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Across God's frontiers [Catholic sisters in the American West, 1850-1920] by Butler, Anne M., 1938-

Across God's frontiers [Catholic sisters in the American West, 1850-1920]

Roman Catholic sisters first traveled to the American West as providers of social services, education, and medical assistance. In Across God's Frontiers, Anne M. Butler traces the ways in which sisters challenged and reconfigured contemporary ideas about women, work, religion, and the West; moreover, she demonstrates how religious life became a vehicle for increasing women's agency and power. Moving to the West introduced significant changes for these women, including public employment and uncon

Sep 26, 2014
Achieving work-life balance by Davidson, Jeffrey P.

Achieving work-life balance

Achieving work-life balance seems to be a goal that eludes most people today, though many crave it. In this ultra-hectic world, with so much competing for your time and attention, how do you create a sense of control at work, home, and every place in between? In this illuminating session, professional speaker and author Jeff Davidson, who has written such books at Simpler Living, Breathing Space, and the 60 Second Self-Starter, lays out a plan for achieving work-life balance based on lessons in

Sep 26, 2014
The ace by Hunter, Jack D.

The ace

Four Americans-a twenty-year-old social outcast, a breezily iconoclastic Army officer, a ruthless U.S. senator, and a guilt-ridden heiress-are inexorably drawn together in their struggles to deal with America's chaotic involvement in World War I. Their interwoven destinies lead from poverty-stricken slums through the opulence of 1917-1918 Washington, London, and Paris and, climactically, into the Western Front's vicious aerial combat, which establishes the matrix for all air warfare to come.

Sep 26, 2014
Accordance a Significance series novel by Crane, Shelly, author.

Accordance a Significance series novel

New York Times bestselling author Shelly Crane continues Maggie and Caleb's epic love story in the second installment of the Significance series.

Sep 26, 2014
The accidental universe the world you thought you knew by Lightman, Alan P., 1948-

The accidental universe the world you thought you knew

From the acclaimed author of Einstein's Dreams and Mr. g comes a meditation on the unexpected ways in which recent scientific findings have shaped our understanding of ourselves and our place in the cosmos. With all the passion, curiosity, and precise yet lyrical prose that have marked his previous books, Alan Lightman here explores the emotional and philosophical questions raised by discoveries in science, focusing most intently on the human condition and the needs of humankind. He looks at the

Sep 26, 2014
Adam's apple by Morris, Liv, author.

Adam's apple

Adam Kingsley reigns as the young prince of Manhattan. Everything he touches turns to gold, making him the envy of Wall Street. Women swoon at his feet, money is no object, and his killer good looks are as wicked as sin. A dangerous trifecta that allows him to possess anything or anyone he desires.

Sep 26, 2014
Adam resurrected by Kaniuk, Yoram.

Adam resurrected

A former circus clown who was spared the gas chamber so that he might entertain thousands of other Jews as they marched to their deaths, Adam is now the ringleader at an asylum for Holocaust survivors, struggling to make sense of a world in which the line between sanity and madness has been blurred.

Sep 26, 2014
Adam in Eden by Fuentes, Carlos.

Adam in Eden

Adam Gorozpe, a respected businessman in Mexico, has a life so perfect that he might as well be his namesake in the Garden of Eden - but there are snakes in this Eden too. For one thing, Adam's wife Priscila has fallen in love with the brash director of national security - also named Adam. Another unlikely snake is the little Boy-God who's started preaching in the street wearing a white tunic and stick-on wings, inspiring Adam's brother-in-law to give up his job to follow this junior deity and i

Sep 26, 2014
Adam Bede by Eliot, George, 1819-1880.

Adam Bede

George Eliot's first full-length novel is the moving, realistic portrait of three people troubled by unwise love. Adam Bede is a hardy young carpenter who cares for his aging mother. His one weakness is the woman he loves blindly: the trifling town beauty, Hetty Sorrel, who delights only in her baubles-and the delusion that the careless Captain Donnithorne may ask for her hand. Betrayed by their innocence, both Adam and Hetty allow their foolish hearts to trap them in a triangle of seduction, mu

Sep 26, 2014
Adam Bede by Eliot, George, 1819-1880.

Adam Bede

Adam and Seth Bede work as carpenters in Hayslope. Seth proposes to Dinah Morris, a gifted Methodist preacher. However, she prefers to devote herself to God's work. Meanwhile, Adam Bede woos Dinah's cousin Hetty Sorrel. But she is distracted by the attentions of Captain Arthur Donnithorne. When Adam finds out about Arthur's intentions toward Hetty, he fights Arthur and forces him to leave town.Soon after, Adam proposes to Hetty, who accepts, only to discover she is pregnant with Arthur's child.

Sep 26, 2014
Adam by Frank, Jacquelyn.


For 400 years he was lost to her, but he is hers tonight...From their first tantalizing touch, Jasmine knows he is different. What other lover could unlock her tight control, flood Vampire senses jaded by a lifetime of decadent self-indulgence? Centuries ago, when he disappeared without a trace, she had given up hope of ever fulfilling the promise of incomparable passion. But here he is, against the very laws of nature, ready to bring down their most vicious enemy, ready to bring her blood to th

Sep 26, 2014
The actual & truthful adventures of becky thatcher by Lawson, Jessica.

The actual & truthful adventures of becky thatcher

Tom Sawyer's and Huckleberry Finn's adventures are legendary, but what about the story you haven't heard? In 1860, eleven-year-old Becky Thatcher is the new girl in town, determined to have adventures like she promised her brother Jon before he died. Before long, she joins the boys at school in a bet to steal from the Widow Douglas, and Becky convinces her new best friend, Amy Lawrence, to join her. But the theft doesn't go as planned.

Sep 26, 2014
The actress a novel by Sohn, Amy, 1973- author.

The actress a novel

When the indie film Maddy Freed made wins her a special acting prize, she's thrilled. She catches the eye of a legendary talent manager whose biggest client is Hollywood heartthrob Steven Weller. She secures Maddy an Oscar-worthy role opposite Steven, and the two actors are thrown together. Though for years there have been rumors that Steven is gay, their relationship turns personal. After the whirlwind wedding, rumors continue to swirl, and cracks start to appear in their fairytale lives.

Sep 26, 2014
The actor retires by Norris, Bruce.

The actor retires

Steppenwolf Theatre Company playwright and actor Bruce Norris presents a hilarious comedy in which an actor decides to end his career, burn his headshots and resumes, and become a serious furniture maker. An L.A. Theatre Works full-cast performance featuring Bruce Norris, D.W. Moffett, Lucy Childs, Christopher Donahue, Kevin Hurley, Amy Morton, Susan Nussbaum and William Peterson.

Sep 26, 2014
Active service by Crane, Stephen, 1871-1900.

Active service

How far would a father go to keep his daughter from marrying the wrong man? Rufus Coleman, the respected editor of the New York Eclipse, plans to marry Marjory Wainwright. Yet to her father, Professor Wainwright, Rufus is still the wastrel that he thought him to be as a student in college. To thwart the marriage, the professor drags Marjory off with him and a group of students on a summer tour of Greece. Suddenly war erupts between Turkey and Greece! Will Rufus arrive in time to save the group?

Sep 26, 2014
Action! by Cort, Robert W.


Author Robert Cort, the producer of fifty-two films that have grossed more than $2 billion at the box office, has written a novel that is not only a page-turning family drama but also an inside account of Hollywood and how movies are really made.

Sep 26, 2014
Advanced strategic planning by Bogle, Ed.

Advanced strategic planning

Join CEO Space speaker Ed Bogle as he lays out the fundamental principles that will propel your business to new heights. Learn powerful strategies in this recorded live audio presentation. Improve your knowledge and your power in areas like target segmenting, stressing value over price, value perception. Ed uses a sophisticated study that was conducted over 6 years using 525 companies to show you how planning will get you where you want to go!

Sep 26, 2014
The adults by Espach, Alison, 1984-

The adults

In her ruefully funny and wickedly perceptive debut novel, Alison Espach deftly dissects matters of the heart and captures the lives of children and adults as they come to terms with life, death, and love. At the center of this affluent suburban universe is Emily Vidal, a smart and snarky teenager, who gets involved in a suspect relationship with one of the adults after witnessing a suicide in her neighborhood.

Sep 26, 2014
Adolf Hitler the definitive biography by Toland, John, author.

Adolf Hitler the definitive biography

Based on previously unpublished documents, diaries, notes, photographs, and dramatic interviews with Hitler's colleagues and associates, this is the definitive biography of one of the most despised yet fascinating figures of the twentieth century.

Sep 26, 2014
Admiral by Boyle, T. Coraghessan.


This short story from the collection Wild Child was originally published in Harper's and selected for The Best American Short Stories, 2008 by Salman Rushdie.||In high school Nisha worked as a dog-sitter for the Strikers, eccentric millionaires, taking care of their prized Afghan, Admiral. When she returns after college to tend to her ill mother, the Strikers call on her once again. But this time they want her to take care of Admiral II, the clone of their deceased dog. The original Admiral's ex

Sep 26, 2014