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Tippy- tippy - tippy, splash! by Fleming, Candace.

Tippy- tippy - tippy, splash!

Fed up with the constant presence of rabbits in his house and yard, Mr. McGreely goes to the beach for some fun but the pesky pufftails will not give him a break.

Apr 22, 2014
Shoe dog by McDonald, Megan, author.

Shoe dog

In order to stay in the warm and cozy home he has longed for, Shoe Dog must learn to stop chewing shoes.

Apr 22, 2014
The three ninja pigs by Schwartz, Corey Rosen.

The three ninja pigs

In this twist on "The Three Little Pigs," Pig One and Two neglect their ninja school martial arts training and are no match for the wolf, but Pig Three's practice and dedication saves the day. Includes glossary of Japanese martial arts terms.

Apr 22, 2014
If I Had a Raptor by O'Connor, George/ O'Connor, George (ILT)

If I Had a Raptor

Apr 22, 2014
Lamby Lamb by Raschka, Christopher, author, illustrator.

Lamby Lamb

The narrator uses reverse psychology to get a young sheep dressed.

Apr 22, 2014
Is that my cat? by Allen, Jonathan, 1957- author, illustrator.

Is that my cat?

Presents a story about a cat that is chubby, greedy, and lazy.

Apr 22, 2014
Jake at Gymnastics by Isadora, Rachel/ Isadora, Rachel (ILT)

Jake at Gymnastics

Apr 22, 2014
The Numberlys by Joyce, William/ Joyce, William (ILT)/ Ellis, Christina (ILT)

The Numberlys

Apr 22, 2014
Number one Sam by Pizzoli, Greg.

Number one Sam

"A competitive race-car driving dog learns that some things are more important than being number one"--

Apr 22, 2014
Naughty kitty by Stower, Adam, author, illustrator.

Naughty kitty

Lily learns that kitties can be almost as much trouble as dogs--but they can also be very comforting.

Apr 22, 2014
Naked! by Black, Michael Ian/ Ohi, Debbie Ridpath (ILT)


Apr 22, 2014
Grumpy groundhog by Wright, Maureen, 1961- author.

Grumpy groundhog

It's Groundhog's Day, and everyone is gathered to find out if it's time for spring. But Groundhog does NOT want to leave his cozy bed in his cozy den. Will the townspeople be able to coax him outside to do his job?

Apr 22, 2014
The Grudge Keeper by Rockliff, Mara.

The Grudge Keeper

"No one in the town of Bonnyripple ever kept a grudge, except old Cornelius, the Grudge Keeper. When Cornelius is nearly buried under all of the grudges, the townspeople must put their differences aside to save him"--

Apr 22, 2014
The great day by Gomi, Tarō, author, illustrator.

The great day

In simple text this book follows the daily activities of a young boy who is always the first in every activity--waking up, eating breakfast, playing, and getting ready for bed.

Apr 22, 2014
The girl who never made mistakes by Pett, Mark.

The girl who never made mistakes

Beatrice is so well-known for never making a mistake that she is greeted each morning by fans and reporters, but a near-error on the day of the school talent show could change everything.

Apr 22, 2014
A gift for Mama by Lodding, Linda Ravin.

A gift for Mama

A little boy is on a search for the perfect gift for his mother, navigating the streets of 1890s Vienna, meeting new people, and continuing to trade one gift for another.

Apr 22, 2014
Following Papa's song by Marino, Gianna, author, illustrator.

Following Papa's song

"Little Blue, a young humpback whale, has never made the long migration up the coast, and he is worried about his first long journey with Papa"--

Apr 22, 2014
Dinner with the Highbrows by Holt, Kimberly Willis.

Dinner with the Highbrows

The first time a friend invites Bernard to dinner, his mother gives him a long list of rules to follow, such as keeping his elbows off the table and not speaking with his mouth full, but he soon sees that being well-to-do does not mean one has the best manners.

Apr 22, 2014
Crabby Crab by Raschka, Christopher, author, illustrator.

Crabby Crab

Crabby Crab, unhappy about the way he looks and moves, is surprised to learn that he is loved just the way he is.

Apr 22, 2014
Digger Dog by Bee, William/ Johansson, Cecilia (ILT)

Digger Dog

Apr 22, 2014