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Navy SEAL newlywed by James, Elle, author.

Navy SEAL newlywed

Here comes the bride...gun at her side Navy SEAL "Rip" Cord Schafer is officially missing and presumed dead. It's the perfect cover until he can catch the traitors supplying Honduras terrorists with American arms. It's not a one-man operation, but never in his wildest dreams did he imagine teaming up with a woman--Covert Cowboy operative Tracie Kosart. Posing as wealthy newlyweds, Rip soon discovers Tracie is as skilled at playing his sensual "bride" as she is at covering his six. Despite their

Jul 17, 2016
Night by Wiesel, Elie, 1928-2016, author.


Born in the town of Sighet, Transylvania, Elie Wiesel was a teenager when he and his family were taken from their home in 1944 to the Auschwitz concentration camp, and then to Buchenwald. [This book] is the terrifying record of Elie Wiesel's memories of the death of his family, the death of his own innocence, and his despair as a deeply observant Jew confronting the absolute evil of man.

Jul 17, 2016
Zen doodle unleashed - freeform tangle art you can draw and color by Lovering, Tiffany, author.

Zen doodle unleashed - freeform tangle art you can draw and color

If you're looking for an easy, relaxing outlet for your creativity, you've come to the right place. Zen Doodle Unleashed features the same fun, free and soothing style that has made Tiffany Lovering a YouTube favorite! Express yourself with freeform tangles that are not confined within an outer boundary or "string." Instead, you create abstract patterns that flow and build off each other to fill the whole page. It's almost magical the way simple patterns add up to complex and beautiful results.

Jul 17, 2016
The single undead moms club by Harper, Molly, author.

The single undead moms club

After being diagnosed with late-stage cancer, widow Libby Stratton arranges to be turned into a vampire, and, plagued by post-turning transition issues, must deal with mean PTA mothers, her father-in-law's attempts to declare her an unfit mother, her feelings for a tattooed redneck single dad and the return of her sire.

Jul 17, 2016
Slightly wicked by Balogh, Mary.

Slightly wicked

BONUS: This edition contains an excerpt from Mary Balogh's -- Slightly Wicked With his laughing eyes and wild, rakish good looks, Lord Rannulf Bedwyn is a hard man to resist. To Judith Law, a woman in need of rescue when her stagecoach overturns, Rannulf is simply her savior, a heroic stranger she will reward with one night of reckless passion before she must become a companion to her wealthy aunt. Imagine Judith's shock when the same stranger turns out to be among England's most eligible bachel

Jul 17, 2016
Smooth talking stranger by Kleypas, Lisa.

Smooth talking stranger

Millionaire Texas playboy Jack Travis confronts responsibility for the first time in his life when an enraged aunt and the abandoned infant of one of Jack's former lovers appear on his doorstep.

Jul 17, 2016
Speak of the Devil a novel by Hawke, Richard, 1955-

Speak of the Devil a novel

When New York's Thanksgiving Day parade is torn apart by a gunman's rampage, private detective Fritz Malone discovers that the mayor had known about the shootout before it happened and investigates a possible conspiracy.

Jul 17, 2016
Special delivery baby by Shackelford, Sherri, author.

Special delivery baby

Instant Daddy An abandoned baby is the last thing town founder Will Canfield expects on his doorstep. He's not the father--and the mother's unknown. But the precious little girl needs a protector. And Will never backs down from a challenge, even if it means caring for a newborn...or dealing with spitfire cattle driver Tomasina Stone. With her father gone, Tomasina's trail life has ended. Yet becoming a polished city lady feels far out of her reach. All she wants is a place where she'll be apprec

Jul 17, 2016
Star Wars, Boba Fett a practical man by Traviss, Karen.

Star Wars, Boba Fett a practical man

BONUS: This original novella includes an excerpt from Star Wars: Republic Commando: Hard Contact and an interview with the author. On the surface, it seems like just another routine contract for Boba Fett and his Mandalorian commandos, but the mystery client who hires them to start a small war is more dangerous than any of them can possibly imagine. When the Yuuzhan Vong invasion force sweeps into the galaxy, the Mandalorians find they're on the wrong side'fighting for an alien culture that will

Jul 17, 2016
Stranger in the Moonlight by Deveraux, Jude.

Stranger in the Moonlight

In the second novel in her bestselling Edilean trilogy, Jude Deveraux returns to the idyllic Virginia town where three best girlfriends joyfully reunite as they each seek out their heartfelt dreams and desires. Kim Aldredge is delighted that her dear college "sister" Jecca has found lasting love with Kim's cousin Tristan. But despite her flourishing jewelry-making career, Kim's own happiness seems as distant as the childhood summer when she played the hours away with young Travis Merritt, who ca

Jul 17, 2016
Surprised by love - a novel by Lessman, Julie, 1950-

Surprised by love - a novel

When Megan McClare turns to Bram Hughes for support and advice, Bram develops a sudden unwelcome attraction to a girl he had always thought of as a kid sister. He advises forgiveness, but can he forgive himself for pushing the woman he loves into the arms of another man?

Jul 17, 2016
Tangled up in you by Gibson, Rachel.

Tangled up in you

Maddie is determined to uncover the untold story about the town's sordid past -- her past. As a child, Maddie lost everything, and now she's back at the scene of the scandal -- a local establishment that's always belonged to the Hennessys -- determined to uncover the truth, and nothing is going to stand in her way. Especially not a black-haired, blue-eyed Hennessy. Everyone in Truly knows that the Hennessy men are irresistible, and the current owner, Mick, is no exception. His late father was a

Jul 17, 2016
Ten ways not to commit suicide - a memoir by DMC (Musician), author.

Ten ways not to commit suicide - a memoir

The legendary rap star and cofounder of Run D.M.C. speaks out about his battle with depression and overcoming suicidal thoughts -- one of the most devastating yet little known health issues plaguing the black community today.

Jul 17, 2016
This savage song by Schwab, Victoria, author.

This savage song

"As the heirs to opposing sides in a warring city, Kate Harker and Augustus Flynn should never have met. A Romeo and Juliet-esque fantasy about the difference between good and evil and the blurry gray area in between"--

Jul 17, 2016
Forks over knives the plant-based way to health by

Forks over knives the plant-based way to health

"This ... guide provides the information you need to adopt and maintain a plant-based diet"--Page 4 of cover.

Jul 17, 2016
For I have sinned - a Charley Davidson story by Jones, Darynda, author.

For I have sinned - a Charley Davidson story

In this Charley Davidson story, Charley helps a woman find out how she died and gives her the closure she needs to pass through to the other side.

Jul 17, 2016
The Games by Patterson, James, 1947- author.

The Games

Two years ago Jack Morgan---the head of the renowned worldwide investigation firm Private--was in charge of security for the World Cup in Bazil. During the championship final, the action nearly spilled from the field into the stands. Fortunately, Jack and his team averted disaster on football's biggest stage. Now he has returned to Rio to secure the Olympics. But before the torch is lit, the threats come fast and furious as Jack discovers that someone is trying to sabotage the games. A lethal pl

Jul 17, 2016
Hothouse orchid by Woods, Stuart.

Hothouse orchid

Special Agent Holly Barker returns to her hometown of Orchid Beach, Florida, and faces off against an old nemesis--the man she brought charges against for sexual harassment, attempted rape, and rape. The army officer in question was acquitted of all charges, and is now Orchid Beach's new police chief. Will Holly return to the CIA? Or will she challenge her old nemesis for control of the Orchid Beach Police Department?

Jul 17, 2016
A hope undaunted a novel by Lessman, Julie, 1950-

A hope undaunted a novel

As the 1920s draw to a close, smart and feisty Katie O'Connor is looking for a husband. But it won't be easy to choose between her good-looking, well-connected, and wealthy boyfriend Jake and the man she swore to despise forever. A highly charged romance.

Jul 17, 2016
Highland Fire by Howell, Hannah.

Highland Fire

Jul 17, 2016