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Encounters by Hoyle, Matt.


I'm 126 years old. This is my 4,500th incarnation. --Dr. Bob, as profiled in Encounters With the Strange and Unexplained* The National UFO Reporting Center averages 332 unexplained alien sightings each month, and the Gallup Organization reports that more than 32 percent of Americans believe in ghosts.In the summer of 2006, award-winning photographer Matt Hoyle took a paranormal road trip across the United States. He photographed 60 witnesses to alien spacecraft, murky swamp creatures, and demoni

Mar 23, 2015
Elizabeth is missing by Healey, Emma.

Elizabeth is missing

In this darkly riveting debut novel'a sophisticated psychological mystery that is also an heartbreakingly honest meditation on memory, identity, and aging'an elderly woman descending into dementia embarks on a desperate quest to find the best friend she believes has disappeared, and her search for the truth will go back decades and have shattering consequences. Maud, an aging grandmother, is slowly losing her memory'and her grip on everyday life. Yet she refuses to forget her best friend Elizabe

Mar 23, 2015
Dreams of Joy A Novel by See, Lisa.

Dreams of Joy A Novel

-- Shanghai Girls, BONUS: This edition contains a Dreams of Joy discussion guide.

Mar 23, 2015
The devil's bones by Bass, Jefferson.

The devil's bones

Investigating a suspicious death in which the victim's remains were found in a burned car, forensic anthropologist Bill Brockton engages in an unorthodox experiment to better understand the case.

Mar 23, 2015
Destiny of the Republic A Tale of Madness, Medicine and the Murder of a President by Millard, Candice.

Destiny of the Republic A Tale of Madness, Medicine and the Murder of a President

James A. Garfield was one of the most extraordinary men ever elected president. Born into abject poverty, he rose to become a wunderkind scholar, a Civil War hero, and a renowned and admired reformist congressman. Nominated for president against his will, he engaged in a fierce battle with the corrupt political establishment. But four months after his inauguration, a deranged office seeker tracked Garfield down and shot him in the back. But the shot didn't kill Garfield. The drama of what hap­

Mar 23, 2015
Death at the Door by Hart, Carolyn G., author.

Death at the Door

"Annie Darling--owner of the mystery bookstore, Death on Demand--prefers fictional crimes as opposed to the real things. But in one tragic week, two acts of violence shake the island community of Broward's Rock. First, a beloved doctor is found shot dead, seemingly by his own hand. Only days later, a local artist is arrested after his wife is found murdered, bludgeoned by her husband's sculpting mallet. Convinced her brother did not commit suicide, the doctor's sister turns to Annie and her husb

Mar 23, 2015
Better homes and gardens kitchen and bath renovation guide by Gardens, Better Homes and.

Better homes and gardens kitchen and bath renovation guide

This essential resource will walk homeowners through the decision-making process for a kitchen or bath renovation to create the perfect space This indispensable reference covers everything homeowners need to know about making over the two rooms that yield the most resale value. Information is included for all stages of a kitchen or bath remodel, from inspiring before-and-after images to tips on getting started, with easy-to-read lists and sidebars on topics such as setting a budget and hiring pr

Mar 23, 2015
All I ever wanted by Higgins, Kristan.

All I ever wanted

For Callie Grey, turning thirty means coming to grips with the fact that her boss (and five-week fling) is way overdue in his marriage proposal. When Mark suddenly announces his engagement, Callie decides to stir up a relationship with the town's most eligible, yet not so warm and fuzzy, veterinarian, Ian McFarland, in order to flag Mark's attention.

Mar 23, 2015
Always loving you by Landon, Sydney, author.

Always loving you

Mar 23, 2015
Art of Everyday Photography Move Toward Manual and Make Creative Photos. by Tuttle, Susan.

Art of Everyday Photography Move Toward Manual and Make Creative Photos.

In this easy-to-understand book, Susan Tuttle encourages the reader to get her camera off of ""auto mode"" and finally learn how to use its features to create beautiful photos capturing the everyday moments of life, including portraiture, landscape, still-life scenes, food, pet photography, street photography and more. In addition to camera basics, Susan includes many tips and techniques for getting the most out of smart phone cameras and photo apps.

Mar 23, 2015
Antiques Knock-Off by Allan, Barbara.

Antiques Knock-Off

Brandy Borne is pretty sure her "charmingly eccentric" (a.k.a. "off her meds") mother, Vivian, didn't kill that viperous mousy-haired busybody Connie Grimes. But there's the small matter of her guilty plea. . ..While Mother blithely adapts to life behind bars by organizing a jailhouse theater troupe, seven-months-pregnant Brandy and her intrepid shih tzu, Sushi, trundle into a morass of fake antiques and faux collectibles. In the dog days of summer, they'd better not bark up the wrong tree--or a

Mar 23, 2015
Antiques Disposal by Allan, Barbara.

Antiques Disposal

Storage wars erupt when Brandy Borne and her suspiciously well-informed mother, Vivian, win an abandoned storage unit's "mystery" contents. The good news is a rare vintage cornet. The bad news is the recently stowed body of Big Jim Bob, Vivian's former tipster. Even worse, an intruder steals into the Borne home to mete out some ruff justice to Brandy's ferociously fluffy shih tzu, Sushi, while making off with the heirloom horn. When the sleuthing duo finds another stashed victim, the hunt is on

Mar 23, 2015
Angel's tip a novel by Burke, Alafair.

Angel's tip a novel

Fresh-faced Indiana college student Chelsea Hart is so excited to spend the final hours of her spring break in the VIP room of an elite New York City club that she remains behind when her girlfriends call it a night. The next morning, as her concerned friends anxiously pace their hotel lobby, joggers find Chelsea's body in East River Park, her wavy blond hair brutally hacked off.

Mar 23, 2015
Plain secrets an outsider among the Amish by Mackall, Joe, 1958-

Plain secrets an outsider among the Amish

Depicts life among the Swartzentruber Amish in Ashland County, Ohio.

Mar 23, 2015
Once upon a prince by Hauck, Rachel, 1960-

Once upon a prince

-- The last thing Prince Nathaniel expects to find on his American holiday to St. Simons Island is the queen of his heart. A prince has duties, and his family's tense political situation has chosen his bride for him. When Prince Nathaniel comes to Susanna's aid under the fabled Lover's Oak, he is blindsided by love. -- It's the ultimate choice: His kingdom or her heart? God's will or their own? -- Publishers Weekly

Mar 23, 2015
NYPD Red 3 by Patterson, James; Karp, Marshall.

NYPD Red 3

PROTECT THE RICH. SERVE THE FAMOUS. HUNT THE GUILTY. NYPD Red is the elite, highly trained task force assigned to protect the rich, the famous, and the connected. And Detective Zach Jordan and his partner Kylie MacDonald-the woman who broke his heart at the police academy-are the best of the best, brilliant and tireless investigators who will stop at nothing to deliver justice. Zach and Kylie's New Year's celebrations are cut short when they're called to the home of billionaire businessman Hu

Mar 23, 2015
No denying you by Landon, Sydney, author.

No denying you

Being the assistant to uptight workaholic Brant Stone is more than Emma can bear. But in her weaker moments, she can't help but admit that the sexy control freak can turn her on with an insult more than any man she's ever met.So when Emma gains an unexpected advantage, she blackmails Brant into accompanying her to her high school reunion. After all, the enemy she knows is preferable to a blind date arranged by her meddling mother.

Mar 23, 2015
Never tell a novel of suspense by Burke, Alafair.

Never tell a novel of suspense

While investigating the suicide of sixteen-year-old Julia Whitmire, whose famous parents believe that she was murdered, NYPD Detective Ellie Hatcher discovers that Julia was engaged in a dangerous game of cyberbullying against an unlikely victim.

Mar 23, 2015
A Touch of Stardust A Novel by Alcott, Kate.

A Touch of Stardust A Novel

-- Gone with the Wind      Carole Lombard, happily profane and uninhibited, makes no secret of her relationship with Gable, which poses something of a problem for the studio because Gable is technically still married—and the last thing the film needs is more negative publicity. Julie is there to fend off the overly curious reporters, hoping to prevent details about the affair from slipping out. But she can barely keep up with her blond employer, let alone control what comes out of Carole's mout

Mar 23, 2015
The Thickety- The Whispering Trees by White, J. A..

The Thickety- The Whispering Trees

For fans of Neil Gaiman, The Whispering Treeswithout a grimoire. The children are hesitant to trust her . . . but this could be their only chance to escape.Or the first step down a dark and wicked path.

Mar 23, 2015