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It's not easy being Number Three by Dernavich, Drew, author, illustrator.

It's not easy being Number Three

Bored with doing the same thing all the time, Number Three quits and sets out to see what else he might do then, after trying many other possibilities, finally finds the perfect job.

Feb 12, 2016
Curious George and the puppies by Rey, Margret.

Curious George and the puppies

Curious George goes to the animal shelter where he accidentally lets all the dogs out of their cages and creates quite a ruckus.

Feb 12, 2016
Mine! by Jin, Susie Lee, author, illustrator.


A humorous picture book about a group of bunnies fighting over a big juicy carrot.

Feb 12, 2016
If I had a gryphon by VanSickle, Vikki, 1982- author.

If I had a gryphon

"Sam just got a hamster for a pet. But the hamster is kind of boring ... he just eats and sleeps and gets his shavings wet. Inspired by her book of mythological creatures, Sam longs for a more exciting pet. But she soon realizes that taking care of these magical beasts might not be as wonderful as she thought. Sasquatches are messy, unicorns are shy, gryphons scare the dogs at the dogpark, and having a fire extinguisher handy at all times makes dragons seem like an awful lot of work. In the end,

Feb 12, 2016
Down Here by Sherrard, Valerie

Down Here

Feb 12, 2016
A crash of rhinos - and other wild animal groups by Danylyshyn, Greg, author.

A crash of rhinos - and other wild animal groups

Introduces in rhyming text the collective names used for various animal groups.

Feb 12, 2016
Findus at Christmas by Nordqvist, Sven

Findus at Christmas

Feb 12, 2016
Sad, the dog by Fussell, Sandy.

Sad, the dog

"A clever little dog christens himself "Sad" when his humans fail to give him a name. Although they feed him and wash him, they don't appreciate his many gifts, like his love of singing ("stop that yapping!"). When the people move away and leave Sad behind, Sad is heartbroken. But then a new family with a young boy arrives at Sad's house in a big truck. Although Sad is initially frightened, it soon becomes clear that the boy is just the right person to make a dog's life complete with playtime, t

Feb 12, 2016
Peppa Pig and the lucky ducks. by

Peppa Pig and the lucky ducks.

Peppa and George would like to visit the ducks. They see one pond, but no ducks. Those lucky ducks must be on an adventure! Peppa and George go on an adventure too.

Feb 12, 2016
Return of the Library Dragon by Deedy, Carmen Agra

Return of the Library Dragon

Feb 12, 2016
The house that Zack built by Murray, Alison (Illustrator), author.

The house that Zack built

Follows Zack and his dog Rufus as they share a day on the farm, building a house out of blocks, before a wandering fly attracts the attention of a determined feline, inadvertently wreaking havoc.

Feb 12, 2016
The Block Mess Monster by Howie, Betsy.

The Block Mess Monster

Calpurnia has tried to explain that the huge and scary monster that lives in her room does not want the room cleaned but her mother, who cannot see the monster, has a few ideas about how to make it go away.

Feb 12, 2016
Go, little green truck! by Schotter, Roni.

Go, little green truck!

Little Green is a proud and strong pickup truck who loves helping with chores, but when Farmer Gray buys a big new blue truck, Little Green is left to rust in a pasture until the farmer's daughter, Fern, suggests they fix him up and use him for such gentle jobs as going to the farmers' market.

Feb 12, 2016
The little tree that would not share by Costa, Nicoletta.

The little tree that would not share

The seasons change and a little tree learns the joy of sharing.

Feb 12, 2016
The magical fantastical fridge by Coben, Harlan, 1962-

The magical fantastical fridge

When setting the table seems too boring, Walden takes off on adventurous journey through all the pictures on his family's refrigerator.

Feb 12, 2016
Findus Goes Camping by Nordqvist, Sven

Findus Goes Camping

Feb 12, 2016
Findus Plants Meatballs by Nordqvist, Sven

Findus Plants Meatballs

Feb 12, 2016
Findus Moves Out by Nordqvist, Sven

Findus Moves Out

Feb 12, 2016
On the farm, at the market by Karas, G. Brian, author, illustrator.

On the farm, at the market

"On the farm, workers pick vegetables, collect eggs, and make cheese. At the market the next day, the workers set up their stands and prepare for shoppers to arrive. Amy, the baker at the Busy Bee Cafe´, has a very special meal in mind--and, of course, all the farmers show up at the cafe´ to enjoy the results of their hard work"--

Feb 12, 2016
Fancy Nancy - Saturday night sleepover by O'Connor, Jane author.

Fancy Nancy - Saturday night sleepover

Nancy and Jojo go on a sleepover, but since it's Jojo's first one, Nancy is determined to make it fun and put her at ease, but when it's time for bed, it's Nancy who grows nervous and needs the help of her sister.

Feb 12, 2016