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Avengers - Ultron unbound by Thomas, Roy, author.

Avengers - Ultron unbound

"More powerful than ever before, the mechanical menace has declared himself...the ultimate Ultron! And he's upgraded from targeting merely mankind to eliminating all life on Earth. But Ultron doesn't intend to inherit the world alone. Which of the women of the West Coast Avengers will he take as the basis for his metallic mate, known as War Toy? As the Whackos regroup in the wake of a blistering assault, Ultron finds that the path to true love doesn't run smoothly -- even for ruthless robots.

May 28, 2015
Avengers, X-Men. Axis by Remender, Rick, author.

Avengers, X-Men. Axis

The Red Skull has exploited the gifts of the world's greatest telepath to broadcast pure hatred across the globe. Now, born of the murder of Charles Xavier, World War Hate has begun. Tony Stark discovers a secret truth that will upend not only his life, but also the lives of everyone he cares for. Can The Avengers and X-Men finally unite? Would their combined strength be enough to hold back the darkness of the Red Onslaught? Magneto murdered the wrong man, releasing the greatest evil the Marvel

May 28, 2015
Batman. Volume 6, Graveyard shift by

Batman. Volume 6, Graveyard shift

"In the wake of the death of his son Damian, Batman is in danger of losing his humanity. However, the foes of this grief-ridden Dark Knight mean to strike him when he's at his weakest. Has Batman's worst foe become... Bruce Wayne? Plus, three pivotal chapters from the epic ZERO YEAR storyline! From the critically acclaimed, New York Times #1 best-selling creative team of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo comes the next genre-defining graphic novel in their monumental run. Collects BATMAN #0, #18-20,

May 28, 2015
Gangsta. Volume 1 by Kohske, author, artist.

Gangsta. Volume 1

In the city of Ergastulum, a shady ville filled with made men and petty thieves, whores on the make and cops on the take, there are some deeds too dirty for even its jaded inhabitants to touch. Enter the "Handymen", Nic and Worick, who take care of the jobs no one else will handle. Until the day when a cop they know on the force requests their help in taking down a new gang muscling in on the territory of a top Mafia family. It seems like business (and mayhem) as usual, but the Handymen are abou

May 28, 2015
Big hero 6. Vol. 1 by Ueno, Haruki, author, illustrator.

Big hero 6. Vol. 1

"Hiro's a genius, but what he really wants is to be like his inventor big brother, Tadashi. But one day, Tadashi vanishes while saving Hiro's life. The only thing left behind to console the grief-stricken Hiro is Tadashi's last invention, the health-care companion robot Baymax. But the friendship that grows between the gentle bot and the lonely boy is only the beginning of their adventure" --

May 28, 2015
Age of Ultron companion. by

Age of Ultron companion.

As Ultron's onslaught continues across the planet, superheroes race to stop his plans, from Captain Marvel teaming with Captain Britain in a fight to save London, to the Fantastic Four battling an android army in space.

May 28, 2015
Age of Ultron by Bendis, Brian Michael, author.

Age of Ultron

The artificial intelligence known as Ultron has finally taken over planet Earth and defeated the superheroes, the few who remain are battered, broken, and desperate when Wolverine makes his own plan to defeat Ultron.

May 28, 2015
The age of selfishness - Ayn Rand, morality, and the financial crisis by Cunningham, Darryl, author.

The age of selfishness - Ayn Rand, morality, and the financial crisis

Using Rand's biography to illuminate the policies that led to the economic crash in the U.S. and in Europe and the global financial crisis of 2008, Cunningham shows how her philosophy continues to affect today's politics and policies, starting with her most noted disciple, economist Alan Greenspan (former chairman of the Federal Reserve). Cunningham also shows how right-wing conservatives, libertarians, and the Tea Party movement have co-opted Rand's teachings (and inherent contradictions) to pr

May 28, 2015
Adrian and the tree of secrets by Hubert, 1971- author.

Adrian and the tree of secrets

Adrian isn't very happy. He lives in a small town, goes to a Catholic high school, wears glasses, and wishes he were more muscular. He's dogged by a strict mother and bullied by the kids at school. But he's also friends with a cool kid who takes him on scooter rides and whisks him up to a secret treehouse where they steal kisses. Adrian finds himself falling in love until his friend's girlfriend rats them out and sends both boys into a tailspin of embarrassment and concern.

May 28, 2015
Darth Vader and friends by Brown, Jeffrey, 1975-

Darth Vader  and friends

Eisner Award winning author Jeffrey Brown offers an intimate look at the friendships between best pals in the Star Wars universe, from Darth Vader and the Emperor to Leia and her Ewok pals, Han and Chewie, C-3PO and R2-D2, the bounty hunters, and other favorite characters. Jealousy, birthday parties, lightsaber battles, sharing, intergalactic rebellion and more all come into play as Brown's charming illustrations and humor irresistibly combine the adventures of our friends in a galaxy far, far a

May 28, 2015
Devils and realist. Vol. 1 by Takadono, Madoka, 1976- author.

Devils and realist. Vol. 1

"After the failure of his uncle's business, the brilliant realist William Twining finds himself penniless. To make matters worse, demons appear before him, insisting he has the power to appoint the next King of Hell! The demons offer to pay his school tuition in exchange for his help. While his principles as a staunch realist prevent him from believing in them how can William resist such a generous offer?"--back of cover.

May 28, 2015
Devils and realist. Vol. 5 by Takadono, Madoka, 1976- author.

Devils and realist. Vol. 5

May 28, 2015
Dragon's breath and other true stories - comics by MariNaomi.

Dragon's breath and other true stories - comics

"Dragon's Breath and Other True Stories collects nearly 400 pages of comics by MariNaomi, many of which first appeared on as the series Smoke In Your Eyes."

May 28, 2015
FBP - Federal Bureau of Physics. Vol. 3, Audeamus by Oliver, Simon.

FBP - Federal Bureau of Physics. Vol. 3, Audeamus

"“Protecting mankind from the impossible.” In theory, that’s the reason people become agents of the Federal Bureau of Physics. But if the breakdown of the laws that govern the universe has shown the world anything, it’s that theory and reality are two very different things. For Cicero Deluca, the FBP was a way to escape a life of bullying for a virtual kingdom of the nerds. For Adam Hardy, the FBP was a chance to find the secrets of his father, a groundbreaking physicist who lost his career for

May 28, 2015
Dance in the vampire bund II - Scarlet order. Volume 2. by Tamaki, Nozomu.

Dance in the vampire bund II - Scarlet order. Volume 2.

"After millennia in hiding, Mina Tepes, the Princess of the ancient covenant and ruler of all vampires wants change. Using the vast wealth of the Tepes line, she has paid off the entire gross national debt of Japan and in so doing, gained the authority to create a special district off the coast of Japan that is to become the haven to vampires the world over!"--

May 28, 2015
Blood lad. 2 by Kodama, Yūki.

Blood lad. 2

"Imprisoned in Liz's Toy Box, Staz is surprised by a visit from his older brother, the very man he came to Demon World Acropolis to see. But Blaz hasn't come to help Staz unlock the secrets of The Book of Human Resurrection. Instead, he's come to release Staz's true vampire powers, the same magic Blaz sealed away years ago by putting a bullet through his little brother's heart. Staz's strength is needed to conquer a terrible threat that has appeared in the Demon World, and once again Staz finds

May 28, 2015
Aama. 1, The smell of warm dust by Peeters, Frederik.

Aama. 1, The smell of warm dust

In the distant future, Verloc Nim wakes up in the middle of nowhere suffering from complete amnesia. He remembers nothing of his former life. But when he is handed his diary by a robot-ape called Churchill, he is able to revisit his past. His life, he discovers, has been a miserable one. He lost his business, his family, and his friends because he refused the technological advancements of society. The eye implants, the pharyngeal filters, the genetic modifications--he went without all these. He

May 28, 2015
Aama. 3, The desert of mirrors by Peeters, Frederik, author.

Aama. 3, The desert of mirrors

May 28, 2015
Aama. 2, The invisible throng by Peeters, Frederik, author.

Aama. 2, The invisible throng

"In this second volume of Peeters' award-winning series, we follow Conrad's expedition across a hostile world, chasing a rogue professor and her precious cargo. It is a journey filled with startling encounters, breathless action and poignant memories of home. As the implications of Aama's extraordinary power become clear, will anything ever be the same again?"--Provided by publisher.

May 28, 2015
Alias by Bendis, Brian Michael.


"Meet Jessica Jones. Once upon a time she was a costumed super hero; now, she's the owner and sole employee of Alias Investigations--a small, private investigative firm specializing in superhuman cases. Jessica's life become expendable when she uncovers the potentially explosive secret of one hero's true identity. But her wit, charm and intelligence just may help her survive through another day. Thrust into the midst of a conspiracy that reaches the highest levels, has Jessica burned too many br

May 28, 2015