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11/22/63 A Novel by King, Stephen.

11/22/63 A Novel

ON NOVEMBER 22, 1963, THREE SHOTS RANG OUT IN DALLAS, PRESIDENT KENNEDY DIED, AND THE WORLD CHANGED. WHAT IF YOU COULD CHANGE IT BACK? In this brilliantly conceived tour de force, Stephen King—who has absorbed the social, political, and popular culture of his generation more imaginatively and thoroughly than any other writer—takes readers on an incredible journey into the past and the possibility of altering it. It begins with Jake Epping, a thirty-five-year-old English teacher in Lisbon Fal

Dec 15, 2014
1776 by McCullough, David.


America's beloved and distinguished historian presents, in a book of breathtaking excitement, drama, and narrative force, the stirring story of the year of our nation's birth, 1776, interweaving, on both sides of the Atlantic, the actions and decisions that led Great Britain to undertake a war against her rebellious colonial subjects and that placed America's survival in the hands of George Washington. In this masterful book, David McCullough tells the intensely human story of those who marched

Dec 15, 2014
A Farewell to Arms The Hemingway Library Edition by Hemingway, Ernest.

A Farewell to Arms The Hemingway Library Edition

Written when Ernest Hemingway was thirty years old and lauded as the best American novel to emerge from World War I, A Farewell to Arms Ernest Hemingway famously said that he rewrote the ending to A Farewell to Arms A Farewell to Arms is truly a celebration.

Dec 15, 2014
A Fistful of Collars A Chet and Bernie Mystery by Quinn, Spencer.

A Fistful of Collars A Chet and Bernie Mystery

Everyone's favorite detective team returns in a new adventure as canine narrator Chet and his human partner P.I. Bernie Little find that Hollywood has gone to the dogs. Hoping to bring some Tinseltown money to the Valley, the mayor lures a movie studio to town to shoot their next production, a big-budget Western in the classic tradition. The star is none other than ruggedly handsome—and notoriously badly behaved—Thad Perry. When the mayor decides that someone needs to keep an eye on Thad so that

Dec 15, 2014
A Most Wanted Man by le Carre, John.

A Most Wanted Man

-- A Most Wanted Man is a work of deep humanity and uncommon relevance to our times.

Dec 15, 2014
A Snicker of Magic by Lloyd, Natalie.

A Snicker of Magic

Introducing an extraordinary new voice---a magical debut that will make your skin tingle, your eyes glisten . . .and your heart sing. -- -- --

Dec 15, 2014
A Step of Faith A Novel by Evans, Richard Paul.

A Step of Faith A Novel

Following the New York Times After the death of his beloved wife, after the loss of his advertising business to his once-trusted partner, after bankruptcy forced him from his home, Alan Christoffersen is a broken man. Leaving everything he knows, he sets out on an extraordinary cross-country journey; with only the pack on his back, he is walking from Seattle to Key West—the end of the map. Along the way, Alan begins to heal, meeting people who teach him lessons about love, sacrifice, and forgi

Dec 15, 2014
A Story Lately Told Coming of Age in Ireland, London, and New York by Huston, Anjelica.

A Story Lately Told Coming of Age in Ireland, London, and New York

-- Hamlet Months later she moves to New York, falls in love with the much older, brilliant but disturbed photographer Bob Richardson, and becomes a model. Living in the Chelsea Hotel, working with Richard Avedon and other photographers, she navigates a volatile relationship and the dynamic cultural epicenter of New York in the seventies. A Story Lately Told ends as Huston launches her Hollywood life. The second part of her story—Watch Me—opens in Los Angeles in 1973 and will be published in F

Dec 15, 2014
A Thousand Pieces of You by Gray, Claudia.

A Thousand Pieces of You

Cloud AtlasA Thousand Pieces of You, the first book in the Firebird trilogy, explores an amazingly intricate multiverse where fate is unavoidable, the truth elusive, and love the greatest mystery of all.

Dec 15, 2014
A Volcano Beneath the Snow John Brown's War Against Slavery by Marrin, Albert.

A Volcano Beneath the Snow John Brown's War Against Slavery

John Brown is a man of many legacies, from hero, freedom fighter, and martyr, to liar, fanatic, and "the father of American terrorism." Some have said that it was his seizure of the arsenal at Harper's Ferry that rendered the Civil War inevitable. Deeply religious, Brown believed that God had chosen him to right the wrong of slavery. He was willing to kill and die for something modern Americans unanimously agree was a just cause. And yet he was a religious fanatic and a staunch believer in "rig

Dec 15, 2014
A Winter Dream A Novel by Evans, Richard Paul.

A Winter Dream A Novel

The #1 bestselling author of The Christmas Box Joseph Jacobson is the twelfth of thirteen siblings, all of whom are employed by their father's successful Colorado advertising company. But underneath the success runs a poisonous undercurrent of jealousy; Joseph is his father's favorite and the focus of his brothers' envy and hatred. When the father seems ready to anoint Joseph as his heir, the brothers make their move, forcing Joseph from the company and his Denver home, severing his ties to his

Dec 15, 2014
Absolutely Almost by Graff, Lisa.

Absolutely Almost

-- is A perfect companion to Lisa Graff's National Book Award-nominated -- Booklist * "Achingly superb, Albie's story shines."-- -- Wonder "Maybe the wonder of -- BCCB Reviews

Dec 15, 2014
Act of Treason by Flynn, Vince.

Act of Treason

CIA operative Mitch Rapp follows a trail of contract killers leading directly to the heart of our nation's capital in New York Times It's a gorgeous autumn day in Georgetown. The Democratic candidates for president and vice president of the United States are dutifully glad-handing voters and the media outside a grand estate where a national security conference has just been held, bringing together the world's greatest minds to discuss the issues that are threatening the country. It's American

Dec 15, 2014
Act of War A Thriller by Thor, Brad.

Act of War A Thriller

#1 New York Times After a CIA agent mysteriously dies overseas, his top asset surfaces with a startling and terrifying claim. There's just one problem—no one knows if she can be trusted. But when six exchange students go missing, two airplane passengers trade places, and one political-asylum seeker is arrested, a deadly chain of events is set in motion. With the United States facing an imminent and devastating attack, America's new president must turn to covert counterterrorism operative Sco

Dec 15, 2014
Agenda 21 by Beck, Glenn; Parke, Harriet.

Agenda 21

"I was just a baby when we were relocated and I don't remember much. Everybody has that black hole at the beginning of their life. That time you can't remember. Your first step. Your first taste of table food. My real memories begin in our assigned living area in Compound 14." Just a generation ago, this place was called America. Now, after the worldwide implementation of a UN-led program called Agenda 21, it's simply known as "the Republic." There is no president. No Congress. No Supreme Cour

Dec 15, 2014
American Assassin A Thriller by Flynn, Vince.

American Assassin A Thriller

#1 New York Times Two decades after the Cold War, Islamic terrorism is on the rise, and CIA Operations Director Thomas Stansfield forms a new group of clandestine operatives—men who do not exist—to meet this burgeoning threat abroad before it reaches America's shores. Stansfield's protégée, Irene Kennedy, finds the ideal candidate in the wake of the Pan Am Lockerbie terrorist attack. Among the thousands grieving the victims is Mitch Rapp, a gifted college athlete, who wants only one thing: retri

Dec 15, 2014
Amy and Isabelle A Novel by Strout, Elizabeth.

Amy and Isabelle A Novel

National Bestseller In her stunning first novel, -- Amy and Isabelle From the Trade Paperback edition.

Dec 15, 2014
Annie- The Junior Novel by Ryals, Lexi.

Annie- The Junior Novel

A Broadway classic is back on the big screen December 19, 2014! -- -- --

Dec 15, 2014
Arcady's Goal by Yelchin, Eugene.

Arcady's Goal

From Newbery Honor–winning author Eugene Yelchin comes another glimpse into Soviet Russia. For twelve-year-old Arcady, soccer is more than just a game. Sent to live in a children's home after his parents are declared enemies of the state, it is a means of survival, securing extra rations, respect, and protection. Ultimately, it proves to be his chance to leave. But in Soviet Russia, second chances are few and far between. Will Arcady seize his opportunity and achieve his goal? Or will he miss hi

Dec 15, 2014
Asylum by Roux, Madeleine.


Madeleine Roux's New York Times.For sixteen-year-old Dan Crawford, the New Hampshire College Prep program is the chance of a lifetime. Except that when Dan arrives, he finds that the usual summer housing has been closed, forcing students to stay in the crumbling Brookline Dorm—formerly a psychiatric hospital. As Dan and his new friends Abby and Jordan start exploring Brookline's twisty halls and hidden basement, they uncover disturbing secrets about what really went on here . . . secrets that li

Dec 15, 2014