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An appetite for violets by Bailey, Martine.

An appetite for violets

After accompanying her new mistress to Italy, the under-cook at Mawton Hall begins a culinary adventure that includes secrets and a murderous conspiracy. Includes authentic 18th-century European recipes.

Sep 4, 2015
Huckleberry harvest by Beckstrand, Jennifer.

Huckleberry harvest

"When the man who broke her best friend's heart, Noah Mischler, saves her life, Mandy Helmuth, who has never liked him, discovers the real man beneath the tough persona as she falls in love with this man whom she can never be with."--

Sep 4, 2015
Hearts in flight by Hall, Patty Smith.

Hearts in flight

"Serving her country as one of the Women's Army Special Pilots is Maggie Daniels's dearest wish. But there are obstacles to overcome above and beyond the enemies in the Pacific, including her overprotective family, skeptical fellow pilots—and handsome, distant squadron leader Wesley Hicks. Whatever it takes, Maggie will prove herself to Wesley, until she succeeds in winning his admiration…and love."--

Sep 4, 2015
The happy hour choir by Kilpatrick, Sally.

The happy hour choir

"Life has dealt Beulah Land a tough hand to play, least of all being named after a hymn. A teenage pregnancy estranged her from her family, and a tragedy caused her to lose what little faith remained. The wayward daughter of a Baptist deacon, she spends her nights playing the piano at The Fountain, a honky-tonk located just across the road from County Line Methodist. But when she learns that a dear friend's dying wish is for her to take over as the church's piano player, she realizes it may be t

Sep 4, 2015
The evil men do - a Ralph Compton novel by Robbins, David, 1950-

The evil men do - a Ralph Compton novel

"When 15-year-old bounty hunter Tyree Johnson catches a killer hiding in his town, Marshal Fred Hitch, to save face and his town's good name, must ride with Tyree and his prisoner all the way to Cheyenne—a dangerous journey that teaches them both some valuable lessons about the evil men do."--

Sep 4, 2015
Escape from Hangtown by Sweazy, Larry D.

Escape from Hangtown

"Lucas Fume has been exonerated of the murder charge that put him in prison seven years ago. But he isn’t free yet. Not while his friend, former slave Zeke Henry, remains a fugitive wrongly accused of assaulting Senator Barlow’s daughter, Celia. Lucas wouldn’t have his freedom or wealth—let alone his life—if it weren’t for Zeke. And he knows that the only way to clear his friend’s name is to prove the identity of Celia’s true attacker: Senator Barlow himself."--

Sep 4, 2015
A good killing - a novel by Leotta, Allison, author.

A good killing - a novel

Sep 4, 2015
The gift by Brunstetter, Wanda E., author.

The gift

Sep 4, 2015
Friction by Brown, Sandra, 1948- author.


"Crawford Hunt wants his daughter back. Following the death of his wife four years ago, Crawford, a Texas Ranger, fell into a downward spiral that left him relegated to deskwork and with his five-year-old daughter Georgia in the custody of her grandparents. But Crawford has cleaned up his act, met all the court imposed requirements, and now the fate of his family lies with Judge Holly Spencer. Holly, ambitious and confident, temporarily occupies the bench of her recently deceased mentor. With an

Sep 4, 2015
The forgotten by Graham, Heather. author.

The forgotten

A woman named Maria Gomez is murdered in Miami, apparently by her husband--who'd been presumed dead, slain by a crime boss. FBI agent Brett Cody can't believe it; dead or alive, the man had loved his wife. Brett also can't help feeling guilty, since he was responsible for protecting Miguel and Maria Gomez. A few miles away, Lara Mayhew has just begun working at a dolphin research facility. She loves her new job--until a dolphin brings her something unexpected from the deep: a human hand. More bo

Sep 4, 2015
The harvest man - a novel of Scotland Yard's murder squad by Grecian, Alex, author.

The harvest man - a novel of Scotland Yard's murder squad

Sep 4, 2015
How to start a fire by Lutz, Lisa, author.

How to start a fire

Sep 4, 2015
Hold me by Mallery, Susan, author.

Hold me

Sep 4, 2015
Archie in the crosshairs - a Nero Wolfe mystery by Goldsborough, Robert.

Archie in the crosshairs - a Nero Wolfe mystery

"When Archie Goodwin's life is threatened, Wolfe must find the gunman or lose his right-hand man"--

Sep 4, 2015
The Art of Crash Landing by DeCarlo, Melissa

The Art of Crash Landing

Sep 4, 2015
Crazy love you by Unger, Lisa, 1970-

Crazy love you

"Darkness is near when Ian is with Priss. Ian is a talented and successful graphic novelist, and Priss is trouble. Ian has met sweet, beautiful Megan, whose love makes him want to change for the better. But Priss doesn't like change. Change makes her angry. And when Priss is angry, terrible things begin to happen"--

Sep 4, 2015
Brief Candle in the Dark - My Life in Science by Dawkins, Richard

Brief Candle in the Dark - My Life in Science

Sep 4, 2015
Dance of the bones - a J.P. Beaumont and Brandon Walker novel by Jance, Judith A, author.

Dance of the bones - a J.P. Beaumont and Brandon Walker novel

Retired sheriff Brandon Walker calls on J.P. Beaumont for help when he discovers that there are links between a years-old murder case he has been called on to investigate and another unsolved case in Seattle.

Sep 4, 2015
Dexter is dead by Lindsay, Jeffry P.

Dexter is dead

"Dexter faces a murder charge for a crime he did not commit. His only chance for freedom lies with his brother, Brian, who has a dark plan to prove Dexter's innocence. But the stakes are deadly, and the epic showdown that lies in Dexter's path may lead, once and for all, to his demise"--

Sep 4, 2015
Edge by Oldham, Nick


Sep 4, 2015