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All day and a night a novel of suspense by Burke, Alafair.

All day and a night a novel of suspense

A new murder case with ties to a convicted serial killer leads Detective Ellie Hatcher into a twisting investigation with explosive and deadly results in this superb mystery from the "terrific web spinner" (Entertainment Weekly) Alafair Burke. When pyschotherapist Helen Brunswick is murdered in her Park Slope office, the entire city suspects her estranged husband'until the District Attorney's office receives an anonymous letter. The letter's author knows a chilling detail that police have kept s

Jul 17, 2014
All for a sister by Pittman, Allison.

All for a sister

Jul 17, 2014
Angel eyes by Dittemore, Shannon.

Angel eyes

Just returned home to tiny Stratus, Oregon, after finding tragedy instead of success as a ballerina, eighteen-year-old Brielle discovers she has a destiny with new neighbor Jake--to join a battle in a realm that only angels, demons, and Brielle can perceive.

Jul 17, 2014
Angus and Sadie by Voigt, Cynthia.

Angus and Sadie

Angus and Sadie, two siblings that are of mostly border collie heritage, are adopted by a young couple and start living on a Maine farm, where they begin to learn sheep herding and come to appreciate how they are different from each another.

Jul 17, 2014
Bad girl by Crouch, Blake.

Bad girl

The year is 1995, and a young girl with psychopathic tendencies named Lucy has run away from home to a mystery convention to see her favorite author in the world: Andrew Z. Thomas. But Lucy has problems, and not just the psychopathic start with, the hotel won't rent a room to a 15-year-old girl. So she does a bad, bad thing, which only gets worse when a couple of horrifying killers, Orson Thomas, and his prote´ge´, Luther Kite, catch her trying to cover up a nasty mess.

Jul 17, 2014
Best Man in Wyoming by Dalton, Margot.

Best Man in Wyoming

The Lost Springs Ranch for troubled boys is at stake, and it's a man's duty to give back...... So there's going to be an auction!BACHELOR #12NAME:Rex TrowbridgeOCCUPATION: Attorney, and director of Lost Springs Ranch.BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT: Becoming a wine connoisseur in rural Wyoming.Lindsay Duncan had hastily proposed a camping trip with some of the boys from the ranch, and she wanted-needed-Rex Trowbridge to accompany them. Could elegant Rex even ride a horse anymore' Could he stand to spend lon

Jul 17, 2014
The big sleep by Chandler, Raymond, 1888-1959.

The big sleep

Jul 17, 2014
Blood prophecy by Harvey, Alyxandra.

Blood prophecy

Can Solange find her way back home again? And can she do it in time to save everyone she loves from the vampire civil war, hunter attack, and each other? Because not everyone can survive the prophecy, maybe not even her.

Jul 17, 2014
Cheaper, better, faster over 2,000 tips and tricks to save you time and money every day by Hunt, Mary, 1948-

Cheaper, better, faster over 2,000 tips and tricks to save you time and money every day

Personal finance expert and founder of Debt-Proof Living shares thousands of tips that help you save time and money every day.

Jul 17, 2014
Borrowed dreams a novel by Macomber, Debbie, author.

Borrowed dreams a novel

Debbie Macomber's poignant novel of moving on and trusting the power of love is available for the first time as an eBook. Carly Grieves is made of strong stuff. Tough and adventurous, she journeys to the wilds of Alaska looking for a new beginning. She finds more than she bargained for in Brand St. Clair, a rugged bush pilot who stirs something primal inside Carly that shocks her with its intensity. But he's also a man with wounds, a widower stuck in the past. Carly desires him deeply, but she c

Jul 17, 2014
Bridge of Dreams by Bishop, Anne.

Bridge of Dreams

When wizards threaten Glorianna Belladonna and her work to keep Ephemera balanced, her brother Lee sacrifices himself in order to save her-and ends up an asylum inmate in the city of Vision.But a darkness is spreading through Vision, perplexing the Shamans who protect it. And Lee is the only one who can shed any light on its mysteries...

Jul 17, 2014
By the silver water of Lake Champlain - a story by Hill, Joe, author.

By the silver water of Lake Champlain - a story

Jul 17, 2014
Can't forgive - my 20-year battle with O.J. Simpson by Goldman, Kim, author.

Can't forgive - my 20-year battle with O.J. Simpson

Jul 17, 2014
Grain brain - the surprising truth about wheat, carbs, and sugar -- your brain's silent killers by Perlmutter, David, 1954- author.

Grain brain - the surprising truth about wheat, carbs, and sugar -- your brain's silent killers

Renowned neurologist David Perlmutter, MD, blows the lid off a topic that's been buried in medical literature for far too long: carbs are destroying your brain. And not just unhealthy carbs, but even healthy ones like whole grains can cause dementia, ADHD, anxiety, chronic headaches, depression, and much more. Dr. Perlmutter explains what happens when the brain encounters common ingredients in your daily bread and fruit bowls, why your brain thrives on fat and cholesterol, and how you can spur t

Jul 17, 2014
Four - a divergent collection by Roth, Veronica, author.

Four - a divergent collection

Two years before Beatrice Prior made her choice, the sixteen-year-old son of Abnegation's faction leader did the same. Tobias's transfer to Dauntless is a chance to begin again. Here, he will not be called the name his parents gave him. Here, he will not let fear turn him into a cowering child.Newly christened "Four," he discovers during initiation that he will succeed in Dauntless. Initiation is only the beginning, though; Four must claim his place in the Dauntless hierarchy...

Jul 17, 2014
Castle in the air by Jones, Diana Wynne.

Castle in the air

Abdullah meets and falls instantly in love with the beautiful and clever Flower-in-the-Night. But a wicked djinn sweeps the princess away right before Abdullah's eyes, leaving the young man no choice but to follow.

Jul 17, 2014
Forbidden planets by

Forbidden planets

Jul 17, 2014
Faust by Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von, 1749-1832.


Jul 17, 2014
Famous a novel by Crouch, Blake.

Famous a novel

What if you looked exactly like a famous movie star, and one day decided that, along with their beautiful face, you wanted the life that came with it?

Jul 17, 2014
Ready for romance by Macomber, Debbie.

Ready for romance

Two brothers -- and she's in love with the wrong one! At the age of fourteen, Jessica Kellerman was madly infatuated with Evan Dryden, one of the boys next door. Now, ten years later, everyone still believes she's still carrying a torch for the roguish Evan. Everyone, including his older brother, Damian. AND they all persist in applauding this nonexistent romance. She's just the right woman for Evan, they say. Jessica finds it frustrating in the extreme. Because she's in love, all right, and wit

Jul 17, 2014