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A fire truck named Red by De Sève, Randall, author.

A fire truck named Red

"A young boy has his heart set on a brand-new toy fire truck, so he is disappointed when he gets his grandfather's rusty old fire truck, Red, instead. But working together, the boy and his grandfather patch Red right up while Grandpa tells his grandson all about the adventures he had with Red when he was a boy"--

May 24, 2016
A friend for Mole by Armo, Nancy, author, illustrator.

A friend for Mole

"An accidental encounter throws Mole and Wolf together. One is afraid of the light, the other is afraid of the dark. Together they learn that friends are all they need to conquer their fears"--

May 24, 2016
A morning with grandpa by Liu, Sylvia, author.

A morning with grandpa

Curious and energetic Mei Mei attempts some t'ai chi forms as her grandfather demonstrates them, then tries to teach him basic yoga poses. Includes introductions to t'ai chi and yoga, as well as instructions for the exercises described in the text.

May 24, 2016
A Piece of Home by Watts, Jeri/ Yum, Hyewon (ILT)

A Piece of Home

May 24, 2016
A year of borrowed men by Barker, Michelle, author.

A year of borrowed men

When World War II "borrows" most of the men in Germany, 6-year old Gerda's family is allowed to borrow 3 French prisoners of war to help run their farm. They are supposed to treat them as enemies, but the family finds ways to show kindness and friendship. Based on the early childhood memories of the author's mother.

May 24, 2016
Alfie's lost Sharkie by Walker, Anna, author, illustrator.

Alfie's lost Sharkie

"It's time for bed, and a little alligator named Alfie can't find his most important toy. Where could it be?"--

May 24, 2016
Aliens love dinopants by Freedman, Claire, author.

Aliens love dinopants

May 24, 2016
All for a dime! - a Bear and Mole story by Hillenbrand, Will, author, illustrator.

All for a dime! - a Bear and Mole story

Bear has no trouble selling his berries at the farmers' market, but Mole and Skunk are less successful with their worms and perfume.

May 24, 2016
An after bedtime story by Smith, Shoham, 1966- author.

An after bedtime story

After bedtime Little Nina refuses to go to sleep and gets into mischief while guests are visiting.

May 24, 2016
An armadillo in New York by Kraulis, Julie, author, illustrator.

An armadillo in New York

Guided by his grandfather's travel journal, Arlo the armadillo strolls through the streets of New York City, enjoying the sights, while he makes his way to see the famous Lady Liberty.

May 24, 2016
An armadillo in Paris by Kraulis, Julie, author, illustrator.

An armadillo in Paris

After reading his grandfather's travel diary, Arlo the armadillo, sets out to explore Paris and meet La Dame de Fer.

May 24, 2016
Are we there yet? by Santat, Dan, author, illustrator.

Are we there yet?

"A boy goes on a long car ride to visit his grandmother and discovers time moves faster or slower depending on how bored he is"--

May 21, 2016
As time went by by Sanabria, José, author, illustrator.

As time went by

"Once upon a time there was a ship that sailed beside the sun with very important people on board. The spirit of reinvention – and the importance we place on things – is beautifully expressed in Jose´ Sanabria's visually evocative story. A steamship makes a journey across time from luxury and exclusivity, industry and abandonment, to stewardship and inclusion as we see the evolving functions of the ship and the changing faces of the people who cherish it most of all."--

May 24, 2016
Baa baa smart sheep by Sommerset, Mark, 1968- author.

Baa baa smart sheep

Little Baa Baa is bored. So when Quirky Turkey comes along, the opportunity to make mischief is too good to resist. "What's that?" asks Turkey, pointing at a suspicious something on the ground. "What's what?" "That there." "This here?" "Yes, that there." "Oh, it's just a pile of ... smarty tablets." "Ohhh. . ." After a well-sustained buildup evoking hilarity and disbelief, this kid-pleasing trickster tale will have readers both groaning and laughing out loud at the payoff.--Amazon.

May 24, 2016
Babak the beetle by Paronuzzi, Fred, author.

Babak the beetle

May 24, 2016
Be glad your dad... is not an octopus! by Logelin, Matthew, author.

Be glad your dad... is not an octopus!

"An irreverent tribute to dads based on silly things that animal dads do and human dads do not"--

May 24, 2016
Beachy and me by Staake, Bob, 1957- author, illustrator.

Beachy and me

"It's summertime, but Pixie Picklespeare is lonely on the tiny island she lives on with her family . . . until one day when she makes friends with a whale!"--

May 24, 2016
Bear & Hare - where's Bear? by Gravett, Emily, author, illustrator.

Bear & Hare - where's Bear?

Friends Bear and Hare play a game of hide and seek, counting from one to ten each round.

May 24, 2016
Beard boy by Flannery, John (John Patrick), author.

Beard boy

"Young Ben wants a beard of his very own so he can look like the coolest guy around--his dad"--

May 24, 2016
Beard in a box by Cotter, Bill, author, illustrator.

Beard in a box

Wanting to be more like his father, a young boy spends all of his money on a product that will supposedly let him grow a beard almost instantly.

May 24, 2016