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Wild by Mallory, Alex.


Cade, a teen raised alone in the wilderness, is thrust into civilization in this modern retelling of Tarzan. No one knows the forest better than Cade, who has spent his entire life there, foraging, hunting, and surviving. Raised to believe no one else is left in the world, he is shocked when he encounters Dara, a modern girl on a camping trip in his woods. And when an accident forces him back into society with her, he begins to question his entire life. Together, Cade and Dara attempt to handle

Mar 23, 2015
Wicked a pretty little liars novel by Shepard, Sara, 1977-

Wicked a pretty little liars novel

In idyllic Rosewood, Pennsylvania, where Burberry earmuffs keep diamond-studded ears warm, four very pretty girls have done some very wicked things ... High school juniors Hanna, Spencer, Emily, and Aria have paid dearly for their sins. A stalker named "A" terrorized them for months and revealed their darkest secrets. But now that A's true identity has been revealed, the girls can finally go back to their pretty little lives. Only, once a pretty little liar, always a pretty little liar -- and th

Mar 23, 2015
Whispered words. 1 / Takashi Ikeda. by Ikeda, Takashi, author, artist.

Whispered words. 1 / Takashi Ikeda.

Whispered Words is the story of two high school girls, Sumika and Ushio. One is in love with the other, but unable to confess. Both of them prefer girls, but Ushio likes cute and petite types while Sumika prefers the athletic outgoing girls. To complicate things, a cross dressing boy, Masaki, is in love with Sumika. What ever will happen to this mixed-up bizarre love triangle mess?

Mar 21, 2015
Weep in the night by Goree, Valerie Massey, author.

Weep in the night

After three years in the witness protection program, Sadie Malone's life in Texas is bland and humdrum until she meets a new co-worker. Bowen Boudine ignites a flame in Sadie's long-dormant heart, but when she discovers he knows her true identity, she attempts to flee. He thwarts her escape and reveals the reason he's been sent to locate her. Bowen, a seasoned operative with International Retrieval Organization takes his job escorting Sadie safely back to California seriously, but quickly finds

Mar 21, 2015
Wanted by Shepard, Sara, 1977-


Former best friends Hanna, Aria, Spencer, and Emily, who lost their best friend and leader, Alison, years ago when she disappeared, find themselves in grave danger when they pursue the truth about Alison.

Mar 23, 2015
Vision In Silver A Novel of the Others by Bishop, Anne.

Vision In Silver A Novel of the Others

The New York Times   The Others freed the cassandra sangue  Meg is still deep in the throes of her addiction to the euphoria she feels when she cuts and speaks prophecy. She knows each slice of her blade tempts death. But Others and humans alike need answers, and her visions may be Simon's only hope of ending the conflict.   For the shadows of war are deepening across the Atlantik, and the prejudice of a fanatic faction is threatening to bring the battle right to Meg and Simon's doorstep…

Mar 23, 2015
Vanishing girls by Oliver, Lauren, 1982- author.

Vanishing girls

"Two sisters inexorably altered by a terrible accident, a missing nine-year-old girl, and the shocking connection between them"--

Mar 23, 2015
V is for vengeance by Grafton, Sue.

V is for vengeance

Mar 23, 2015
Unbelievable a pretty little liars novel by Shepard, Sara, 1977-

Unbelievable a pretty little liars novel

Behind Rosewood's grand fac¸ades, where the air smells like apples and Chanel No. 5 and infinity pools sparkle in landscaped backyards, nothing is as it seems. It was here, back in seventh grade, that five best friends shared everything--Seven jeans, MAC makeup, and their deepest, darkest secrets. For Aria, Spencer, Hanna, and Emily, it was a dream come true ... until Alison, the most beautiful of them all, suddenly vanished. Now someone named A has turned their charmed lives into a living night

Mar 23, 2015
Twisted threads by Wait, Lea, author.

Twisted threads

Returning to the quaint coastal town of Harbor Haven, Maine--a place she once called home--Angie Curtis finds her memories aren't all quite pleasant ones. After leaving a decade ago, Angie has been called back to Harbor Haven by her grandmother, Charlotte, who raised her following her mother's disappearance when she was a child. Her mother has been found, and now the question of her whereabouts has sadly become the mystery of her murder. The bright spot in Angie's homecoming is reuniting with Ch

Mar 21, 2015
The Writer's Guide to the Courtroom Let's Quill All the Lawyers. by Ballman, Donna.

The Writer's Guide to the Courtroom Let's Quill All the Lawyers.

When your writing calls for a character to sue or be sued, this should be number one on your docket.

Mar 23, 2015
The virgin suicides by Eugenides, Jeffrey.

The virgin suicides

The five Lisbon sisters are brought up in a strict household, and when the youngest kills herself, the oppression of the remaining sisters intensifies. As Therese, Mary, Bonnie and Lux are pulled deeper into isolation by their domineering mother, a group of neighborhood boys become obsessed with liberating the sisters. But what the boys don't know is, the Lisbon girls are beyond saving.

Mar 23, 2015
The Thickety- The Whispering Trees by White, J. A..

The Thickety- The Whispering Trees

For fans of Neil Gaiman, The Whispering Treeswithout a grimoire. The children are hesitant to trust her . . . but this could be their only chance to escape.Or the first step down a dark and wicked path.

Mar 23, 2015
The Tamarack murders by McManus, Patrick F.

The Tamarack murders

"Bo Tully, sheriff of Blight County, Idaho, has seen his share of small-town crime. Fact is, everyone in the area knows Tully and his Blight Way of doing things. But when he and his deputy hike into the deep woods, tracking a suspected bank robber, little do they realize that they are about to witness a murder--and that, in turn, will lead the sheriff on an intricate trail, a series of twists and turns demanding his keenest crime-solving abilities"--Jacket.

Mar 21, 2015
The sixth extinction - an unnatural history by Kolbert, Elizabeth.

The sixth extinction - an unnatural history

Over the last half billion years, there have been five major mass extinctions, when the diversity of life on Earth suddenly and dramatically contracted. Scientists are currently monitoring the sixth extinction, predicted to be the most devastating since the asteroid impact that wiped out the dinosaurs. This time around the cataclysm is us. In this book the author tells us why and how human beings have altered life on the planet in a way no species has before. She provides a moving account of the

Mar 23, 2015
The Silent Girl (with bonus short story Freaks) A Rizzoli & Isles Novel by Gerritsen, Tess.

The Silent Girl (with bonus short story Freaks) A Rizzoli & Isles Novel

-- Don't miss Tess Gerritsen's short story "Freaks" in the back of the eBook.

Mar 23, 2015
The Sense of an Ending by Barnes, Julian.

The Sense of an Ending

-- The Sense of an Ending is a brilliant new chapter in Julian Barnes's oeuvre.

Mar 23, 2015
The misadventures of Awkward Black Girl by Rae, Issa.

The misadventures of Awkward Black Girl

Mar 23, 2015
The matchmakers of Holly Circle by Havig, Chautona, author.

The matchmakers of Holly Circle

Mar 21, 2015
The Martian - a novel by Weir, Andy, author.

The Martian - a novel

Six days ago, astronaut Mark Watney became one of the first people to walk on Mars. Now, he's sure he'll be the first person to die there. After a dust storm nearly kills him and forces his crew to evacuate while thinking him dead, Mark finds himself stranded and completely alone with no way to even signal Earth that he's alive--and even if he could get word out, his supplies would be gone long before a rescue could arrive. Chances are, though, he won't have time to starve to death. The damaged

Mar 23, 2015