Library Updating Kirkwood Entrance and Plaza

News Release Date: 
May 20 2013

The St. Charles Troop 170 Boy Scouts at work at Monroe County Public Library

Bloomington, Ind.--Beginning this month, the Main Library of Monroe County Public Library will begin renovating and updating the entrance, plaza, and landscaping along Kirkwood Avenue.  The highlight of this project will be the installation of an interactive and educational sundial to accompany the beloved bears in the plaza.  Children and adults will be fascinated as they use their own body and shadow to determine the time, while learning principles of geography and math in the process.

With a grant from the Bloomington Board of Realtors and the help of the St. Charles Troop 170 Boy Scouts, the library will also be updating the landscaping along Kirkwood Avenue.  As part of their Eagle Scout projects, the Scouts will remove invasive and overgrown plants, replacing them with new trees, bushes, and perennials featuring species native to Indiana.

The library will also be renovating the Kirkwood entrance to address accessibility issues.  The stamped concrete will be removed and replaced to match existing surrounding concrete. The main entrance will remain open while under construction.  The current bench seating on Kirkwood Avenue will also be removed and replaced with new benches featured in the plaza and along Grant Street.

When complete, patrons can expect a more inviting and beautiful library on Kirkwood Avenue, with the opportunity for a fun and interactive visit at the outdoor plaza.

Please contact the library at 349-3050 if you have any questions or comments.