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Dead boys by Squailia, Gabriel.

Dead boys

A decade dead, Jacob Campbell is a preservationist, providing a kind of taxidermy to keep his clients looking lifelike for as long as the forces of entropy will allow. But in the Land of the Dead, where the currency is time itself and there is little for corpses to do but drink, thieve, and gamble eternity away, Jacob abandons his home and his fortune for an opportunity to meet the man who cheated the rules of life and death entirely.

Jul 5, 2015
Dead ice by Hamilton, Laurell K.

Dead ice

When her independent reputation is compromised by her engagement to master vampire Jean-Claude, Anita takes an assignment from the FBI to track down a practitioner of dark voodoo who is victimizing women.

Jul 5, 2015
Dead man's reach by Jackson, D. B.

Dead man's reach

"Let the battle for souls begin in Dead Man's Reach, the fourth, stand-alone novel in D.B. Jackson's acclaimed Thieftaker series. Boston, 1770: The city is a powder keg as tensions between would-be rebels and loyalist torries approach a breaking point and one man is willing to light the match that sets everything off to ensure that he has his revenge. The presence of the British Regulars has made thieftaking a hard business to be in and the jobs that are available are reserved for Sephira Pryc

Jul 5, 2015
Deadeye by Dietz, William C.


In the year 2038, an act of bioengineered terrorism decimated humanity. Those who survived were either completely unaffected or developed horrible mutations. Across the globe, nations are now divided between areas populated by "norms" and lands run by "mutants"... Detective Cassandra Lee of Los Angeles's Special Investigative Section has built a fierce reputation taking down some of the city's most notorious criminals. But the serial cop killer known as Bonebreaker, who murdered Lee's father, is

Jul 5, 2015
Deceptions - A Cainsville Novel by Armstrong, Kelley

Deceptions - A Cainsville Novel

Jul 5, 2015
Deep time by Douglas, Ian, 1950- author.

Deep time

When an alien ship of unknown origin suddenly flees Earth's orbit, President of the United States of North America, Alexander Koenig, discovers that this strange alien species has mastered the power to manipulate time itself and could be the agents of humanity's destruction.

Jul 3, 2015
Depth by Rosen, Lev AC.


"Combines hardboiled mystery and dystopian science fiction in a future where the rising ocean levels have left New York twenty-one stories under water and cut off from the rest of the United States. But the city survives, and Simone Pierce is one of its best private investigators. Her latest case, running surveillance on a potentially unfaithful husband, was supposed to be easy. Then her target is murdered, and the search for his killer points Simone towards a secret from the past that can't pos

Jul 3, 2015
Devil's daughter - an urban fantasy by Schenk-de Michele, Hope.

Devil's daughter - an urban fantasy

Lucinda, the immortal daughter of Eve and Lucifer, has worked for millennia to quietly subvert her father's schemes. In the mortal world she operates Lucinda's Pawnshop and Antiquary, a place that attracts people who are at a moral or spiritual crossroads.

Jul 5, 2015
Dragon Heart by Holland, Cecelia

Dragon Heart

Jul 5, 2015
Dragon in exile by Lee, Sharon, 1952-

Dragon in exile

Jul 3, 2015
Dragon Queen by Deas, Stephen

Dragon Queen

Jul 5, 2015
Dragonquest by McCaffrey, Anne.


It has been years since the dreaded "threads" descended on Pern, and the inhabitants, busy with daily pursuits, no longer worry about the danger. Now, with only a few dragons left who can take to the skies and destroy the threads, they suddenly begin falling again.

Jul 2, 2015
Fearless by James, Elliott.


"THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS A CLEARCUT CASE OF RITE AND WRONG. When your last name is Charming, rescuing virgins comes with the territory, even when the virgin in question is a nineteen-year-old college boy. Someone, somewhere, has declared war on Kevin Kichida, and that someone has a long list of magical predators on their rolodex. The good news is that Kevin lives in a town where Ted Cahill is the new sheriff and old ally of John Charming. The attacks on Kevin seem to be a pattern, and the mor

Jul 5, 2015
Finches of Mars by Aldiss, Brian W.

Finches of Mars

Jul 5, 2015
Flaming London by Lansdale, Joe R.

Flaming London

Jul 5, 2015
Fool's Quest - Book II of the Fitz and the Fool Series by Hobb, Robin

Fool's Quest - Book II of the Fitz and the Fool Series

Jul 5, 2015
For love of mother-not by Foster, Alan Dean, 1946-

For love of mother-not

The first meeting of Pip and Flinx.

Jul 5, 2015
From a drood to a kill by Green, Simon R., 1955- author.

From a drood to a kill

"Some call me Shaman Bond, but I was born Eddie Drood, the latest in a long line of folks who chase monsters out of closets for a living to keep humanity safe from all that is dark, demonic, and just downright evil. Needless to say, we've made our fair share of enemies over the centuries and made some questionable bargains. In exchange for the power to fight the forces of darkness, my parents signed over their souls. They're not the only ones who've made deals with Heaven, Hell, and every otherw

Jul 3, 2015
From a high tower by Lackey, Mercedes, author.

From a high tower

Reimagines the story of Rapunzel and depicts a young woman who endures an isolated existence and magical lessons from her witch guardian before she is assaulted by an attacker whom she vows to bring to justice.

Jul 3, 2015
Gene mapper by Fujii, Taiyo, 1971-

Gene mapper

"In a future where reality has been augmented and biology itself has been hacked, the world's food supply is genetically modified, superior, and vulnerable. When gene mapper Hayashida discovers that his custom rice plant has experienced a dysgenic collapse, he suspects sabotage. Hayashida travels Asia to find himself in Ho Chi Minh City with hired-gun hacker Kitamura at his side--and in mortal danger--as he pushes ever nearer to the heart of the mystery"--

Jul 5, 2015