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Citrus - secret love affair with sister. Volume 3 by Saburouta (Manga author), author.

Citrus - secret love affair with sister. Volume 3

Sep 4, 2015
Child soldier - when boys and girls are used in war by Humphreys, Jessica Dee, author.

Child soldier - when boys and girls are used in war

Sep 4, 2015
Chew. Vol. 10, Blood puddin' by Layman, John, 1967-

Chew. Vol. 10, Blood puddin'

Sep 4, 2015
Captain Marvel [2014]. Vol. 2, Stay fly by DeConnick, Kelly Sue, author.

Captain Marvel [2014]. Vol. 2, Stay fly

"As Carol Danvers comes to a crossroads with a new life and new romance, she makes a dramatic decision that will alter the course of her life--and the entire Marvel Universe. But as Carol takes on a mission to return an alien girl to her homeworld, she lands in the middle of an uprising against the Galactic Alliance and the 4Spartax! While investigating the forced resettlement of Rocket Girl's people, Carol discovers she has a history with the man behind the plot. But when the bad guy tries to b

Sep 4, 2015
BodyWorld by Shaw, Dash.


"It's 2060, and a devastating civil war has left the country in shambles. Professor Paulie Panther-- botanist, writer, and hopeless romantic-- arrives in the experimental forest town of Boney Borough to research a strange plant growing behind the high school. As he conducts his research, he befriends some of the local residents: Miss Jem, the alluring science teacher; Billy Borg, Boney Borough's star athlete; and Pearl Peach, the rebellious schoolgirl. Paulie soon discovers that the plant, when

Sep 4, 2015
Bodyworld by Shaw, Dash


Sep 1, 2015
Bleach. 64, Death in vision by Kubo, Tite, author, artist.

Bleach. 64, Death in vision

"As the battle between the Soul Reapers and Quincies continues to heat up, both sides start experiencing casualties. Yachiru now joins the battlefield and prepares to show her true powers for the first time. However, standing in her way is an opponent whose abilities may defy imagination" --

Sep 4, 2015
Black Science. Volume 3, Vanishing pattern by Remender, Rick, author.

Black Science. Volume 3, Vanishing pattern

Sep 4, 2015
Black River by Simmons, Josh

Black River

Sep 4, 2015
Black butler. 20 by Toboso, Yana, 1984- author, artist.

Black butler. 20

"In the hinterlands of Germany, the servants of the Phantomhive house are at a loss when their master, Earl Ciel Phantomhive, is both physically and mentally debilitated by the curse of the Wolfman that roams the Werewolves' Forest. In the face of his master's pitiful new demeanour, consummate butler Sebastian, disillusioned, viciously takes Ciel to task, citing a breach of contract. As the Phantomhive household's crisis unfolds, the sulphurous miasma of the Werewolves' Forest encroaches ever mo

Sep 3, 2015
Big Hero 6 2 by Ueno, Haruki (CON)

Big Hero 6 2

Sep 4, 2015
Berserk. Vol. 23 by Miura, Kantaro

Berserk. Vol. 23

Sep 1, 2015
Berserk. 9 by Miura, Kentarō, author.

Berserk. 9

Guts, has left the Band, defeating Griffith in personal combat as his ticket out. With his judgment clouded by this unthinkable humiliation, Griffith eases his pain in the arms of the daughter of Midland's king. But the King doesn't take kindly to an employee picking the royal flowers, and the next stop for Griffith is the dungeon and the torture rack! Without Griffith and Guts, the Hawks become easy prey for Midland's army, and the AWOL Guts may be the only answer to the Hawks' - and Griffith's

Sep 4, 2015
Berserk. 8 by Miura, Kentarō.

Berserk. 8

The century-spanning war between Midland and Chuder continues unabated. The two warring kingdoms, vying for supremacy, launch headfirst into what will become the final battle. Leading the Midland forces are the Band of the Hawk, lead by the charismatic Griffith, with the fearless Guts as his trusted champion. But should the Hawks triumph again on the battlefield, the war with Chuder may end, but the secret war within Midland may begin as those who seek to rise within the court see the ambitious

Sep 4, 2015
Berserk. 7 by Miura, Kentarō, author.

Berserk. 7

Guts, Griffith and the Band of the Hawk join on the side of the feudal kingdom Midland in its battle against its rival, Chuder. The Hawks' ferocity is winning the day until Guts and Griffith's most trusted lieutenant, Casca, fall into the river. They survive, but Chuder warriors are on the prowl.

Sep 4, 2015
Berserk. 6 by Miura, Kentarō, author.

Berserk. 6

Back in the day, Guts the Black Swordsman was a top slayer for The Band of the Hawk, an elite mercenary unit led by Griffith, whose calm demeanor and callow beauty belied his fighting prowess and steel will. While in a king's employ, the attraction between the king's daughter and Griffith and the growing favor of the king towards the Hawk leader raises the hackles of the king's jealous son, who plots to have Griffith summarily assassinated. But if the plot fails, the king's son will likely have

Sep 4, 2015
Berserk. 5 by Miura, Kentarō, author.

Berserk. 5

Guts and Griffith confront Nosferatu Zodd, a superhuman beast who slaughters Guts' comrades as easily as a scythe cuts wheat. Even Guts and Griffith are no match for the abomination's power ... but something Griffith wears around his neck may well be!

Sep 4, 2015
Berserk. 4 by Miura, Kentarō, author.

Berserk. 4

With the Count dead and dragged to Hell by the demons of the Godhead, Guts recalls his horrific upbringing by mercenaries. After he left the mercenary band, he spent his childhood wandering from battlefield to battlefield, growing in strength and drawing the attention of many.

Sep 4, 2015
Berserk. 37 by Miura, Kentarō, author.

Berserk. 37

"Guts the Black Swordsman has again donned the accursed Berserker armor to battle the titanic Sea God--from the inside! To slay the creature, its heart must be pierced, but even if he can manage this impossible task deep within the leviathan, how will Guts get back out?"--

Sep 4, 2015
Berserk. 36 by Miura, Kentarō, author.

Berserk. 36

Sep 4, 2015