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Tony Baroni loves macaroni by Sadler, Marilyn, author

Tony Baroni loves macaroni

Tony will eat nothing but macaroni and cheese for breakfast, lunch, and dinner but Nana Sophia persists in tempting him with a variety of other good, homemade foods. Includes list of mealtime activities and chart of pasta shapes.

Feb 10, 2016
Girl & Gorilla - out and about by Walton, Rick.

Girl & Gorilla - out and about

Follows Girl and Gorilla's whimsical attempts to get to the park.

Feb 10, 2016
Two is enough by Matthies, Janna, author.

Two is enough

From playing in the snow to a rainy-day ride, to double-scoop treats and crash-landing in leaves, two can be the perfect number for creating life's memories. And two can definitely be enough for a warm family, full of the love, support, and comfort that every child needs.Whether a father and daughter, mother and son, or a grandparent and grandchild, two is enough to fill each season of the year with wonders, big and small. Author Janna Matthies' soothing rhyme and Merrilee Liddiard's warm illust

Feb 10, 2016
I hear a pickle - (and smell, see, touch, and taste it, too!) by Isadora, Rachel, author, illustrator.

I hear a pickle - (and smell, see, touch, and taste it, too!)

Children explore their five senses, learning what they can see, smell, hear, touch, and taste.

Feb 10, 2016
Library Dragon by Deedy, Carmen Agra

Library Dragon

Feb 10, 2016
Findus Disappears! by Nordqvist, Sven

Findus Disappears!

Feb 10, 2016
Teachers are for reading stories by Ziefert, Harriet.

Teachers are for reading stories

Lift the flaps and see all the wonderful things that teachers do.

Feb 10, 2016
A place for Elijah by Easton, Kelly, author.

A place for Elijah

"A family celebrates Passover, making sure they lay an extra place setting for the prophet Elijah. But when their neighbors lose power and stop by to get out of the cold, Sarah is worried that there won't be a seat left for Elijah"--

Feb 10, 2016
Will spring be early? or will spring be late? by Johnson, Crockett, 1906-1975, author, illustrator.

Will spring be early? or will spring be late?

Despite the chilly weather, Groundhog decides that spring is here when he discovers a red flower sticking up through the snow.

Feb 10, 2016
Lazy Dave by Jarvis, Peter, 1985- author, illustrator.

Lazy Dave

Dave is a dog. Dave is a dog who loves to sleep all day long. What a lazy dog...or is he?

Feb 10, 2016
Nat the cat can sleep like that by Allenby, Victoria, 1989- author.

Nat the cat can sleep like that

Nat the cat can sleep through anything, until night falls and he is ready to go.

Feb 10, 2016
Swap! by Light, Steve, author, illustrator.


A peg-legged youngster uses his bartering skills to trade for sails, anchors, a ship's wheel and other necessary supplies to fix their ship and make a friend in the process.

Feb 10, 2016
The perfect tree by Bonfield, Chloe, author, illustrator.

The perfect tree

"Jack is searching for the perfect tree. One that he can chop, hack, and stack! But when it becomes too hard to find, Jack stumbles across three unlikely friends who want to show him "their" perfect trees."--Provided by publisher.

Feb 10, 2016
Sweet Pea and friends - the sheepover by Churchman, John, 1957- author, illustrator.

Sweet Pea and friends - the sheepover

This photo-illustrated book is the story of an orphan lamb, Sweet Pea, who lives on a farm in Vermont. When she becomes ill, she recovers with the help of the farmer, the vet and her farmyard friends.

Feb 10, 2016
Punk Skunks by Shaskan, Trisha Speed/ Shaskan, Stephen (ILT)

Punk Skunks

Feb 10, 2016
Scritch scratch scraww plop! by Crowther, Kitty, author illustrator.

Scritch scratch scraww plop!

When Jeremy, a young frog who is afraid of the dark, hears a "scritch scratch scraww plop," he and his father investigate the strange noise.

Feb 10, 2016
It's not easy being Number Three by Dernavich, Drew, author, illustrator.

It's not easy being Number Three

Bored with doing the same thing all the time, Number Three quits and sets out to see what else he might do then, after trying many other possibilities, finally finds the perfect job.

Feb 10, 2016
Mine! by Jin, Susie Lee, author, illustrator.


A humorous picture book about a group of bunnies fighting over a big juicy carrot.

Feb 10, 2016
If I had a gryphon by VanSickle, Vikki, 1982- author.

If I had a gryphon

"Sam just got a hamster for a pet. But the hamster is kind of boring ... he just eats and sleeps and gets his shavings wet. Inspired by her book of mythological creatures, Sam longs for a more exciting pet. But she soon realizes that taking care of these magical beasts might not be as wonderful as she thought. Sasquatches are messy, unicorns are shy, gryphons scare the dogs at the dogpark, and having a fire extinguisher handy at all times makes dragons seem like an awful lot of work. In the end,

Feb 10, 2016
Down Here by Sherrard, Valerie

Down Here

Feb 10, 2016