoo animals.

Jan 25, 2015
The New Small Person by Child, Lauren

The New Small Person

Jan 25, 2015
The little moon raven by Pfister, Marcus.

The little moon raven

Little Raven was last to hatch in the nest and the last to learn to fly, but he was the first to be teased and ridiculed. His only wish was to fly and play with the others, so one day he took a dare and, to show his courage, Little Raven decides to fly to the moon.

Jan 25, 2015
The green sea turtle by Müller, Isabel (Illustrator), author, illustrator.

The green sea turtle

Follows one green sea turtle for twenty years as it travels around the Indian Ocean and returns to its birthplace on Raine Island to lay eggs that will produce a new generation of sea turtles.

Jan 25, 2015
The great Thanksgiving escape by Fearing, Mark, author.

The great Thanksgiving escape

It's another Thanksgiving at Grandma's. Gavin expects a long day of boredom and being pestered by distantly related toddlers, but his cousin Rhonda has a different idea: make a break for it - out of the kids' room to the swing set in the backyard! Gavin isn't so sure, especially when they encounter vicious guard dogs (in homemade sweaters), a hallway full of overly affectionate aunts, and worse yet, the great wall of butts! Will they manage to avoid the obstacles and find some fun before turkey

Jan 25, 2015
The golden plate by Watts, Bernadette.

The golden plate

While Isobel is playing with her best friend's beautiful doll house, she takes the golden plate home without asking permission. But the plate doesn't look right in Isobel's doll house and she feels guilty. Her mother helps her find a solution that makes Isobel feel better.

Jan 25, 2015
The Gobblings by Roth, Matthue/ Eason, Rohan Daniel (ILT)

The Gobblings

Jan 25, 2015
The everlasting embrace by Emanuel, Gabrielle.

The everlasting embrace

A young child describes her experiences of life in Mali as she spends a day carried in a blanket on her mother's back.

Jan 25, 2015
The duke who outlawed jelly beans - and other stories by Valentine, Johnny.

The duke who outlawed jelly beans - and other stories

A collection of five fairy tales about children with gay parents.

Jan 25, 2015
The Crown Affair by Ransom, Jeanie Franz, 1957- author.

The Crown Affair

Just before the Mother Gooseland Games, hard-boiled detective Joe Dumpty is called upon to solve the mystery of what made Jack and Jill fall down the hill--and who took Jack's prized crown after the fall.

Jan 25, 2015
The Christmas show by Patterson, Rebecca, author.

The Christmas show

Not paying attention to his responsibilities for the school Christmas play, a little boy messes up on the big night.

Jan 21, 2015
The Christmas show by Patterson, Rebecca, author, artist.

The Christmas show

Everyone has been practicing very hard for the nativity play, but when the curtain rises, no one's expecting one of the shepherds to steal the show!

Jan 22, 2015
The Buk Buk Buk Festival by Auch, Mary Jane/ Auch, Herm (ILT)

The Buk Buk Buk Festival

Jan 25, 2015
The best part of the day by Ban Breathnach, Sarah, author.

The best part of the day

Jan 25, 2015
The bear ate your sandwich by Sarcone-Roach, Julia, author, illustrator.

The bear ate your sandwich

"When a sandwich goes missing, it seems that a bear is the unlikely culprit"--

Jan 25, 2015
Sweetest Kulu by Kalluk, Celina, author.

Sweetest Kulu

"This beautiful bedtime poem, written by acclaimed Inuit throat singer Celina Kalluk, describes the gifts given to a newborn baby by all the animals of the Arctic. Lyrically and tenderly told by a mother speaking to her own little "Kulu," an Inuktitut term of endearment often bestowed upon babies and young children, this visually stunning book is infused with the traditional Inuit values of love and respect for the land and its animal inhabitants."--

Jan 25, 2015
Sweet dreams - 5-minute bedtime stories by

Sweet dreams - 5-minute bedtime stories

Collects ten bedtime stories that can each be read aloud in five minutes or less.

Jan 25, 2015
Supertruck by Savage, Stephen, 1965- author.


"When the city is hit by a colossal snowstorm, only one superhero can save the day. But who is this mysterious hero, and why does he disappear once his job is done?"--

Jan 25, 2015