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A few drops of blood by Weiss, Jan Merete.

A few drops of blood

Investigating the murders of two men whose bodies were found grotesquely displayed in a garden, Captain Natalia Monte of the Carabiniere is forced to confront her own complicated past while navigating violent elements in Naples' decadent art scene and criminal underworld.

Apr 20, 2014
For the love of Parvati by Oleksiw, Susan.

For the love of Parvati

Apr 20, 2014
The Bones Beneath - A Tom Thorne Novel by Billingham, Mark

The Bones Beneath - A Tom Thorne Novel

Apr 20, 2014
The book stops here - a bibliophile mystery by Carlisle, Kate, 1951-

The book stops here - a bibliophile mystery

"Brooklyn Wainwright is thrilled to be appearing on the San Francisco edition of the hit TV show This Old Attic as a rare-book expert and appraiser. Her first subject is a very valuable first-edition copy of the classic children's story The Secret Garden,which is owned by a flower vendor named Vera. Once she hears what her book is worth, Vera is eager to have Brooklyn recondition it for resale. But after the episode airs, a furious man storms onto the set, claiming that Vera found the first edit

Apr 20, 2014
Festival in Prior's Ford by Hood, Evelyn, author.

Festival in Prior's Ford

Apr 20, 2014
Fleur de lies - a passport to peril mystery by Hunter, Maddy.

Fleur de lies - a passport to peril mystery

Apr 20, 2014
Just murdered - a dead-end job mystery by Viets, Elaine, 1950-

Just murdered - a dead-end job mystery

Helen takes a job at an upscale bridal salon. When a rich, obnoxious mother-of-the-bride is killed, Helen's fingerprints are found on the muder weapon -- a wedding dress.

Apr 20, 2014
I remember you - a ghost story by Yrsa Sigurðardóttir

I remember you - a ghost story

"International superstar Yrsa Sigurdardottir has captivated the attention of readers around the world with her mystery series featuring attorney Thora Gudmundsdottir. Now, Yrsa will stun readers once again with this out-of-this-world ghost story that will leave you shivering. In an isolated village in the Icelandic Westfjords, three friends set to work renovating a rundown house. But soon, they realize they are not as alone as they thought. Something wants them to leave, and it's making its pres

Apr 20, 2014
Bone Dust White by Salvalaggio, Karin, author.

Bone Dust White

"Someone is knocking at the door to Grace Adams' house, and he won't stop. Grace thinks she knows who it is, but when she goes to her second floor window for a look she sees a woman she doesn't recognize. The woman isn't alone for long before a man emerges from the dark of the surrounding woods, stabs her, and leaves her for dead. Trying to help, Grace goes to the woman and is shocked to find that it's her mother Leanne--a woman who abandoned her 11 years before. There's nothing she can do, and

Apr 20, 2014
The detective by Hunt, James Patrick, 1964-

The detective

"Chicago, 1979. The city has just experienced one of the worst snowstorms in decades. Public transportation is shut down ; garbage is piling up, uncollected; cars remain entombed in snowdrifts. In the midst of this, five people are shot and killed at a train stop. David Beckman is one of the first homicide detectives to arrive at the scene. He is young and new to the homicide squad, a recent transferee from vice. He's Jewish and is not welcomed by the older detectives. It's soon determined tha

Apr 20, 2014
The color of light - a Maggie MacGowen mystery by Hornsby, Wendy.

The color of light - a Maggie MacGowen mystery

Filmmaker Maggie MacGowen learns the hard way that going home again can be deadly. While clearing out her late father's desk, maggie discovers that he had locked away potential evidence in a brutal unsolved murder thirty years earlier that rocked the close-knit community where she grew up. When she begins to ask questions of family and old friends it quickly becomes clear that there are people in that seemingly tranquil university town who will go to lethal lengths to prevent the truth from co

Apr 20, 2014
Ghost of a gamble by Jaffarian, Sue Ann, 1952-, author.

Ghost of a gamble

Emma and Granny Apples hit the road for Las Vegas to help out Dolly, a former showgirl who is being haunted by a dead Vegas hood named Lenny. Lenny is concerned that an aging mobster named Nemo is coming after Dolly. But when Nemo winds up dead and Dolly goes missing, Emma and Granny find themselves investigating a casino heist gone bad, a stash of hidden loot, and a missing wiseguy who's not letting death stand between him and setting things straight.

Apr 20, 2014
Killer physique - a Savannah Reid mystery by McKevett, G. A.

Killer physique - a Savannah Reid mystery

"Plus-sized P.I. Savannah Reid gets a taste of the high life when she attends a Hollywood premiere on the arm of husband Dirk Coulter. Savannah may be a newlywed, but even she gets weak in the knees when she meets celebrity athlete-turned-movie-star Jason Tyrone. So imagine how she feels when the star's rock-hard body is found rock-hard dead... Some guys have everything. With his stunning looks and dazzling charm, Jason Tyrone is America's favorite new action hero. Make that was. Once so spectac

Apr 20, 2014
The Devil May Care by Housewright, David, 1955-

The Devil May Care

"Riley Brodin is the granddaughter of Walter Muehlenhaus--a man as rich, powerful, and connected as anyone since the days of J. P. Morgan. Despite her family's connections, it's McKenzie she reaches out to when her relatively new boyfriend goes missing. Despite his reservations about getting involved with the Muehlenhaus family--again--McKenzie agrees to look for one Juan Carlos Navarre. What he finds, though, is a man who appears to be a ghost. The house--mansion, really--he told Riley he owned

Apr 20, 2014
Jailhouse glock by Lipperman, Liz, 1947-

Jailhouse glock

Apr 20, 2014
In a Dry Season - A Novel of Suspense by Robinson, Peter

In a Dry Season - A Novel of Suspense

Apr 20, 2014
The Hollow Girl by Coleman, Reed Farrel, 1956-

The Hollow Girl

Apr 20, 2014
The Death of Lucy Kyte - A New Mystery Featuring Josephine Tey by Upson, Nicola

The Death of Lucy Kyte - A New Mystery Featuring Josephine Tey

Apr 20, 2014
Absolution by murder - a Sister Fidelma mystery by Tremayne, Peter.

Absolution by murder - a Sister Fidelma mystery

In a new entry in a mystery series set in medieval England, a whodunit set in seventh-century Ireland finds young Sister Fidelma of Kildare searching for the killer of a renowned Celtic abbess at a Church convocation.

Apr 20, 2014
Sidney Chambers and the problem of evil by Runcie, James, 1959-

Sidney Chambers and the problem of evil

"Our favorite clerical detective is back with four longer mysteries in which Canon Sidney Chambers attempts to stop a serial killer with a grievance against the clergy; investigates the disappearance of a famous painting after a distracting display of nudity by a French girl in an art gallery; uncovers the fact that an "accidental" drowning on a film shoot may have been something more sinister; and discovers the reasons behind the theft of a baby from a hospital just before Christmas 1963. In t

Apr 20, 2014