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Agatha - the real life of Agatha Christie by Martinetti, Anne.

Agatha - the real life of Agatha Christie

The life of Agatha Christie was as mysterious and eventful as her fiction. This beautifully illustrated graphic novel traces the life of the Queen of Whodunnit from her childhood in Torquay, England, through a career filled with success, mischief, and adventure, to her later years as Dame Agatha. Revealing a side to Christie that will surprise and delight many readers,Agatha introduces us to a free-spirited and thoroughly modern woman who, among other things, enjoyed flying, travel, and surfing.

Jun 24, 2016
Archie giant comics blast. by

Archie giant comics blast.

A compilation of stories spanning Archie's 75-year history.

Jun 23, 2016
Blue Beetle Vol. 1 by Wein, Len, author.

Blue Beetle Vol. 1

"Witness one man's efforts to continue a heroic legacy. Ted Kord, scientist and CEO of Kord Inc., is also known as the Blue Beetle. After making a promise to his dying mentor Dan Garret, the magically powered first Blue Beetle, he starts his own crimefighting adventures in Chicago. But without the mystical scarab that powered Dan, Ted must now rely on his own brains and brawn to survive! As a founding member of the beloved Justice League International he'll need all his gadgets, like his blindin

Jun 23, 2016
Buffy the high school years - freaks & geeks by Hicks, Faith Erin.

Buffy the high school years - freaks & geeks

Jun 23, 2016
Dark night - a true Batman story by Dini, Paul, author.

Dark night - a true Batman story

In the 1990s, legendary writer Paul Dini had a flourishing career writing the hugely popular Batman: The Animated Series and Tiny Toon Adventures. Walking home one evening, he was jumped and viciously beaten within an inch of his life. His recovery process was arduous, hampered by the imagined antics of the villains he was writing for television including the Joker, Harley Quinn and the Penguin. But despite how bleak his circumstances were, or perhaps because of it, Dini also always imagined the

Jun 24, 2016
Dimension W. Volume 1 by Iwahara, Yuji, author.

Dimension W. Volume 1

"AD 2072. With the invention of cross-dimensional electromagnetic inductors known as Coils, the world's energy crisis has long been solved. Kyouma Mabuchi is a "Collector," someone who makes his living by recovering illegal Coils for the powers that be. When on his latest gig he crosses paths with a mysterious girl named Mira, little does he know that their meeting will bring them both closer to the secrets behind "Dimension W," the fourth dimension--beyond X, Y, and Z--that powers the world...S

Jun 23, 2016
Dimension W. Volume 2 by Iwahara, Yuji, author, artist.

Dimension W. Volume 2

Jun 22, 2016
Dragon Ball Z. 1 by Toriyama, Akira, 1955-

Dragon Ball Z. 1

"FIVE YEARS have passed since the Tenka'ichi Bud kai (Strongest Under the Heavens) fighting tournament, where Son Goku emerged as Earth's ultimate champion. Goku has since settled down with a wife and even has a son, Son Gohan. All seems peaceful, until one day when a mysterious visitor appears and reveals that Goku is actually an alien! The visitor, Raditz, claims that Goku is a Saiyan Warrior, a member of the most powerful race in the universe. When the ruthless Raditz threatens to destroy Gok

Jun 22, 2016
Dragon Ball Z. 9 by Toriyama, Akira, 1955-

Dragon Ball Z. 9

"Big BooBoo! When some tiny-minded criminals make the mistake of hurting Boo's puppy, they accidentally trigger a transformation that turns Boo from a childish blob of destruction into an angry, indestructible fighting machine hungry for revenge. Boo was already too powerful to defeat before this transformation. Now what?!"--P. [4] of cover.

Jun 22, 2016
Dragon Ball Z. [2] by Jones, Gerard, 1957-

Dragon Ball Z. [2]

The ultimate science fiction martial arts manga - and one of the best-selling series of all time - Dragon Ball Z is the second half of Toriyama's touchstone saga, Dragon Ball. After years of training and adventure, Son Goku has become Earth's ultimate warrior, and his son, Gohan, shows even greater promise. But the strikes are increasing as even deadlier enemies threaten the planet - and means non-stop action! With the mighty Kaio^-ken amplifying his strength, Goku fights Vegeta in a desperate b

Jun 23, 2016
Dragon Ball Z. [3] by Toriyama, Akira, 1955-

Dragon Ball Z. [3]

"When Vegeta upsets Freeza's scheme to collect the Dragon Balls, Freeza calls in the Ginyu Force -- five of the deadliest mercenaries in the universe. If they want to survive, Gohan and Kuririn must do the unthinkable: they must join forces with Vegeta. However, with Goku hurling toward Namek at top speed, there may be hope ... as long as he makes it in time!"--Page 4 of cover.

Jun 23, 2016
Dragon Ball Z. [4] by Toriyama, Akira, 1955-

Dragon Ball Z. [4]

The gang battles Freeza.

Jun 22, 2016
Dragon Ball Z. [5] by Toriyama, Akira, 1955-

Dragon Ball Z. [5]

"Trunks, a mysterious warrior from the future, has arrived to warn Son Goku and pals of a horrendous menace that could destroy the universe. Dr. Gero--the diabolical genius of the Red Ribbon Army--has constructed androids designed to defeat Goku and take over the world. Goku must locate and destroy these androids before they're activated--or face certain doom! But little do they know that another visitor from the future is watching their every move. Another hideous creature from the demented min

Jun 23, 2016
Dragon Ball Z. [6] by Toriyama, Akira, 1955-

Dragon Ball Z. [6]

Change your perspective: get BIG! R to L (Japanese Style). Change Your Perspective--Get BIG A Collection of Volumes 16 - 18! Everyone on Earth vs. Cell Earth faces its deadliest threat ever! Cell is a biologically engineered abomination constructed from the cells More ... of the universe's most powerful beings--including Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo and even Freeza! To increase his power and achieve his Perfect Form, Cell must absorb powerful warriors and steal their energy. Now that Cell is only one a

Jun 23, 2016
Dragon Ball Z. [7] by Toriyama, Akira, 1955-

Dragon Ball Z. [7]

"In the midst of battle with the hideous bio-monster Cell, Son Gohan surpassed his father, Son Goku. Now he is the strongest warrior in the universe! With his newfound might, Gohan manages to beat Cell at his own twisted game. However, Cell does not like to lose. When he realizes he's licked, he decides to self-destruct with a horrible blast that's certain to reduce Earth to a speck of dust. Son Goku has one trick up his sleeve that will thwart Cell's desperate attempt at mass destruction. Sadly

Jun 23, 2016
Dragon Ball Z. [8] by Toriyama, Akira, 1955-

Dragon Ball Z. [8]

"Boo Who? Kaio^-Shin--the Lord of Lords, the mightiest deity in the universe has summoned Son Goku and pals to try to avert certain doom for the entire universe. A djinn created eons ago by the wicked warlock Bibiddi is about to be resurrected by the Bibiddi's son, Bobiddi. The djinn possesses unfathomable power and is virtually indestructible once unleashed. Even his name strikes fear in the hearts of all humans: Boo! Kaio^-Shin leads Goku to Bobiddi's spaceship, where Boo is gestating until he

Jun 23, 2016
Dragons - riders of Berk. Volume 1, Tales from Berk. by Furman, Simon, author.

Dragons - riders of Berk. Volume 1, Tales from Berk.

The collected adventures of Hiccup, Toothless and friends. When Snotlout's dragon Hookfang flies off and disappears, the gang set up a search party. Unfortunately, Alvin the Treacherous is also on the hunt for Hookfang.

Jun 22, 2016
Dragons - riders of Berk. Volume 2, The enemies within-- by Furman, Simon, author.

Dragons - riders of Berk. Volume 2, The enemies within--

Jun 22, 2016
Fairy Tail. 54 by Mashima, Hiro, 1977- author, artist.

Fairy Tail. 54

NO WAY OUT Zeref|s 12 handpicked elites invade Magnolia from all four sides! First, Ajeel swoops in from the skies with a massive fleet in tow, only to be interrupted by Erza. The Desert King lives up to his title, and before long, Erza is swallowed up in darkness and despair by his overwhelming magic power. Meanwhile, back on land, Brandish makes an appearance in Lucy|s bathtub and an unimaginable turn of fate awaits them& In the face of such an unprecedented crisis, all of Fiore|s guilds are s

Jun 24, 2016
Far out fairy tales - five full-color graphic novels by

Far out fairy tales - five full-color graphic novels

A compilation of five previously published fairy tales, twisted, turned inside out, and reworked for the graphic novel format.

Jun 22, 2016