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Lights Out! - A Heist Thriller Involving the Mafia by Bain, Donald

Lights Out! - A Heist Thriller Involving the Mafia

Dec 18, 2014
Leaving time - a novel by Picoult, Jodi, 1966-

Leaving time - a novel

" For more than a decade, Jenna Metcalf has never stopped thinking about her mother, Alice, who mysteriously disappeared in the wake of a tragic accident. Refusing to believe that she would be abandoned as a young child, Jenna searches for her mother regularly online and pores over the pages of Alice's old journals. A scientist who studied grief among elephants, Alice wrote mostly of her research among the animals she loved, yet Jenna hopes the entries will provide a clue to her mother's whereab

Dec 13, 2014
Journey to the centre of the earth by Verne, Jules, 1828-1905, author.

Journey to the centre of the earth

1863. Professor Liedenbrock deciphers a cryptic message giving instructions on how to find a passage to the centre of the earth through the crater of an Icelandic volcano. And so it passes that the Professor, along with his reluctant son, Axel, and an Icelandic guide, set out on an incredible journey. As the three explorers descend into the bowels of the earth, they encounter many strange phenomena and dangers, including a vast underground world lit by electrically charged gas at the ceiling, a

Dec 13, 2014
It's Now or Never by Francis, June

It's Now or Never

Dec 18, 2014
In search of the perfect loaf - a home baker's odyssey by Fromartz, Samuel.

In search of the perfect loaf - a home baker's odyssey

In 2009, journalist Samuel Fromartz was offered an assignment to travel to France and work in a boulangerie. So began his quest to hone his knowledge of bread, from seed to table. For four years, Fromartz traveled the United States and Europe meeting historians, millers, farmers, wheat geneticists, sourdough biochemists, and everyone in between. The result is an informative yet personal account of bread and breadbaking, complete with detailed recipes.

Dec 18, 2014
Hope to die - the return of Alex Cross by Patterson, James, 1947- author.

Hope to die - the return of Alex Cross

"Detective Alex Cross is being stalked by a psychotic genius, forced to play the deadliest game of his career. Cross's family--his loving wife Bree, the wise and lively Nana Mama, and his precious children--have been ripped away. Terrified and desperate, Cross must give this mad man what he wants if he has any chance of saving the most important people in his life. The stakes have never been higher: What will Cross sacrifice to save the ones he loves?" --

Dec 18, 2014
Honeymoon hotel by Browne, Hester.

Honeymoon hotel

Dec 18, 2014
Ho-ho-homicide by Dunnett, Kaitlyn.


"When a series of "accidents" strikes the Christmas tree farm where Liss and her husband are staying, she'll have to spring into action to find the killer who's been lurking among the pines--before she ends up in a pine box herself"--

Dec 18, 2014
High Rocks revenge - a Winters family ranch novel by Mayo, Matthew P., author.

High Rocks revenge - a Winters family ranch novel

Returning from selling his fall herd of cattle Niall Winters finds his ranch burned, his Uncle dead and his wife missing. With no idea of the horrors that await him he heads out into the season's first snowstorm.

Dec 18, 2014
Here and again by Dickson, Nicole R.

Here and again

"Since her husband was killed in Iraq, Ginger Martin's life has been fraught with grief and uncertainty. But a mysterious stranger will help her come to terms with her loss and the necessity of change"--

Dec 18, 2014
Hacker by Dekker, Ted, 1962-


Seventeen-year-old Nyah Parks is a genius hacker who makes a living by cracking the firewalls of the world's largest corporations. But when the biggest job of her life goes wrong, she's plunged into a desperate situation with only one way out: one last hack that will either save her or kill her.

Dec 18, 2014
Gulliver's travels by Swift, Jonathan, 1667-1745, author.

Gulliver's travels

The voyages of an eighteenth-century Englishman carry him to such strange places as Lilliput, where people are six inches tall, and Brobdingnag, a land peopled by giants.

Dec 18, 2014
Gotti's Rules - The Story of John Alite, Junior Gotti, and the Demise of the American Mafia by Anastasia, George

Gotti's Rules - The Story of John Alite, Junior Gotti, and the Demise of the American Mafia

Dec 18, 2014
Gossamer ghost by Childs, Laura, author.

Gossamer ghost

Dec 18, 2014
Good Health, Good Life - 12 Keys to Enjoying Physical and Spiritual Wellness by Meyer, Joyce

Good Health, Good Life - 12 Keys to Enjoying Physical and Spiritual Wellness

Dec 18, 2014
French pastry murder by Meier, Leslie, author.

French pastry murder

"Tinker's Cove is abuzz with excitement when Norah, the queen of daytime TV, comes to town and selects Lucy and her pals to be featured in her "Women Who Make a Difference" episode. In recognition for their charitable work, the ladies and their husbands are awarded a dream vacation in Paris, complete with classes at Le Cooking School with renowned pastry chef Larry Bruneau. But their bon voyage is cut short when Lucy discovers the chef in a pool of blood on the second day of class. . . Lucy alwa

Dec 18, 2014
Forbidden ground by Harper, Karen (Karen S.), author.

Forbidden ground

Despite their traumatic childhood, the Lockwood sisters have reunited in Cold Creek, Ohio, for the wedding of youngest sister Tess. Anthropologist Kate wants to excavate an Indian burial mound on Mason family land, but Grant Mason is refusing permission and hiding something.

Dec 18, 2014
Flesh and blood - a Scarpetta novel by Cornwell, Patricia Daniels, author.

Flesh and blood - a Scarpetta novel

Scarpetta finds herself in the unsettling pursuit of a serial sniper who leaves no incriminating evidence except fragments of copper. Then she comes face to face with shocking evidence that implicates her techno-genius niece, Lucy, Scarpetta's own flesh and blood.

Dec 13, 2014
Finding love at home by Eicher, Jerry S.

Finding love at home

Poised to marry Amish farmer Alvin Knepp, Debbie Watson tries to console the Beiler family after Ida Beiler loses her husband-to-be in a farming accident.

Dec 18, 2014
Fields of blood - religion and the history of violence by Armstrong, Karen, 1944-

Fields of blood - religion and the history of violence

For the first time in American history, religious self-identification is on the decline. Some have cited a perception that began to grow after September 11: that faith in general is a source of aggression, intolerance and divisiveness--something bad for society. But how accurate is that view? And does it apply equally to all faiths? In these troubled times, we risk basing decisions of real and dangerous consequence on mistaken understandings of the faiths subscribed around us, in our immediate c

Dec 18, 2014