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The sins of the fathers - the first Matthew Scudder novel by Block, Lawrence.

The sins of the fathers - the first Matthew Scudder novel

Dec 21, 2014
Scorched eggs by Childs, Laura.

Scorched eggs

When their longtime friend at County services, Hannah Venable, dies in a fire, Suzanne, Petra, and Toni, vowing to find the arsonist, investigate a possible connection with the nearby Prairie Star Casino.

Dec 21, 2014
A nip of murder - a moonshine mystery by Miller, Carol, 1972-

A nip of murder - a moonshine mystery

"As Daisy McGovern knows all too well, it isn't easy being a young, small town waitress at the local diner. And it becomes even harder just as she's trying to stitch her life back together and salvage her job by converting the diner into a bakery when a mysterious robbery occurs and one of the thieves ends up dead on the bakery floor with a chef's knife in his chest. Forced into a twisted game of cat-and-mouse that takes her from secretive nip joints overflowing with moonshine to weathered Appal

Dec 21, 2014
A necessary end by Gregson, J. M., author.

A necessary end

Alfred Norbury is a learned man. He is never afraid to display his erudition, but he is generous in his encouragement of younger people. The people who assemble around him to form a reading club are also learned. Some of them are simply well-read, whilst others have formal qualifications which rival those of Norbury. But learning is no protection against violence. Murder arrives suddenly, brutally and unexpectedly. The investigation led by Detective Chief Inspector Percy Peach and Detective Serg

Dec 21, 2014
A stitch in crime by Elliott, Cathy, 1950-

A stitch in crime

Dec 21, 2014
The Trojan colt - an Eli Paxton mystery by Resnick, Michael D.

The Trojan colt - an Eli Paxton mystery

Hired to guard a high-priced yearling of "Trojan," a recently retired classic winner in Lexington, Kentucky, Eli Paxton is only days into the job when the yearling's young groom goes missing-- and he's not the first staff member to go missing at the breeding farm. As Paxton investigates, he becomes a target himself when a secret threatens to derail the world of professional horse racing.

Dec 21, 2014
Silence the Dead by Fredrickson, Jack

Silence the Dead

Dec 21, 2014
Show me the gold by Mulford, Carolyn.

Show me the gold

Dec 21, 2014
River of no return - a Jake Trent novel by Bertsch, David Riley.

River of no return - a Jake Trent novel

"A Wyoming fishing guide must return to his investigative roots to find his best friend's girlfriend in the second book in this thrilling series that "fans of C.J. Box and Nevada Barr will relish" (Library Journal). High season is coming to an end, and fishing guide Jake Trent suddenly has some time on his hands. As the ex-lawyer ponders rekindling his romance with park ranger Noelle Kimpton, a surprise call from a long-lost love lights up his phone. It's been years since law school graduation

Dec 21, 2014
Puzzled indemnity - a Puzzle Lady mystery by Hall, Parnell.

Puzzled indemnity - a Puzzle Lady mystery

"It's been a cold, lonely winter for Cora Felton. Long distance has cooled the Puzzle Lady's on-again-off-again affair with Sergeant Crowley, and the only case Chief Harper has for her to investigate is a routine liquor store robbery. So when attorney friend Becky Baldwin ask her to check out whether Brittney Wells' philandering husband is planning to kill her to collect on a million dollar, double indemnity insurance policy, Cora jumps at the chance. Cora has no problem tracking hubby to his l

Dec 21, 2014
Plain Killing by Miller, Emma

Plain Killing

Dec 21, 2014
Will Starling by Weir, Ian

Will Starling

Dec 21, 2014
Two parts bloody murder by Danna, Jen J.

Two parts bloody murder

Dec 21, 2014
Keeper of the castle by Blackwell, Juliet, author.

Keeper of the castle

While helping her boyfriend, Graham, who is managing the stone-by-stone reconstruction of an ancient Scottish building, uncover any paranormal activity, contractor Mel Turner investigates when she finds a dead body.

Dec 21, 2014
Irène by Lemaître, Pierre, 1951- author.


Draws on five contemporary and classic literary murder scenes in a prequel to "Alex" that finds Camille Verhoeven linking a brutal double murder to a cold case before his pregnant wife is abducted by the killer.

Dec 21, 2014
The Kings of London by Shaw, William

The Kings of London

Dec 21, 2014
Murder at the book group by King, Maggie, 1950-

Murder at the book group

When her friend and fellow murder mystery book group member Carlene drops dead after drinking cyanide-spiked tea, Hazel Rose investigates Carlene's past, which she took great pains to hide, in search of a motive for murder.

Dec 21, 2014
Lamentation by Sansom, C. J.


Dec 21, 2014
In the Woods by Jones, Merry Bloch

In the Woods

Dec 21, 2014
Murder at the chase - a Langham and Dupré mystery by Brown, Eric, 1960- author.

Murder at the chase - a Langham and Dupré mystery

Crime writer Donald Langham investigates a missing person case where a biographer of a Satanist disappeared from inside his locked study.

Dec 21, 2014