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Citrus - secret love affair with sister. Volume 1 by Saburouta, author.

Citrus - secret love affair with sister. Volume 1

"AIhara Yuzu, a high school girl whose main interests are fashion, friends, and having fun, is about to get a reality check. Due to her mom's remarriage, Yuzu has transferred to a new, all-girls school that is extremely strict. Her real education is about to begin. From day one, happy-go-lucky Yuzu makes enemies, namely the beautiful yet stern student council president Mei. So what happens when a dejected Yuzu returns home and discovers the shock of her life: that Mei is actualy her new step-sis

May 22, 2015
C.O.W.L. Volume 1, Principles of power by Higgins, Kyle, 1985- author.

C.O.W.L. Volume 1, Principles of power

"The Chicago Organized Workers League once stood as a beacon of hope against an epidemic of organized crime and an unbeatable "brotherhood" of Super-Villains. Now, in 1962, the union faces a disillusioned public, scandal, and a new era of threats" --

May 22, 2015
Blood lad. 6 by Kodama, Yūki.

Blood lad. 6

With Akim threatening the Demon World, territory bosses Wolf and Staz must put their heads together with the local authorities to find a way to stop the piecemeal madman.

May 22, 2015
Gangsta. Volume 3 by Kohske, author, artist..

Gangsta. Volume 3

In Ergastulum, a tough town run by the Mafia, the "Handymen" Nicolas and Worick make a living doing odd jobs for their clients, from routine deliveries to extrajudicial killings. The men are respected by both the police brass and the Mafia bosses, not least because Nicolas is "Twilight," an ex-mercenary possessing extraordinary abilities. The hidden history of how the scion of an elite family and a boy soldier of the Twilight ranks formed an unbreakable bond now comes to light.

May 22, 2015
Attack on Titan. Junior High, 3 by Nakagawa, Saki, author, artist.

Attack on Titan. Junior High, 3

"Eren and teh gang start a band, in the hopes of taking the school festival by storm! But they face unexpected opposition in teh school's mysterious idols, a trio known as No Name, not to mention teh musical Titans! Then, Mikasa gets herself caught in a high-stakes culinary battle, and two familiar figures from Levi's past return to haunt him. Another 300 pages of bizarre, irresistible Titantic nonsense!"-- Cover.

May 22, 2015
Gangsta. Volume 6 by Kohske, author, artist.

Gangsta. Volume 6

"As Erica stalks through Ergastulum, leaving a trail of dead in her wake, Delico copes with the heartbreaking news that this most dangerous Hunter is actually his long-lost little sister. After a lifetime of separation, he’s determined to bring her back, but a fragile sibling bond may not be enough to counter the merciless force of destiny."--

May 22, 2015
Jojo's bizarre adventure. Part I, Phantom blood, 02 by Araki, Hirohiko, 1960- author, illustrator.

Jojo's bizarre adventure. Part I, Phantom blood, 02

"As if Dio wasn't diabolical enough, now he's an immortal vampire with incredible strength! But Jonathan Joestar's not one to back down, even when it seems like victory is impossible! It's a classic battle! Good versus evil! Grit and determination against power and arrogance! Who will win?!"--

May 22, 2015
Naruto.3-in-1. Volumes 31-32-33 by Kishimoto, Masashi, 1974- author, artist.

Naruto.3-in-1. Volumes 31-32-33

May 22, 2015
Green Arrow. Volume 6, Broken by

Green Arrow. Volume 6, Broken

"Welcome new series writers straight from the hit TV show Arrow! Ollie is trying to put his life together after the grueling events of "Broken," and finds himself back in Seattle on a mission from a mystery woman. Who is she--and what's next for Green Arrow?"--

May 22, 2015
The girl from H.O.P.P.E.R.S. - a love and rockets book by Hernandez, Jaime.

The girl from H.O.P.P.E.R.S. - a love and rockets book

The second volume of Jaime Hernandez's "Locas" stories set in the Los Angeles barrio, Hoppers, chronicling the lives of the young Mexican-Americans and punk rockers who live there, including Maggie and her friend and idol, Rena Titan~on.

May 22, 2015
Say I love you. 7 by Hazuki, Kanae, 1980- author, illustrator.

Say I love you. 7

May 22, 2015
Prophet. Vol. 4, Joining by

Prophet. Vol. 4, Joining

May 22, 2015
Jessica Jones - the Pulse. The Complete Collection by Bendis, Brian Michael, author.

Jessica Jones - the Pulse. The Complete Collection

Jessica Jones, ex-super hero-turned-private investigator is starting a new chapter in her life - working for the Daily Bugle's new super hero section, The Pulse! Jessica's first assignment: to uncover the identity of a former Bugle reporter's super-powered murderer! How is Norman Osborn involved? And how will Jessica's shocking discovery affect the entire Marvel Universe? And when Nick Fury's Secret War spills over into the streets, it hits Jessica and Luke Cage right where they live! With their

May 22, 2015
iZombie. 4, Repossession by Roberson, Chris.

iZombie. 4, Repossession

Following the zombie invasion of Eugene, Oregon, the newly-undead Gwen goes underground to elude the troops who have been sent to her town to kill zombies, one of whom is her boyfriend who just found out he has been dating a zombie.

May 22, 2015
iZombie. 3, Six feet under and rising by Roberson, Chris.

iZombie. 3, Six feet under and rising

May 22, 2015
I was a child - a child by Kaplan, Bruce Eric, author, illustrator.

I was a child - a child

"An illustrated memoir by New Yorker cartoonist Bruce Eric Kaplan"--

May 22, 2015
Citrus - secret love affair with sister. Volume 2 by Saburouta, author.

Citrus - secret love affair with sister. Volume 2

May 22, 2015
Casanova. Vol. 3, Avaritia by Fraction, Matt, author.

Casanova. Vol. 3, Avaritia

"Casanova Quinn scrambles across time and space to purge universes infected by the ultimate evil -- him. When Casanova discovers the secret identity of the insane and villainous Newman Xeno, his mission changes dramatically and what began as a transdimensional assault of total annihilation becomes a single assassination, repeated endlessly, until the whole of the multiverse exists Xeno-free" -- Cover.

May 22, 2015
Sword art online. Girls' ops, 001 by Kawahara, Reki, author.

Sword art online. Girls' ops, 001

The virtual world of ALfheim Online might not be literally deadly, but there's still plenty of tough adventuring to be had. The trio of Liz, Silica, and Leafa set out on a quest for a magical ring but immediately run into monsters tougher than they expected. A certain black-clothed swordsman comes to their rescue--but it's not Kirito?! It seems the "game of death" has had lingering emotional effects on everyone, and even the survivors bear scars. But the trio have gotten through tough times befo

May 22, 2015
Usagi Yojimbo. Senso by Sakai, Stan, author, illustrator.

Usagi Yojimbo. Senso

"Twenty years in his future, Miyamoto Usagi faces a menace from Mars! It will take all the considerable fortitude, ingenuity, and heroism that Usagi and his loved ones can muster to combat the fearsome extraterrestrial war machines and halt the alien invasion"--

May 22, 2015