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Pluto - a wonder story by Palacio, R. J., author.

Pluto - a wonder story

Christopher was Auggie's best friend from the time they were babies until his family moved away; he was there through all of Auggie's surgeries and heartbreaks, through bad times and good. Alternating between childhood flashbacks and the present day, an especially bad day for Christopher, Pluto is the story of two boys grown apart learning that good friendships are worth a little extra effort.

Jan 31, 2016
The Rogue Not Taken by MacLean, Sarah, author.

The Rogue Not Taken

Lady Sophie's Society Splash!Rogue's Reign of Ravishment!War? Or More?He thinks she's trying to trick him into marriage. She wouldn't have him if he were the last man on earth. But carriages bring close quarters, dark secrets, and unbearable temptation, making opposites altogether too attractive ...

Jan 31, 2016
Saga. Volume one by Vaughan, Brian K.

Saga. Volume one

Follows the story of a young family trying to survive an interstellar conflict.

Jan 31, 2016
Unintended consequences by Woods, Stuart.

Unintended consequences

Stone Barrington finds intrigue abroad in the sensational new thriller by the New York Times? Stone Barrington is no stranger to schemes and deceptions of all stripes?as an attorney for the premier white-shoe law firm Woodman & Weld, he?s seen more than his share.?But when he travels to Europe under highly unusual circumstances, Stone finds himself at the center of a mystery that is, even by his standards, most peculiar.?Two unexpected invitations may be the first clues in an intricate puzzle St

Jan 31, 2016
Savage nature by Feehan, Christine.

Savage nature

When Sarah Boudreaux finds a dead body in the Louisiana bayou near her home, her first instinct is to go to the police. But there's a problem--it looks like the victim may have been killed by a big cat, and her brothers are all shape-shifting leopards.

Jan 31, 2016
Scarlet nights an edilean novel by Deveraux, Jude.

Scarlet nights an edilean novel

What if you learned that your fiancE was not who he claimed to be' Engaged to the charming and seductive Greg Anders, Sara Shaw is happily anticipating her wedding in Edilean, Virginia. The date has been set, the flowers ordered, even her heirloom dress is ready. But just three weeks before the wedding, Greg gets a telephone call during the night and leaves without explanation. Two days later, a man climbs up through a trapdoor in the floor of Sara's apartment, claiming that he is the brother of

Jan 31, 2016
Secret keepers by Friddle, Mindy.

Secret keepers

At age 72, Emma Hanley plans to escape small-town Palmetto, South Carolina, and travel the globe. But when her fickle husband dies in undignified circumstances, Emma finds herself juggling the needs of her adult children.

Jan 31, 2016
Secret weapon by Watson, Jude, author.

Secret weapon

On the Planet Belassa, parts of a secret new weapon are being built by the Empire. Darth Vader and Grand Moff Tarkin are present to make sure the secret stays a secret - and they are joined by none other than the former Jedi apprentice and Rebel leader Ferus Olin. But is Ferus Olin really on their side? Or is he a double agent, trying to save his planet and steal the Empire's plans? Ferus must guard the secret of his own allegiance...or become yet another victim consumed by the dark side.

Jan 31, 2016
Severe clear by Woods, Stuart.

Severe clear

Stone Barrington is called to Bel-Air to oversee an exclusive event that will gather the top echelons of the beau monde: Hollywood starlets, socialites, politicos, billionaires from overseas. It's a task in which Stone has a personal stake, and one that is made all the more pleasurable though somewhat more complicated?with the arrivals of two beautiful women with whom he's intimately acquainted. But the grand occasion has also attracted a dangerous criminal group with sinister plans. The hunt to

Jan 31, 2016
A girl of the Limberlost by Stratton-Porter, Gene, 1863-1924.

A girl of the Limberlost

Jan 31, 2016
Prairie courtship by Clark, Dorothy.

Prairie courtship

"No one could love a female doctor--Emma Allen knows that well. But her spinsterhood bothers her less than the lack of opportunity to use her medical training. In Missouri, no one trusts a female doctor, either. Then the opportunity arises to join a wagon train headed to the Oregon Trail. A new frontier offers a new hope for the life she wants to lead. But first she must deal with the hazards of the journey--including infuriating wagon master Zachary Thatcher. Zach riles Emma's temper until she'

Jan 31, 2016
Leonardo's swans a novel by Essex, Karen.

Leonardo's swans a novel

Isabella d'Este, daughter of the Duke of Ferrara, born into privilege and the political and artistic turbulence of Renaissance Italy, is a stunning black-eyed blonde and a precocious lover and collector of art. Worldly and ambitious, she has never envied her less attractive sister, the spirited but naieve Beatrice, until, by a quirk of fate, Beatrice is betrothed to the future Duke of Milan. Although he is more than twice their age, openly lives with his mistress, and is reputedly trying to elim

Jan 31, 2016
Ladies' night by Andrews, Mary Kay, 1954- author.

Ladies' night

Cut off from her palatial home and checking account after an act of post-divorce rage forces her to move in with her widowed mother and attend court-mandated group therapy, rising media star Grace Stanton bonds with three fellow patients who she helps plot respective pursuits of justice and closure.

Jan 31, 2016
Julie of the wolves by George, Jean Craighead, 1919-2012.

Julie of the wolves

Jean Craighead George's Newbery Medal-winning classic about an Eskimo girl lost on the Alaskan tundra now features bonus content. This edition, perfect for classroom or home use, includes John Schoenherr's original scratchboard illustrations throughout, as well as extra materials such as an introduction written by Jean Craighead George's children, the author's Newbery acceptance speech, selections from her field notebooks, a discussion guide, and a further reading guide. Julie of the Wolves is a

Jan 31, 2016
Inés of my soul by Allende, Isabel.

Inés of my soul

A work of historical fiction chronicles the brave deeds and passionate loves of a spirited woman who journeyed to the New World and helped found a nation.

Jan 31, 2016
The house of the spirits by Allende, Isabel.

The house of the spirits

The Trueba family embodies strong feelings from the beginning of the 2 through the assassination of Allende in 1973.

Jan 31, 2016
The true story of Hansel and Gretel by Murphy, Louise, 1943-

The true story of Hansel and Gretel

A retelling of the classic fairy tale, set in Nazi-occupied Poland, follows two Jewish children, left by their father and stepmother to seek refuge in a dense forest, as they wander the woods until being taken in by Magda, an eccentric old woman.

Jan 31, 2016
Star wars death troopers by Schreiber, Joe, 1969-

Star wars death troopers

When the Imperial prison barge Purge breaks down in a distant, uninhabited part of space, its only hope appears to lie with a Star Destroyer found drifting, derelict, and seemingly abandoned. But soon after a boarding party returns from a scavenging expedition, a horrific disease breaks out and takes the lives of all but a half-dozen survivors whose only option forces them to return to the Star Destroyer--and the soulless, unstoppable dead waiting aboard its vast emptiness.

Jan 31, 2016
Shakespeare's counselor by Harris, Charlaine.

Shakespeare's counselor

In a weekly group therapy session, Lily Bard and the group members find "a woman dead, killed in bone-chilling fashion and deliberately left on display to send a twisted message. Who would commit such a horrendous crime, and who is the intended recipient of the message?"--Jacket.

Jan 31, 2016
Shingaling - a wonder story by Palacio, R. J., author.

Shingaling - a wonder story

Over 2 million people have read the New York Times bestseller Wonder and have fallen in love with Auggie Pullman, an ordinary boy with an extraordinary face. Readers have also been given a special look at another side of Auggie's story with The Julian Chapter and a peek at his life before Beecher Prep in Pluto. In Shingaling, the third Wonder Story, they'll read about life as a fifth grader at Beecher Prep through the eyes of Charlotte, the girl who had been chosen to be Auggie's "welcome" buddy

Jan 31, 2016