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Skies of Ash by Hall, Rachel Howzell

Skies of Ash

Mar 28, 2015
Six and a half deadly sins by Cotterill, Colin.

Six and a half deadly sins

"Laos, 1979: Dr. Siri Paiboun, the twice-retired ex-National Coroner of Laos, receives an unmarked package in the mail. Inside is a hand-woven pha sin, a colorful traditional skirt worn by women in certain northern Lao tribes. A lovely present, but who sent it to him, and why? And, more importantly, why is there a severed human finger stitched into the sin's lining? Siri is convinced someone is trying to send him a message, and won't let the matter rest until he's figured it out. He finagles him

Mar 28, 2015
Sidney Chambers and the Forgiveness of Sins by Runcie, James

Sidney Chambers and the Forgiveness of Sins

Mar 28, 2015
Sherlock Holmes, the missing years - Japan by Murthy, Vasudev.

Sherlock Holmes, the missing years - Japan

"Indian author Murthy offers an offbeat pastiche that purports to tell the real story of what happened after the legendary Holmes-Moriarty encounter at the Reichenbach Falls. In 1893, two years after Watson believed both men died, he receives a letter postmarked Yokohama, Japan. Inside is a note in Sherlock Holmes’s hand: “Watson, I need you. My violin, please. S.H.” Also enclosed is a first-class ticket for a merchant ship bound from Liverpool to Yokohama. Aboard the boat, Watson finds an oddba

Mar 28, 2015
Shadow of a Spout by Cooper, Amanda

Shadow of a Spout

Mar 28, 2015
See also murder - a Marjorie Trumaine mystery by Sweazy, Larry D.

See also murder - a Marjorie Trumaine mystery

"In 1964, a grisly murder is committed in the small town of Dickinson, North Dakota. Erik and Lida Knudsen are found murdered in their bed, their throats slit. Sheriff Hilo Jenkins is called to the scene and discovers a strange copper amulet clasped in Erik's hand. Knowing that his friend Marjorie Trumaine is a skilled researcher and professional indexer, Jenkins asks for her help in investigating the possible meaning of the amulet with its unusual markings. As she gets closer to the truth, Marj

Mar 28, 2015
Saving Cecil by Mims, Lee

Saving Cecil

Mar 28, 2015
Satan's Lullaby - a medieval mystery by Royal, Priscilla.

Satan's Lullaby - a medieval mystery

It is the autumn of 1278. The harvest is in. The air is crisp. Dusty summer breathes a sigh before the dark seasons arrive. For Prioress Eleanor, dark times arrive early in Norfolk. Abbess Isabeau, the head of her order, has sent Father Etienne Davoir from its headquarters in France to inspect all aspects of Tyndall Priory from its morals to its roofs. Surely the Abbess would not have chosen her own brother for this rare and thorough investigation unless the cause was serious and she had reasons

Mar 26, 2015
Ruined Abbey - A Collins-burke Mystery by Emery, Anne

Ruined Abbey - A Collins-burke Mystery

Mar 28, 2015
Rock With Wings by Hillerman, Anne

Rock With Wings

Mar 28, 2015
Red ribbons by Phillips, Louise (Fiction writer), author.

Red ribbons

Mar 28, 2015
Rat race by Francis, Dick.

Rat race

Assigned to fly four racing buffs to the track, pilot Matt Shore is forced to make an emergency landing, and he soon finds out that the mob has been tampering with the horseracing industry.

Mar 28, 2015
Quicksand by Pandian, Gigi


Mar 28, 2015
Played by the book by Arlington, Lucy.

Played by the book

The owner of the Novel Idea Literary Agency is thrilled when former local boy and popular television show host Damian York returns to Inspiration Valley, North Carolina, to launch his new gardening book.

Mar 26, 2015
Pirate Vishnu by Pandian, Gigi

Pirate Vishnu

Mar 28, 2015
Pattern of Betrayal by Fox, Mae/ Lillard, Amy

Pattern of Betrayal

Mar 28, 2015
Palm Beach nasty by Turner, Tom, 1953-

Palm Beach nasty

Burned out New York homicide cop Charlie Crawford goes south to take it slow. But after six months in steamy Palm Beach, Florida, he's bored out of his mind and desperate for a face-down stiff with a little rigor setting in. One Halloween night, Crawford is first on the scene and finds a twenty-year-old male swinging from a stately banyan tree. This sets in motion colliding plots involving a billionaire with a thing for young girls, a far-reaching art scam with Crawford's girlfriend playing a st

Mar 28, 2015
Pall in the family by Eastman, Dawn, author.

Pall in the family

Mar 28, 2015
Once Burned - A Jack Mcmorrow Mystery by Boyle, Gerry

Once Burned - A Jack Mcmorrow Mystery

Mar 28, 2015
Oh Say Can You Fudge by Coco, Nancy

Oh Say Can You Fudge

Mar 28, 2015