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Bleach. 64, Death in vision by Kubo, Tite, author, artist.

Bleach. 64, Death in vision

"As the battle between the Soul Reapers and Quincies continues to heat up, both sides start experiencing casualties. Yachiru now joins the battlefield and prepares to show her true powers for the first time. However, standing in her way is an opponent whose abilities may defy imagination" --

Sep 2, 2015
Bodyworld by Shaw, Dash


Sep 1, 2015
BodyWorld by Shaw, Dash.


"It's 2060, and a devastating civil war has left the country in shambles. Professor Paulie Panther-- botanist, writer, and hopeless romantic-- arrives in the experimental forest town of Boney Borough to research a strange plant growing behind the high school. As he conducts his research, he befriends some of the local residents: Miss Jem, the alluring science teacher; Billy Borg, Boney Borough's star athlete; and Pearl Peach, the rebellious schoolgirl. Paulie soon discovers that the plant, when

Sep 2, 2015
Captain Marvel [2014]. Vol. 2, Stay fly by DeConnick, Kelly Sue, author.

Captain Marvel [2014]. Vol. 2, Stay fly

"As Carol Danvers comes to a crossroads with a new life and new romance, she makes a dramatic decision that will alter the course of her life--and the entire Marvel Universe. But as Carol takes on a mission to return an alien girl to her homeworld, she lands in the middle of an uprising against the Galactic Alliance and the 4Spartax! While investigating the forced resettlement of Rocket Girl's people, Carol discovers she has a history with the man behind the plot. But when the bad guy tries to b

Sep 2, 2015
Chew. Vol. 10, Blood puddin' by Layman, John, 1967-

Chew. Vol. 10, Blood puddin'

Sep 2, 2015
Child soldier - when boys and girls are used in war by Humphreys, Jessica Dee, author.

Child soldier - when boys and girls are used in war

Sep 2, 2015
Citrus - secret love affair with sister. Volume 3 by Saburouta (Manga author), author.

Citrus - secret love affair with sister. Volume 3

Sep 2, 2015
Clive Barker's tapping the vein by Barker, Clive

Clive Barker's tapping the vein

Sep 2, 2015
Concrete Park. Volume 2, R-E-S-P-E-C-T by Puryear, Tony.

Concrete Park. Volume 2, R-E-S-P-E-C-T

"Isaac-- a young outcast from Earth-- awakens on a distant desert planet gripped by conflict. Rescued by Luca, a beautiful gang leader, Isaac must choose sides and fight! Will the young exiles of Scare City find a path to redemption or be destroyed by their own violence" -- page 4 of cover.

Sep 2, 2015
Copperhead 2 by Faerber, Jay/ Godlewski, Scott (CON)/ Riley, Ron (CON)

Copperhead 2

Aug 29, 2015
DC - the new frontier, the deluxe edition by Cooke, Darwyn.

DC - the new frontier, the deluxe edition

"Writer/illustrator Darwyn Cooke's critically acclaimed masterpiece DC: THE NEW FRONTIER is celebrated in this new edition featuring story pages, detailed annotations, alternate sequences and an extensive gallery of sketches, pinups, action figure art and much more! In the 1950s, Cold War paranoia has resulted in the mystery men of the Golden Age being outlaws. Stalwarts such as Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman continued to fight for truth and justice, but as the world hurtles toward an uncerta

Sep 2, 2015
Deadly Class 3 - The Snake Pit by Remender, Rick/ Craig, Wes (ILT)/ Loughridge, Lee (CON)

Deadly Class 3 - The Snake Pit

Aug 29, 2015
Deadman Wonderland. 10 by Kataoka, Jinsei, author, illustrator.

Deadman Wonderland. 10

"After hunting down Tamaki, the Wretched Egg appears in front of Ganta, and he finally learns that it is Shiro behind the mask. Standing before the court, his heart torn between wanting revenge for his slaughtered classmates and not wanting to hurt the person he still cares for, Ganta's sentence is reversed. Still on the brink of despair, Ganta decides to put an end to everything, and then..."

Sep 2, 2015
Deadpool by


"Wade Wilson is a self-loathing killer for hire-- but he dreams of being so much more. Stricken with cancer years ago, Wade volunteered for an experimental Weapon X procedure, receiving a variation of Wolverine's mutant healing factor. Although it stopped the cancer in its tracks, it also scarred his body and fractured his mind. Now, Wade spends his days as the embittereed mercenary called Deadpool-- cracking wise, taking any dirty job that comes along and trying not to think about the nightmare

Sep 2, 2015
Deadpool. 7, Axis by Duggan, Gerry, author.

Deadpool. 7, Axis

In the lead-up to Axis, our wall-crawling hero is stalked by a classic Spider-Slayer! Wait. This isn't a Spider-Man book. So what is a Spider-Slayer doing here? Deadpool had better find out before it mistakes one red-clad, wisecracking hero for another, and mashes DP into spider-paste! Then, when the events of Axis invert him, Deadpool puts down the guns! And the knives. And the grenades. And get the point. Deadpool's gone Zen! So how is he going to help is FauX-Men friends live throug

Sep 2, 2015
Deadpool. 8, All good things by Duggan, Gerry.

Deadpool. 8, All good things

Deadpool has been through a lot recently, and he needs to relax. Sounds like it's time for a good, old fashioned, simple merc job. Yes sir, Deadpool in the Middle East...should be nice and uncomplicated, right? Right? No, wrong! And when Deadpool clashes with Russian super-agent Omega Red, this time it's personal! Well, for one of them. Sort of. We'll explain. But how does Deadpool's latest misadventure, and one final fan-favorite flashback tale, lead to the most shocking event of all?

Sep 2, 2015
Democracy by Kawa, Abraham, author.


Examines the origins of democracy in the fictionalized graphic novel tale of Leander, an Athenian who is set to battle the Persians, recounting his life and the results of tyrannical rule.

Sep 2, 2015
Descender 1 - Tin Stars by Lemire, Jeff/ Nguyen, Dustin (CON)

Descender 1 - Tin Stars

Sep 2, 2015
Devils and realist. Vol. 6 by Takadono, Madoka, 1976- author.

Devils and realist. Vol. 6

Sep 2, 2015
Divinity by Kindt, Matt/ Hairsine, Trevor/ Winn, Ryan/ Baron, David


Aug 31, 2015