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The forbidden library by Wexler, Django.

The forbidden library

When her father is lost at sea shortly after meeting a very unusual visitor, Alice must leave her home to live with an "uncle" whose rural Pennsylvania estate includes a massive and mysterious library that holds much more than books.

May 30, 2016
Bluebonnet bride by Hart, Jillian, author.

Bluebonnet bride

May 30, 2016
Bicycle times by

Bicycle times

May 30, 2016
Bad kitty school daze by Bruel, Nick.

Bad kitty school daze

Kitty gets shipped off to obedience school when her owners have finally had enough of her bad behavior.

May 30, 2016
Bad kitty meets the baby by Bruel, Nick.

Bad kitty meets the baby

Bad kitty is not pleased when a baby joins her family. Includes fun facts and tips for training a cat to perform tricks.

May 30, 2016
Bad kitty gets a bath by Bruel, Nick.

Bad kitty gets a bath

Takes a humorous look at the normal way cats bathe, why it is inappropriate for humans to bathe that way, and the challenges of trying to give a cat a real bath with soap and water. Includes fun facts, glossary, and other information.

May 30, 2016
Bad Kitty for president by Bruel, Nick.

Bad Kitty for president

Kitty decides to run for president of the Neighborhood Cat Association.

May 30, 2016
Bad Kitty drawn to trouble by Bruel, Nick, author, illustrator.

Bad Kitty drawn to trouble

Author/illustrator Nick Bruel tries to explain to the reader how to write a story, but Bad Kitty is not at all happy about the plot, which has her going on a turnip diet to lose weight. Includes a recipe for roasted turnips.

May 30, 2016
A Bad Kitty Christmas by Bruel, Nick, author, illustrator.

A Bad Kitty Christmas

After destroying all of the gifts and decorations at home, Bad Kitty escapes from the car on Christmas Eve and finds a new friend, who helps her learn the true meaning of Christmas.

May 30, 2016
Let the circle be unbroken by Taylor, Mildred D.

Let the circle be unbroken

Four black children growing up in rural Mississippi during the Depression experience racial antagonisms and hard times, but learn from their parents the pride and self-respect they need to survive.

May 30, 2016
Lord's fall by Harrison, Thea.

Lord's fall

In the latest Novel of the Elder Races, two mates find themselves on different paths, torn between their duty to the Wyr and the passion that binds them? Before she met Dragos, half-human/half-Wyr Pia Giovanni was alone and on the run. Now she?s mated, pregnant and heading south to repair the Wyrs? frayed relationship with the Elves. Being separated from Dragos is painful, but for the good of the Wyr demesne they need to figure out how to be partners?in more places than just the bedroom.? In New

May 30, 2016
Lord, teach me to study the Bible in 28 days by Arthur, Kay, 1933-

Lord, teach me to study the Bible in 28 days

In just 28 days readers learn how to study the Bible book by book and understand what they are reading; recognize key words and concepts in the Bible; discover the main point of any passage of Scripture; and discern God's purpose and apply life-changing truths to everyday life. --from publisher description.

May 30, 2016
A long way from Chicago - a novel in stories by Peck, Richard, 1934-

A long way from Chicago - a novel in stories

A boy recounts his annual summer trips to rural Illinois with his sister during the Great Depression to visit their larger-than-life grandmother.

May 30, 2016
If Jack's in love by Wetta, Stephen.

If Jack's in love

During the summer in the 1960s that he turns thirteen, a brilliant boy from a poor family develops an unlikely friendship with the Jewish jeweler in town; has his first romance; begins to think, as do most people in their Southern town, that his older brother murdered a popular boy from down the street; and distances himself from his father.

May 30, 2016
Everyone brave is forgiven by Cleave, Chris, author.

Everyone brave is forgiven

London, 1939. The day war is declared, Mary North goes to the War Office, signs up-- and is assigned to be a teacher to a class evacuated to the countryside. Tom Shaw ignores the war until his roommate Alistair Heath has enlisted. The three meet, and become tested in ways they could not have imagined, entangling their lives in violence and passion, shaping their hopes and dreams.

May 30, 2016
The distant hours a novel by Morton, Kate, 1976-

The distant hours a novel

Edie Burchill and her mother have never been close, but when a long lost letter arrives one Sunday afternoon with the return address of Millderhurst Castle on its envelope, Edie begins to suspect that her Mother's emotional distance masks an old secret. Edie's mother had been evacuated to the castle as a 13 year old.

May 30, 2016
Return to me by Moran, Kelly (Romance novelist), author.

Return to me

"With every beat of the heart comes a memory of what could have been... Ten years ago, Cole Covington was just another rich kid who got everything he wanted--including young and trusting Mia Galdon. Then one night everything changed, and two hearts were shattered. Cole buried his guilt in the military, where love was just part of the past. Now Cole has come back home, emotionally damaged, guarded, and unprepared for what's waiting for him... At the urging of Cole's sister, Mia has returned to th

May 30, 2016
Bad kitty by Bruel, Nick.

Bad kitty

When a kitty discovers there is no cat food in the house, she decides to become very, very bad. From the creator of the New York Times bestseller Boing! comes the riotous story of a cat gone berserk--four times over in alphabetical order. Kitty is not happy when she's told that her favorite foods are all gone and all that's left are asparagus, beets, cauliflower, dill, and 22 other equally unappealing vegetables. So she ate my homework, bit grandma, clawed the curtains, damaged the dishes, and s

May 30, 2016
Zero K - a novel by DeLillo, Don, author.

Zero K - a novel

May 30, 2016
Who was Maya Angelou? by Labrecque, Ellen, author.

Who was Maya Angelou?

Born in Missouri in 1928, Maya Angelou had a difficult childhood. Jim Crow laws segregated blacks and whites in the South. Her family life was unstable at times. But much like her poem, "Still I Rise," Angelou was able to lift herself out of her situation and flourish. She moved to California and became the first black--and first female--streetcar operator before following her interest in dance. She became a professional performer in her twenties and toured the U.S. and Europe as an opera star a

May 30, 2016