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Shakespeare no more - a Jacobean mystery by Hays, Tony.

Shakespeare no more - a Jacobean mystery

Sep 2, 2015
Never look down by Easley, Warren C., author.

Never look down

Kelly Spence, an at-risk teen and tagger, is four stories up at 3:00 one morning when she looks down and witnesses the brutal murder of a woman in the parking lot below. Unluckily the killer spies her but Kelly escapes. Desperate to stay anonymous, she seeks help from someone on the street she trusts, but soon she finds his mutilated body and becomes even more afraid. Cal is drawn into the case by his volatile Cuban friend and landlord who is devastated by the murder: the dead woman had just be

Sep 2, 2015
Thirteen guests by Farjeon, J. Jefferson (Joseph Jefferson), 1883-1955, author.

Thirteen guests

On a fine autumn weekend, Lord Aveling hosts a hunting party at his country house, Bragley Court. Among the guests are an actress, a journalist, an artist, and a mystery novelist. The unlucky thirteenth is John Foss, injured at the local train station and brought to the house to recuperate--but John is nursing a secret of his own. Soon events take a sinister turn when a painting is mutilated, a dog stabbed, and a man strangled. Death strikes more than one of the house guests, and the police are

Sep 2, 2015
Tipping the valet - a workplace mystery by Beck, K. K.

Tipping the valet - a workplace mystery

Sep 2, 2015
Trick or deceit by Freydont, Shelley, author.

Trick or deceit

After the Museum of Yankee Horrors wins first place (and $10,000)in the town's official Haunted House contest, one of the contest judges is murdered, and it is up to Liz Montgomery to unmask a sore loser. By the author of Independence Slay

Sep 2, 2015
The white ghost by Benn, James R., author.

The white ghost

"1943: In the midst of the brutal, hard-fought Solomon Islands campaign between the Allies and the Japanese forces, Lieutenant Billy Boyle receives an odd assignment: he's sent by the powerful Kennedy family to investigate a murder in which PT skipper (and future president) Jack Kennedy has been implicated. The victim is a native coastwatcher, an allied intelligence operative, whom Kennedy discovered on the island of Tulagi with his head bashed in. That's Kennedy's story, anyhow. Kennedy was rec

Sep 2, 2015
Vienna by Kirby, William S., 1964-


"It started as nothing more than a one-night stand. Justine is an A-list fashion model on a photo shoot in Europe. Adored by half the world, she can have whomever she wants, but she's never met anyone like the strange English girl whose bed she wakes up in one morning. Vienna is an autistic savant, adrift in a world of overwhelming patterns and connections only she can see. Socially awkward and inexperienced, she's never been with anyone before, let alone a glamorous supermodel enmeshed in a web

Sep 2, 2015
Dark Reservations by Fortunato, John

Dark Reservations

Sep 2, 2015
Career of Evil by Galbraith, Robert

Career of Evil

Sep 2, 2015
Death Wears a Mask by Weaver, Ashley

Death Wears a Mask

Sep 2, 2015
Death on the prairie - a Chloe Ellefson mystery by Ernst, Kathleen, 1959-

Death on the prairie - a Chloe Ellefson mystery

Sep 2, 2015
Death on the High Lonesome by Hayes, Frank

Death on the High Lonesome

Sep 2, 2015
A Blossom of Bright Light by Chazin, Suzanne

A Blossom of Bright Light

Sep 2, 2015
Dinner Most Deadly by South, Sheri Cobb

Dinner Most Deadly

Sep 2, 2015
The flood by Hewson, David, 1953-

The flood

Florence 1986. A seemingly inexplicable attack on a church fresco of Adam and Eve brings together an unlikely couple: Julia Wellbeloved, an English art student, and Pino Fratelli, a semi-retired detective who longs to be back in the field. Their investigation leads them into the secret society that underpins the city; an elite underworld of excess violence and desire. The Flood takes the reader on a dazzling journey into the darkness in Florence's past: the night of the great flood in 1966...

Sep 2, 2015
Knock on wood by Johnston, Linda O.

Knock on wood

Sep 2, 2015
A kind of grief - a novel by Scott, A. D.

A kind of grief - a novel

Sep 2, 2015
A Fool for a Client - A Stanley Hastings Mystery by Hall, Parnell

A Fool for a Client - A Stanley Hastings Mystery

Sep 2, 2015
The question of the unfamiliar husband by Cohen, Jeffrey, 1957-

The question of the unfamiliar husband

Sep 2, 2015
Peril by Ponytail by Cohen, Nancy J.

Peril by Ponytail

Sep 2, 2015