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I sense a coldness to your mentoring by Adams, Scott, 1957- author, artist.

I sense a coldness to your mentoring

Features the clueless antics of The Boss, including a total lack of mentoring skills, ridiculous budget requests, and pointless meetings.

Sep 19, 2014
Ranma 1/2. Vol. 4, parts 7 & 8 by Takahashi, Rumiko, 1957- author, artist.

Ranma 1/2. Vol. 4, parts 7 & 8

Sep 19, 2014
Phantom Thief Jeanne. 4 by Tanemura, Arina, author, artist.

Phantom Thief Jeanne. 4

"Maron has been betrayed by someone she loves and can no longer transform into Phantom Thief Jeanne. Rejecting the offer to join forces with the Demon Lord, Maron is sent back to the fifteenth century to save the source of her power--Jeanne d'Arc!"--Publisher.

Sep 19, 2014
Nisekoi- False love. Vol. 5, Typhoon by Komi, Naoshi, 1986-

Nisekoi- False love. Vol. 5, Typhoon

Sep 19, 2014
Naruto 3-in-1. Volumes 25-26-27 by Kishimoto, Masashi, 1974- author., artist.

Naruto 3-in-1. Volumes 25-26-27

Sep 19, 2014
Library wars. Love & war. 12 by Yumi, Kiiro, author, illustrator.

Library wars. Love & war. 12

Sep 19, 2014
Kill my mother - a graphic novel by Feiffer, Jules.

Kill my mother - a graphic novel

When three daunting dolls intersect with one hapless heroine and a hard-boiled private eye, deception, betrayal, and murder stalk every mean street.

Sep 19, 2014
Hip hop family tree. 2, 1981-1983 by Piskor, Ed, author.

Hip hop family tree. 2, 1981-1983

"Book 2 covers the early years of 1981-1983, when Hip Hop has made a big transition from the parks and rec rooms to downtown clubs and vinyl records. The performers make moves to separate themselves from the paying customers by dressing more and more flamboyantly until a young group called RUN-DMC comes on the scene to take things back to the streets. This volume covers hits like Afrika Bambaataa's "Planet Rock," Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five's "The Message," and the movie Wild Style, a

Sep 19, 2014
I remember Beirut by Abirached, Zeina, 1981- author, artist.

I remember Beirut

The author recounts her childhood experiences in Beirut during the civil war between Christians and Muslims in the 1980s, as her family tried to carry on a normal life despite violence, a partition of the city, and a lack of food.

Sep 19, 2014
The Joker - a Celebration of 75 Years. by Kane, Bob (CRT)

The Joker - a Celebration of 75 Years.

"Celebrating Batman and Joker's seventy-five years as cultural icons, this hardcover Joker Anthology collects stories from the characters seven decades as the greatest villain in comics"--

Sep 19, 2014
Barnaby. Volume 2- 1944-1945 by Johnson, Crockett, 1906-1975, author, artist.

Barnaby. Volume 2- 1944-1945

The comic revolves around a precocious five-year-old named Barnaby Baxter and his fairy godfather Jackeen J. O'Malley. Yet O'Malley, a cigar-chomping, bumbling con-artist and fast-talker, is not your typical protector. His grasp of magic is usually specious at best, limited to occasional flashes, often aided and abetted by his fellow members in The Elves, Leprechauns, Gnomes, and Little Men's Chowder & Marching Society.

Sep 19, 2014
Letter 44. Volume 1, Escape Velocity by Soule, Charles, author.

Letter 44. Volume 1, Escape Velocity

On his first day in office, newly-elected President Stephen Blades was expecting to dive into the various critical issues facing the nation: war, looming economic collapse, and a failing health care system - a typical Presidency, in other words. But by the end of that first day, Blades has learned a single truth that redefines "critical": seven years prior, NASA discovered a potentially aggressive alien presence in the asteroid belt, and his predecessor Commander-in-Chief decided to keep it a se

Sep 19, 2014
Justice League. Volume 1, Generation lost by Giffen, Keith.

Justice League. Volume 1, Generation lost

When an old member of the disbanded Justice League International targets his fellow members, Booster Gold, Captain Atom, Fire and Ice come together to stop him from destroying all of the world's superheroes.

Sep 19, 2014
Hatter M. Volume 4, Zen of wonder by Beddor, Frank, author.

Hatter M. Volume 4, Zen of wonder

Personal bodyguard Hatter Madigan relates the story of Alyss Heart's 13-year exile as he searches for this lost Princess of Wonderland after having lost track of her during a bloody coup during these "geo-graphic" novels that detail familiar places and characters from Earth history and those made famous in the Lewis Carroll tales of Alice [Pleasance Lindell]'s time in Wonderland.

Sep 19, 2014
Superman family. Volume 1 by

Superman family. Volume 1

For reporters Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane no assignment is too perilous, no locale too remote, and no dilemma too dangerous when Superman is only an ultrasonic distress call away.

Sep 19, 2014
The bunker. Volume 1 by Fialkov, Joshua Hale, 1979- author.

The bunker. Volume 1

On their way to bury a time capsule, five friends - Grady, Heidi, Natasha, Daniel, and Billy - uncover a metal bunker buried deep in the woods. Inside, they find letters addressed to each of them...from their future selves. Told they will destroy the world in the very near future, the friends find themselves, over the next few days, growing further and further apart. Though they've been warned against making the wrong choices, how do they know what the rights ones are? Can the future really be c

Sep 19, 2014
Deadpool & Cable - ultimate collection. Book 1 by Nicieza, Fabian.

Deadpool & Cable - ultimate collection. Book 1

"Marvels mightiest mutant mercs are back and this time they're stuck with each other! Can two grown men armed to the teeth with deadly genetic weaponry live together without driving each other crazy?! Action, adventure, face-changing viruses, gratuitous France-bashing and lots of gunfire mark the unexpected, unconventional and inexplicable pairing of tow of Marvel's fan-favorite anti-heroes!"--P. [4] of cover.

Sep 19, 2014
Chibi vampire. Vol. 1 by Kagesaki, Yuna.

Chibi vampire. Vol. 1

Karin, an unusual child vampire who has blood to spare, aspires to donate blood to humans rather than steal it, but unfortunately things never seem to work out as she plans.

Sep 19, 2014
Say I love you. 3 by Hazuki, Kanae, 1980- author, artist.

Say I love you. 3

"It's hard for the once-loner Mei to believe that she's been going out with Yamato for six whole months! He's taught her a lot about how sweet love can be, but now she's about to learn a new lesson: Love can be war! When a serious rival arises for Yamato's affections (and a roundhouse kick isn't an option), how will Mei handle it? Let the battle begin!" --

Sep 19, 2014
Invincible - ultimate collection. Volume 9 by Kirkman, Robert, author.

Invincible - ultimate collection. Volume 9

Sep 19, 2014