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The first confessor - the legend of Magda Searus by Goodkind, Terry.

The first confessor - the legend of Magda Searus

Jun 2, 2015
The Drosten's curse by Kennedy, A. L.

The Drosten's curse

"From award-winning author A.L. Kennedy, an original Doctor Who novel featuring the beloved Fourth Doctor, as played by Tom Baker. Something odd is going on at the Fetch Brothers Golf Spa Hotel. Receptionist Bryony Mailer has noticed a definite tendency toward disappearance among the guests. She's tried talking to the manager, she's even tried talking to the owner who lives in one of the best cottages on the grounds, but to no avail. And then a tall, loping remarkably energetic guest (wearing a

Jun 2, 2015
Devil's Daughter by Schenk-de Michele, Hope/ Marquez, Paul/ Bohnhoff, Maya Kaathryn (CON)

Devil's Daughter

Jun 2, 2015
Depth by Rosen, Lev AC, author.


A private investigator's routine surveillance case in a flooded, post-apocalypse New York City leads to the discovery of a secret treasure from the past that numerous adversaries would kill to acquire.

Jun 2, 2015
Armada - a novel by Cline, Ernest.

Armada - a novel

"THE NEW NOVEL FROM THE BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF READY PLAYER ONE It's just another day of high school for Zack Lightman. He's daydreaming through another boring math class, with just one more month to go until graduation and freedom--if he can make it that long without getting suspended again. Then he glances out his classroom window and spots the flying saucer. At first, Zack thinks he's going crazy. A minute later, he's sure of it. Because the UFO he's staring at is straight out of the video

Jun 2, 2015
Alive by Sigler, Scott.


Jun 2, 2015
Slow Bullets by Reynolds, Alastair

Slow Bullets

Jun 2, 2015
The Shapeshifters by Spjut, Stefan

The Shapeshifters

Jun 2, 2015
Resistance by Birmingham, John


Jun 2, 2015
The rebirths of Tao by Chu, Wesley, author.

The rebirths of Tao

Many years have passed since the events in The Deaths of Tao. The world is split into pro-Prophus and pro-Genjix factions, and is poised on the edge of a devastating new World War. A Genjix scientist who defects to the other side holds the key to preventing bloodshed on an almost unimaginable scale. With the might of the Genjix in active pursuit, Roen is the only person who can help him save the world, and the Quasing race, too. And you thought you were having a stressful day...

Jun 2, 2015
Neverwhere - Author's Preferred Text by Gaiman, Neil

Neverwhere - Author's Preferred Text

Jun 2, 2015
Deep time by Douglas, Ian, 1950- author.

Deep time

Jun 2, 2015
Dark Disciple by Golden, Christie

Dark Disciple

Jun 2, 2015
Sacraments of fire by George, David R., III, author.

Sacraments of fire

When a strange man named Altek, armed with a projectile weapon, arrives on Deep Space Nine days after the assassination of Federation President Nan Bacco, the crew must figure out why he has been sent out of the Celestial Temple.

Jun 2, 2015
Queen of fire by Ryan, Anthony.

Queen of fire

"In the thrilling conclusion to the "deftly and originally executed"* New York Times bestselling Raven's Shadow trilogy, Vaelin Al Sorna must help his queen reclaim her Realm. Only his enemy has a dangerous new collaborator, one with powers darker than Vaelin has ever encountered... "The Ally is there, but only ever as a shadow, unexplained catastrophe or murder committed at the behest of a dark and vengeful spirit. Sorting truth from myth is often a fruitless task." After fighting back from the

Jun 2, 2015
Holmes-Dracula file by Saberhagen, Fred

Holmes-Dracula file

Jun 2, 2015
Half a war by Abercrombie, Joe.

Half a war

"New York Times bestselling author Joe Abercrombie delivers the stunning conclusion to the epic fantasy trilogy that began with Half a King, praised by George R. R. Martin as "a fast-paced tale of betrayal and revenge that grabbed me from page 1 and refused to let go." Words are weapons. Princess Skara has seen all she loved made blood and ashes. She is left with only words. But the right words can be as deadly as any blade. If she is to reclaim her birthright, she must conquer her fears and s

Jun 2, 2015