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Night owl by Yuly, Toni, author, illustrator.

Night owl

A baby owl flies through the night, listening carefully to different sounds as he tries to find Mommy Owl.

Mar 5, 2015
Fetch by Hurley, Jorey.


Illustrations and simple text follow a dog as it chases a ball at the beach.

Mar 5, 2015
The diggers are coming! by Steggall, Susan.

The diggers are coming!

The diggers are coming! Follow all the people and vehicles involved in building a house - from the wreckers coming to clear the ground, through planners, bulldozers, diggers, tippers, mixers, trucks, builders, cranes, rollers and vans, to the people coming to move into the new houses.

Mar 5, 2015
The buk buk buk festival by Auch, Mary Jane, author.

The buk buk buk festival

Henrietta is a reader and a writer, unusual traits for a chicken, but when her book is published and she is invited to the Children's Book Festival, only the local librarian believes she is the author.

Mar 5, 2015
Smick by Cronin, Doreen, author.


Can friendship bloom between a dog and a chick?

Mar 5, 2015
Crinkle, crackle, crack - it's spring! by Bauer, Marion Dane, author.

Crinkle, crackle, crack - it's spring!

Invites the reader to join a bear and other woodland animals on a cold, moonlit walk to investigate strange noises and observe the arrival of spring.

Mar 5, 2015
Count with Maisy, cheep, cheep, cheep! by Cousins, Lucy, author, illustrator.

Count with Maisy, cheep, cheep, cheep!

In an interactive farmyard game of hide-and-seek, intrepid little mouse Maisy searches beneath lift-flaps to locate Mommy Hen's missing chicks.

Mar 5, 2015
Home by Ellis, Carson, 1975- author, illustrator.


A whimsical tribute to the myriad possibilities of home depicts homes in different real-world environments as well as fantastical settings.

Mar 5, 2015
How do dinosaurs stay safe? by Yolen, Jane, author.

How do dinosaurs stay safe?

A young dinosaur takes precautions in order to stay safe throughout the day, both at home and at play.

Mar 5, 2015
Monty's magnificent mane by O'Neill, Gemma, author, illustrator.

Monty's magnificent mane

Becoming disgruntled when his meerkat friends muss his beautiful golden mane, Monty the lion stomps off to the waterhole and is flattered by a big green crocodile who may be looking for a tasty supper.

Mar 5, 2015
Nobody's perfect by Elliott, David, 1947- author.

Nobody's perfect

A young boy reflects on the idea that nobody is perfect, including the other members of his family, but decides that, on the whole, with a little patience, they come close.

Mar 5, 2015
Dinosaur vs. Mommy by Shea, Bob, author, illustrator.

Dinosaur vs. Mommy

Dinosaur spends a day "helping" his mother, from the time he roars to awaken her until their final contest at bedtime.

Mar 5, 2015
Juna's jar by Bahk, Jane.

Juna's jar

After her best friend, Hector, moves away, Juna's brother Minho tries to make her feel better by finding things to put in her special kimchi jar, and each night, whatever is in the jar takes her on a magical journey in search of Hector. Includes glossary.

Mar 5, 2015
Counting crows by Appelt, Kathi, 1954-

Counting crows

The reader is invited to count hungry crows as they hunt for savory snacks.

Mar 5, 2015
Just Itzy by Krumwiede, Lana, author.

Just Itzy

Tired of being called "Itzy Bitzy," Itzy tries to catch his own lunch on the first day of spindergarten to prove he is a big spider, but a girl sitting on a tuffet, a dangerous waterspout, and other nursery rhyme characters get in his way.

Mar 5, 2015
Janine by Cocca-Leffler, Maryann, 1958- author, illustrator.


"Janine is one of a kind. She focuses on the positive while navigating life with disabilities. She makes a difference just by being herself"--

Mar 5, 2015
Maddi's fridge by Brandt, Lois.

Maddi's fridge

Maddi's fridge is almost empty, while Sophia's fridge is full of food. How can Sophia help her friend Maddi without breaking her promise not to tell anyone?

Mar 5, 2015
Will you fill my bucket? - daily acts of love around the world by McCloud, Carol.

Will you fill my bucket? - daily acts of love around the world

Children around the world remind us of their need for love and affection by asking us to fill their buckets. Tender responses affirm that bucket filling is the essence of loving and being loved.

Mar 5, 2015
New shoes by Meyer, Susan, 1960- author.

New shoes

"In this historical fiction picture book, Ella Mae and her cousin Charlotte, both African American, start their own shoe store when they learn that they cannot try on shoes at the shoe store"--

Mar 5, 2015