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Friends of the dusk by Rickman, Philip, author.

Friends of the dusk

Called to exorcise a twelfth-century cottage on the edge of Wales, Merrily Watkins' discovery of links to a medieval legend of a man who resisted mortality threatens to reveal the secrets of a practicing modern cult and its history of abuse.

Feb 6, 2016
Set the night on fire by Dial, Connie, 1944- author.

Set the night on fire

Feb 6, 2016
Jordan Point by Wall, Kathryn R.

Jordan Point

Feb 6, 2016
Murder on the hour - a Penny Brannigan mystery by Duncan, Elizabeth J, author.

Murder on the hour - a Penny Brannigan mystery

"The residents of Llanelen are brimming with excitement. Antiques Cymru, a regional take on the popular national TV show, is coming to the Welsh town and people are flocking from miles around, hoping their attic treasures turn out to be worth a fortune. On the day of filming, quiet local sheep farmer Haydn Williams brings a generations-old long-case clock for evaluation, while the woman he's always admired from afar, Catrin Bellis, turns up with a cherished handmade quilt. Will either hear surpr

Feb 6, 2016
Treachery at Lancaster Gate / A Charlotte and Thomas Pitt Novel by Perry, Anne, author.

Treachery at Lancaster Gate / A Charlotte and Thomas Pitt Novel

Investigating an explosion in the heart of London that suspiciously coincided with a secret police raid, Commander Thomas Pitt finds evidence of a targeted murder and follows leads to the drawing rooms of the city's elite.

Feb 6, 2016
Secrets in the Stones by Harris, Tessa

Secrets in the Stones

Feb 6, 2016
The scent of almonds - & other stories by Läckberg, Camilla, 1974- author.

The scent of almonds - & other stories

Four unmissable stories set in a Swedish fishing village. A snowstorm traps a family in a hotel on a tiny island off the coast, and then a body is discovered in the library. -- Marianne is serving up a dangerous concoction at the Widows' Cafe. -- Two sisters witness a murder in a fashion boutique. -- Malin is trapped on a boat with a man she is beginning to fear ...

Feb 6, 2016
A picture of guilt by Hellmann, Libby Fischer.

A picture of guilt

"The big news story in Chicago is the murder trial of Johnny Santoro, a dock worker whose girlfriend has been killed. Most Chicagoans are betting on a quick guilty verdict, but Ellie Foreman has doubts about his complicity—Santoro is strangely familiar to her. Checking back to the outtakes of a video project in progress while the murder took place, Ellie finds evidence that could save Santoro from a lifetime behind bars. It seems the perfect alibi, but the tape is compromised by radio interferen

Feb 6, 2016
Even the dead - a Quirke novel by Black, Benjamin, 1945-

Even the dead - a Quirke novel

"Perhaps Quirke has been down among the dead too long. Lately the Irish pathologist has suffered hallucinations and blackouts, and he fears the cause is a brain tumor. A specialist diagnoses an old head injury caused by a savage beating; all that's needed, the doctor declares, is an extended rest. But Quirke, ever intent on finding his place among the living, is not about to retire."--

Feb 6, 2016
I am your judge - a novel by Neuhaus, Nele, author.

I am your judge - a novel

Police Detective Pia Kirchhoff is about to leave on her long-delayed honeymoon when she receives a phone call. An elderly woman has been shot and killed while walking her dog. A short while later another murder is committed and the modus operandi is eerily similar - a woman is killed by a bullet that smashes through her kitchen window ... and in both cases the same weapon fired the shot. Two more murders follow in short order. None of the victims had enemies and no one knows why they were single

Feb 6, 2016
Disgraced by Florio, Gwen


Feb 6, 2016
Clawback - an Ali Reynolds novel by Jance, Judith A, author.

Clawback - an Ali Reynolds novel

"In New York Times bestselling author J.A. Jance's latest thriller, Ali Reynolds faces her most controversial mystery yet, solving the murder of a man whose Ponzi scheme bankrupted hundreds of people, and left them seeking justice...or revenge. When Ali's parents lose their life savings to a Ponzi scheme, her father goes to confront his long-time friend and financial advisor, only to stumble into the scene of a bloody double homicide. With her father suddenly a prime suspect, Ali and her husban

Feb 6, 2016
Bloodthirsty - a Lomax & Biggs mystery by Karp, Marshall.

Bloodthirsty - a Lomax & Biggs mystery

"Barry Gerber is one of the most powerful and hated men in Hollywood. Turning up dead in a garbage can brings him under the eyes of Detectives Mike Lomax and Terry Biggs. Just two days later another despised actor bad-boy is found murdered. Wading through a list of suspects the detectives have to race to prevent another hot-shot getting the cut."--

Feb 6, 2016
The Blood Strand by Ould, Chris

The Blood Strand

Feb 6, 2016
Blood of the oak - a novel by Pattison, Eliot.

Blood of the oak - a novel

"The fourth entry in the Bone Rattler series advances the protagonist Duncan McCallum to 1765 and into the throes of the Stamp Tax dissent, which marked the beginning of organized resistance to English rule. Duncan follows ritualistic murders that are strangely connected to both the theft of an Iroquois artifact and a series of murders and kidnappings in the network of secret runners supporting the nascent committees of correspondence-which are engaged in the first organized political dissent ac

Feb 6, 2016
Antler dust - an Allison Coil mystery by Stevens, Mark.

Antler dust - an Allison Coil mystery

On the opening day of the hunting season in the Colorado Flat Tops wilderness, two men go missing. The first is a hunting guide. The second is an animal rights protestor who believes his creative suicide will galvanize the animal rights movement. Hunting guide Allison Coil hears a distant rifle shot and sees just enough through the swirling snow to believe somebody knows something, and isn't coming forward. Forced to follow her own instincts when the authorities fail to follow through, Allison f

Feb 6, 2016
The bitter season by Hoag, Tami, author.

The bitter season

"While Nikki spends time with her family and misses more satisfying work with her former partner, Sam struggles with a rookie new partner and investigates a double homicide before unexpectedly teaming up with Nikki to stop a threat against a former foster child."--

Feb 6, 2016
Skin Like Silver - A Tom Harper Victorian Police Procedural by Nickson, Chris

Skin Like Silver - A Tom Harper Victorian Police Procedural

Feb 6, 2016
Skinny Dipping With Murder - An Otter Lake Mystery by Wallace, Auralee

Skinny Dipping With Murder - An Otter Lake Mystery

Feb 6, 2016
Stop the Presses! by Goldsborough, Robert

Stop the Presses!

Feb 6, 2016