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Strangled silence by McGann, Oisín, author.

Strangled silence

While working as a newspaper intern, Amina Mir interviews a veteran of the war in Sinnostan who is convinced that someone has tampered with his memories. Amina is skeptical, but when she meets a conspiracy investigator who has interviewed dozens of soldiers, all telling the same story, she realized she may have stumbled into a terrifying government cover-up.

Apr 24, 2015
Accel World. 03, The twilight marauder by Kawahara, Reki, author.

Accel World. 03, The twilight marauder

"His life completely transformed since meeting Kuroyukihime, the most beautiful girl in school, Haruyuki has grown up into a magnificent knight, fat and bullied though he might be. As the season turns to spring, a strange new student appears before Haruyuki and his friends, now in eighth grade. This mysterious seventh-grader has mastered the art of using Brain Burst in everyday life, despite being curiously absent from the Duel-matching list. With Kuroyukihime away on a field trip for the ninth

Apr 24, 2015
Accel World. 02, The red storm princess by Kawahara, Reki.

Accel World. 02, The red storm princess

Since meeting Kuroyukihime, an avatar in a virtual world, Haruyuki has managed to grow up a bit, but in the Accelerated World, he must now subjugate a cursed piece of enhanced armament which is polluting the minds of the duel avatars that don it and only Silver Crow, the sole duel avatar with the power of flight, can apprehend the relic.

Apr 24, 2015
Dream a little dream by Gier, Kerstin, author.

Dream a little dream

Liv Silver, fifteen, has lived in six countries in eight years and she and her sister yearn for a real home and normalcy, but soon after moving in with her mother's boyfriend in London, Liv's dreams turn bizarre, filled with talking stone statues, mysterious corridors, and strange rituals conducted by four boys who happen to be her new classmates.

Apr 24, 2015
Things we know by heart by Kirby, Jessi, author.

Things we know by heart

A year after losing her boyfriend, Trent, in an unexpected accident, Quinn Sullivan secretly tracks down the recipient of his donated heart in an attempt to heal, but ends up falling for him.

Apr 24, 2015
Playing a part by Wilke, Daria, author.

Playing a part

Grishka has grown up in the closed world of a puppet theater in Russia, but now that world seems to be falling apart--his best friend needs an operation, financial difficulties are forcing people out, his homosexual friend Sam, the jester, is leaving for Holland and Grishka no longer knows what role he himself is playing.

Apr 24, 2015
None of the above by Gregorio, I. W., author.

None of the above

"When Kristin Lattimer is voted homecoming queen, it seems like another piece of her ideal life has fallen into place. She's a champion hurdler with a full scholarship to college and she's madly in love with her boyfriend. In fact, she's decided that she's ready to take things to the next level with him. But Kristin's first time isn't the perfect moment she's planned -- something is very wrong...." --inside front cover.

Apr 24, 2015
The glass arrow by Simmons, Kristen, author.

The glass arrow

Stolen from her home, and being groomed for auction, Aya is desperate to escape her fate and return to her family, but her only allies are a loyal wolf she's raised from a pup and a strange mute boy who may be her best hope for freedom ... if she can truly trust him.

Apr 24, 2015
Infinity coil by Chan, Marty.

Infinity coil

Ehrich Weisz, Demon Hunter, is continuing his increasingly desperate quest to rescue his brother in an alternate universe.

Apr 24, 2015
The kidney hypothetical, or, how to ruin your life in seven days by Yee, Lisa, author.

The kidney hypothetical, or, how to ruin your life in seven days

A week before high school graduation, Harvard-bound Higgs suddenly finds his life falling apart and the other students turning against him, and somehow it all started with a hypothetical question about donating a kidney--but really it goes much deeper, all the way back to the death of his older brother.

Apr 24, 2015
Jason and Marceline by Spinelli, Jerry.

Jason and Marceline

The further adventures of Jason Herkimer as he tries to cope with three important things in his life: his relationship with Marceline McAllister, his peer group, and his burgeoning sexuality. Sequel to "Space Station Seventh Grade."

Apr 24, 2015
Lost in thought - first book of the Sententia by Bertrand, Cara, author.

Lost in thought  - first book of the Sententia

At her new boarding school, Lainey Young has visions that confirm she is one of the Sententia, a society for the psychically gifted, but she and crush Carter Penrose soon learn that the extent of her powers may be putting her danger.

Apr 24, 2015
Mapmaker by Bomback, Mark, author.


Teenagers Tanya and Connor stumble on a deadly secret while working at the digital mapmaking company where Tanya's dead father once worked.

Apr 24, 2015
One thing stolen by Kephart, Beth, author.

One thing stolen

Nadia Cara is in Florence, Italy with her family because her professor father is researching the 1966 flood, but Nadia herself is in trouble--she has turned into a kleptomaniac and she feels detached from everything, except for an elusive Italian boy whom no one but herself has seen.

Apr 24, 2015
The pretty app by Sise, Katie, author.

The pretty app

Eighteen-year-old Blake Dawkins competes against girls across the country for a spot on a reality television show through the Pretty App, but difficulties at home and a desire to be more than just her high school's "mean girl" lead her to transform herself into the person she really wants to be.

Apr 24, 2015
The Remedy by Young, Suzanne, author.

The Remedy

Seventeen-year-old Quinn provides closure to grieving families by taking on the short-term role of a deceased loved one, until huge secrets come to the surface about Quinn's own past.

Apr 24, 2015
The Second Guard by Vaughn, J. D., author.

The Second Guard

While training to join the ranks of the Queen's legendary army, the Second Guard, fifteen-year-old Talimendra and her new friends Zarif and Chey discover a conspiracy that could bring down the entire Tequendian Empire.

Apr 24, 2015
Space station seventh grade by Spinelli, Jerry.

Space station seventh grade

Seventh-grader Jason narrates the events of his year, from school, hair, and pimples, to mothers, little brothers, and a girl.

Apr 24, 2015
Tunnel vision - a novel by Adrian, Susan, author.

Tunnel vision - a novel

When Jake Lukin, eighteen, reveals his psychic ability he is forced to become a government asset in order to keep his mother and sister safe, but Rachel, the girl he likes, tries to help him live his own life instead of tunneling through others.

Apr 24, 2015
Zeroboxer by Lee, Fonda, author.


"As seventeen-year-old Carr 'the Raptor' Luka rises to fame in the weightless combat sport of zeroboxing, he learns a devastating secret that jeopardizes not only his future in the sport, but interplanetary relations"--

Apr 24, 2015