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Shadow by Elliott, Will, 1979-


"Eric Albright was a luckless journalist living in London. He had a so-so life...until the day he opened a battered red door that appeared on the graffiti-covered wall of a local bridge, and entered Levaal, a magical world between worlds. A place populated by power damaged mages, stone giants, pit devils--and dragons, Levaal's possible creators, who are imprisoned in a sky prison. It is also where the mad Lord Vous rules with an iron fist and is busy working on a scheme to turn himself into a go

Mar 4, 2015
Savage trade by Daniel, Tony, author.

Savage trade

"The U.S.S. Enterprise under the command of Captain James T. Kirk is en route to the extreme edge of the Alpha Quadrant, and to a region known as the Vara Nebula. Its mission: to investigate why science outpost Zeta Gibraltar is not answering all Federation hailing messages. When the Enterprise arrives, a scan shows no life forms in the science station. Kirk leads a landing party and quickly discovers the reason for the strange silence--signs of a violent firefight are everywhere. Zeta Gibraltar

Mar 4, 2015
Radiomen by Lerman, Eleanor, 1952-


"When Laurie Perzin calls into a late-night radio show to talk to a psychic as a lark one night, she has no idea that this connection will turn her world upside down. Before Laurie can even speak, the psychic, Ravenette, is able to discern an image from Laurie’s childhood: an alien being Laurie saw in her uncle’s apartment four decades ago. Though Laurie quickly hangs up, the show’s host, Jack, begins calling her, telling her he knew her uncle, Avi, a science teacher with an interest in satellit

Mar 4, 2015
Way into chaos- Book one of the great way by Connolly, Harry

Way into chaos- Book one of the great way

Mar 4, 2015
Impulse by Bara, Dave, author.


"Lieutenant Peter Cochrane of the Quantar Royal Navy believes he has his future clearly mapped out. It begins with his new assignment as an officer on Her Majesty's Spaceship Starbound, a Lightship bound for deep space voyages of exploration. But everything changes when Peter is summoned to the office of his father, Grand Admiral Nathan Cochrane, and given devastating news: the death of a loved one. In a distant solar system, a mysterious and unprovoked attack upon Lightship Impulse resulted in

Mar 4, 2015
No going back by Van Name, Mark L.

No going back

Nano-enhanced John Moore is haunted by memories of child soldiers he couldn't save. Now he's so self-destructive that Lobo, his hyper-intelligent assault vehicle, fears a high-stakes illegal mission could be their last.

Mar 4, 2015
Half the world by Abercrombie, Joe, author.

Half the world

"Set in the same world as Half a King, Half a World follows a new protagonist, Thorn, a fifteen-year-old girl in training for the king's army. But even as she's learning the ways of war, she's also growing up...and falling in love for the first time"--

Mar 4, 2015
Fortune's blight by Manieri, Evie.

Fortune's blight

Mar 4, 2015
Forsaken by Armstrong, Kelley, author.


When her daughter Kate runs off just as werewolf Elena Michaels receives a series of cryptic calls, Elena goes on high alert. As she, her husband, and various Pack members search for Kate, she scents a dangerous rogue werewolf previously banished from North America. Finding Kate and keeping her safe become more complicated and difficult when the girl begins experiencing a sort of paranormal puberty.

Mar 4, 2015
Ecotopia - the notebooks and reports of William Weston by Callenbach, Ernest, author.

Ecotopia - the notebooks and reports of William Weston

"Twenty years have passed since Northern California, Oregon, and Washington seceded from the United States to create a new nation, Ectopia. Rumors abound of barbaric war games, tree worship, revolutionary politics, sexual extravagance. Now this mysterious country admits its first American visitor: investigative reporter Will Weston, whose dispatches alternate between shock and admiration. But Ectopia gradually unravels everything Weston knows to be true about government and human nature itself,

Mar 4, 2015
The diabolical Miss Hyde by Carr, Viola, author.

The diabolical Miss Hyde

Magic, mystery, and romance mix in this edgy retelling of the classic The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde - in which Dr. Eliza Jekyll is the daughter of the infamous Henry. In an electric-powered Victorian London, Dr. Eliza Jekyll is a crime scene investigator, hunting killers with inventive new technological gadgets. Now, a new killer is splattering London with blood, drugging beautiful women and slicing off their limbs. Catching "the Chopper" could make Eliza's career - or get her burn

Mar 4, 2015
Vengeance of the iron dwarf by Salvatore, R. A., 1959- author.

Vengeance of the iron dwarf

"Continues the adventures of dark elf Drizzt Do'Urden against a backdrop of a brutal war that expands throughout the Forgotten Realms."--

Mar 4, 2015
Rabbit in a Bottle by Guyer, Jim Patrick.

Rabbit in a Bottle

When Gerald makes a miraculous recovery from being brain dead, his intellect has been exponentially increased, but all of his memories have been erased. Gerald is the subject of an experimental genetic procedure. Artificially generated brainwaves, used to revive him, spur his mind to a higher functioning. Gerald struggles with his increased abilites and reconciling lost relationships. His is a tale of coming of age, falling in love, and self discovery.

Mar 4, 2015
Vulcan's hammer by Dick, Philip K.

Vulcan's hammer

"Confronted by a dangerous movement of religious fanatics and challenges to its authorities, the Vulcan 3, an objective, unbiased, and hyperrational computer that dictates policy for all citizens--an omnipotent technological wonder that evolved out of chaos and war--could prove to be human civilization's worst nightmare."--

Mar 4, 2015
Rogue planet by Bear, Greg, 1951-

Rogue planet

Following the events in "The Phantom Menace", Obi-Wan Kenobi is entrusted by the Jedi council to train Anakin Skywalker as a Jedi Knight. Obi-Wan, as did his slain Master Qui-Gon Jinn, believes Anakin is the Chosen One, destined to bring balance to the Force. But Obi-Wan must help his undisciplined apprentice find his own balance.

Mar 4, 2015
The Thorn of Dentonhill by Maresca, Marshall Ryan, author.

The Thorn of Dentonhill

Mar 4, 2015
Window Wall by Rawn, Melanie

Window Wall

Mar 4, 2015
The very best of Kate Elliott. by Elliott, Kate, 1958- author.

The very best of Kate Elliott.

"Strong heroines and riveting storytelling are the hallmarks of groundbreaking fantasy author Kate Elliott (Crown of Stars, Crossroads). Her long-awaited first collection showcases twenty years of her finest work. Captured here are many of Elliott's previously out-of-print tales, four previously unpublished essays, and a brand new Crossroads story, "On the Dying Winds of the Old Year and the Birthing Winds of the New." Elliott's bold adventuresses, complex quests, noble sacrifices, and hard-won

Mar 4, 2015
Straits of Hell by Anderson, Taylor

Straits of Hell

Mar 4, 2015
The silver witch by Brackston, Paula.

The silver witch

"A year after her husband's sudden death, ceramic artist Tilda Fordwells finally moves into the secluded Welsh cottage that was to be their new home. She hopes that the tranquil surroundings will help ease her grief, and lessen her disturbing visions of Mat's death. Instead, the lake in the valley below her cottage seems to spark something dormant in her a sensitivity, and a power of some sort. Animals are drawn to her, electricity shorts out when she's near, and strangest of all, she sees a new

Mar 4, 2015