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The dead key by Pulley, D.M.

The dead key

"It’s 1998, and for years the old First Bank of Cleveland has sat abandoned, perfectly preserved, its secrets only speculated on by the outside world. Twenty years before, amid strange staff disappearances and allegations of fraud, panicked investors sold Cleveland’s largest bank in the middle of the night, locking out customers and employees, and thwarting a looming federal investigation. In the confusion that followed, the keys to the vault’s safe-deposit boxes were lost. In the years since, C

Mar 30, 2015
The Devil's Making - A Victorian Detective Mystery by Haldane, Sean

The Devil's Making - A Victorian Detective Mystery

Mar 30, 2015
The Doll Maker by Montanari, Richard

The Doll Maker

Mar 30, 2015
The Doll's House by Phillips, Louise

The Doll's House

Mar 29, 2015
The doll's house by Phillips, Louise (Fiction writer), author.

The doll's house

When the body of popular talk show host Keith Jenkins is discovered in the icy waters of the canal during the early hours of a chilly Dublin morning, everyone wants to know why. D.I. O'Connor and a new squad of detectives from Harcourt Street team up with criminal psychologist Dr Kate Pearson to profile the killer, in an attempt to narrow down the search. Two days later a second body is found in the canal, with no apparent links between the victims. Meanwhile recovering alcoholic Clodagh Hamilto

Mar 30, 2015
The dragon of Handale by Clark, Cassandra, author.

The dragon of Handale

"Hildegard, no longer a member of the Cistercian order of nuns, has returned to the priory after more than a year from her pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, Spain. Still unsure whether she'll rejoin the Order, the Prioress suggests that a visit to Handale Priory might help provide some clarity. While walking about its grounds, Hildegard discovers the corpse of a young man in the morgue. His body bears deep gashes from neck to groin. His wounds appear to be the ravages of claws, but larger th

Mar 30, 2015
The edge of dreams by Bowen, Rhys, author.

The edge of dreams

"Molly Murphy Sullivan's husband Daniel, a captain in the New York City police force, is stumped. He's chasing a murderer whose victims have nothing in common nothing except for the taunting notes that are delivered to Daniel after each murder. And when Daniel receives a note immediately after Molly and her young son Liam are in a terrible train crash, Daniel and Molly both begin to fear that maybe Molly herself was the target. Molly's detective instincts are humming, but finding the time to dig

Mar 30, 2015
The fatal fame by Faye, Lyndsay.

The fatal fame

Mar 30, 2015
The fifth heart by Simmons, Dan, 1948-

The fifth heart

While in America to solve the mystery of the 1885 death of Clover Adams, wife of the esteemed historian Henry Adams, Sherlock Holmes and Henry James find themselves involved in matters of national importance possibly orchestrated by Moriarty.

Mar 30, 2015
The final reveille by Flower, Amanda.

The final reveille

Kelsey Cambridge becomes a prime suspect when the tight-fisted nephew of her living history museum's main benefactor is murdered on the grounds amid a Civil War reenactment.

Mar 30, 2015
The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - The Albino's Treasure by Douglas, Stuart

The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - The Albino's Treasure

Mar 30, 2015
The gentle art of murder - a Dorothy Martin mystery by Dams, Jeanne M, author.

The gentle art of murder - a Dorothy Martin mystery

Dorothy and Alan investigate when a body is discovered at the bottom of an elevator shaft during an art department party at Sherebury University and the killer shows signs of striking again.

Mar 30, 2015
The harvest man - a novel of Scotland Yard's murder squad by Grecian, Alex.

The harvest man - a novel of Scotland Yard's murder squad

Mar 30, 2015
The hidden man by Blake, Robin, 1948-

The hidden man

"Blake continues the series Booklist calls "a solid winner" with a darkly rich mystery centered on an apparent suicide that leads Cragg and Fidelis down a treacherous path.The year is 1742, and the people of Preston are looking forward to their ancient once-every-twenty-years festival of merriment and excess, the Preston Guild. But the prospect darkens as the town plunges into a financial crisis caused by the death of pawnbroker and would-be banker Philip Pimbo, shot behind the locked door of hi

Mar 30, 2015
The Icing on the Corpse by Mugavero, Liz

The Icing on the Corpse

Mar 29, 2015
The icing on the corpse by Mugavero, Liz, author.

The icing on the corpse

"Kristan "Stan" Connor is thrilled to be invited to the Groundhog Day festivities in quirky Frog Ledge, Connecticut. Her organic, home-baked pet treats are a big hit at the annual celebration, though an important guest is curiously absent...When Helga Oliver, the town's elderly historian, is found crumpled in the basement of the Historical Museum, the close-knit town is devastated. But after some tenacious digging, Stan discovers Helga was pushed down the stairs--and that this picture-perfect Ne

Mar 30, 2015
The Language of the Dead - A World War II Mystery by Kelly, Stephen

The Language of the Dead - A World War II Mystery

Mar 29, 2015
The language of the dead - a World War II mystery by Kelly, Stephen (Mystery writer), author.

The language of the dead - a World War II mystery

In a rural Hampshire village, things have remained fairly quiet despite the war. Then an elderly loner is brutally murdered, and the method of his killing bears the hallmarks of the traditional vanquishing of a witch. A young woman who is carrying the illegitimate child of a fighter pilot also is violently killed; a local drunkard's head is bashed in. Are the cases connected? As the Germans continue their relentless attack, Detective Inspector Thomas Lamb hunts for an elusive killer.

Mar 30, 2015
The masque of a murderer by Calkins, Susanna.

The masque of a murderer

"Lucy Campion, formerly a ladies' maid in the local magistrate's household, has now found gainful employment as a printer's apprentice. On a freezing winter afternoon in 1667, she accompanies the magistrate's daughter, Sarah, to the home of a severely injured Quaker man to record his dying words, a common practice in 17th century England. The man, having been trampled by a horse and cart the night before, only has a few hours left to live. Lucy scribbles down the Quaker man's last utterances, bu

Mar 30, 2015
The monster of Florence by Nabb, Magdalen, 1947-2007.

The monster of Florence

Marshal Guarnaccia feels out of his league when he is assigned to help track down a serial killer, especially when he assigned to work under Simonetti, a man so dedicated to achieving a conviction that he is blinded to the consequences.

Mar 30, 2015