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I Am Mixed by Beauvais I Am Mixed

Oct 20, 2016
I am the mountain mouse - four furry tales, one crazy mouse! by Marino, Gianna, author, illustrator. I am the mountain mouse - four furry tales, one crazy mouse!

Here is a timely tale of a mouse who thinks he's a lot braver and better than anyone around him. Undaunted by extreme heights, wild animals, or angry birds, this mouse is determined to conquer every obstacle in his path. He climbs, dives, and does all that he can to prove how brave he is. "I am the mountain mouse!" he shouts when he summits his first not-quite-mountain. And this is usually the warning for his minions to take cover... because what they see and what Mountain Mouse sees are never q

Oct 20, 2016
I will not eat you by Lehrhaupt, Adam. I will not eat you

A dragon resists the urge to eat the animals that approach his cave.

Oct 20, 2016
I'm not scared! by Allen, Jonathan, 1957- author. I'm not scared!

When Baby Owl takes his stuffed Owly out for a walk in the moonlit woods, he insists that he is not afraid of the other animals that keep popping up and making them jump.

Oct 25, 2016
If you give a mouse a brownie by Numeroff, Laura Joffe, author. If you give a mouse a brownie

If you give a mouse a brownie, he's going to ask for some ice cream to go with it. When you give him the ice cream, he'll probably ask you for a spoon. He'll start drumming on the table. Drumming will get him so excited he ll want to start a band. . . .

Oct 26, 2016
In plain sight by Jackson, Richard, 1935- author. In plain sight

"An ailing grandfather and his helpful granddaughter play a unique game of seek and find"--

Oct 22, 2016
It Is Not Time for Sleeping by Graff, Lisa/ Castillo, Lauren (ILT) It Is Not Time for Sleeping

Oct 23, 2016
Kristoff's crystal adventure by Jordan, Apple, author. Kristoff's crystal adventure

When Bulda the troll's crystal starts to fade, Kristoff, Anna, Elsa, and their friends try to recharge the jewel before the Northern Lights disappear.

Oct 23, 2016
Little Bot and Sparrow by Parker, Jake, 1977- author, illustrator. Little Bot and Sparrow

"A picture book about a robot who befriends a sparrow and learns both about happiness and loss when his best friend must fly south for the winter"--

Oct 20, 2016
Little frog and the scary autumn thing by Yolen, Jane, author. Little frog and the scary autumn thing

"It's Little Frog's first autumn, and she doesn't like it one bit. It is not the green world she loves so much, but something scarier and ominous, filled with red and gold and yellow. And noise! WHIRRRRR. CHIRRRR. BAROOOOOOM. But encouraged by her Mama, who reminds her that "Most things that are scary are just new," Little Frog bravely sets out into this world. When her courage waivers, she starts to run and soon is lost, miserably lost. She finds her way to Papa Frog and he shows her what Mama

Oct 26, 2016
Little Mouse's big book of beasts. by Gravett, Emily, author, illustrator. Little Mouse's big book of beasts.

"A mouse goes through a list of beasts that he's afraid of and works to make them a little less scary"--

Oct 20, 2016
Little penguins by Rylant, Cynthia, author. Little penguins

"During the first snowy day of winter, five little penguins bundle up and venture outside to play"--

Oct 23, 2016
Little Red Rosie by Kimmel, Eric Little Red Rosie

Oct 20, 2016
Lost and Found - Adèle & Simon in China by McClintock, Barbara, author. Lost and Found - Adèle & Simon in China

"When Adele and Simon take a tour of China in 1905, Simon misplaces his belongings, one by one . . . but they all show up later, revealing their hiding places in Adele's souvenir photographs of the trip"--

Oct 23, 2016
Madeline Finn and the library dog by Papp, Lisa, author. Madeline Finn and the library dog

Reluctant reader Madeline really wants to earn a star at school, so when Mrs. Dimple, the librarian, suggests she read to a dog Madeline gives it a try.

Oct 23, 2016
Mary had a little glam by Sauer, Tammi, author. Mary had a little glam

"Mary had a little glam that grew into a lot. And everywhere that Mary went, she wasn't hard to spot. But on the day she started school, she caught some by surprise. Sweet Mary shrugged and hugged her mom. "I must accessorize."'--Page 4 of cover.

Oct 26, 2016
Max at night by Vere, Ed, author. Max at night

"It's bedtime for Max the kitten, but something's wrong; when Max goes to say goodnight to the moon, it's nowhere to be found! Unable to go to sleep without closing his nighttime ritual, he embarks on a journey to find the moon and say goodnight"--

Oct 22, 2016
Moana and the ocean by Knowles, Heather (Editor for Walt Disney Company) Moana and the ocean

"The ocean is Moana's friend. It has watched her grow up on the island of Motunui. It has seen her highs and her lows, her joys and her sorrows. It has seen just how much she wantes to explore the world and travel the seas. The ocean knows Moana's caring heart, her untiring spirit. And it knows, better than most, that Moana is special. Follow this tale about a girl like no other as told by the ocean itself."--Jacket flap.

Oct 26, 2016
Monkey - not ready for the baby by Brown, Marc Tolon, author. Monkey - not ready for the baby

Monkey is not ready to welcome a new baby to the family.

Oct 22, 2016
Monkey with a tool belt and the maniac muffins by Monroe, Chris, author. Monkey with a tool belt and the maniac muffins

Chico the monkey has to step in and save the day when his friend Clark the elephant's cooking nearly destroys their town.

Oct 20, 2016