Mayor's Proclamation Honors Independent Producer for Creating 1,000 Programs for CATS Comcast Channel 7

News Release Date: 
Sep 24 2010
For Immediate Release

Bloomington, IN--Local Community Access Television producer Lennon Beasley has chosen to share much of his life with local viewers on the CATS network.  Those who watch his unique brand of local reality TV--whether a program has him drumming, practicing bowling or giving his sincere take on romance--have had their lives enriched in unexpected ways. This three-time Special Olympics winner and independent TV producer now can boast of one more impressive accomplishment. He has completed over 1,000 programs for CATS. In acknowledgement of Lennon hitting this lofty goal, Bloomington Mayor Mark Kruzan proclaimed September 24 as "Lennon Beasley Day". Lennon's new goal is to produce 2,000 programs for the CATS community network.

Lennon says about his achievement, "Nobody had reached the 1,000 mark in the 36-year history of CATS until August 9, 2010. I am a living, talented, performing, producing and supporting Legend for CATS.  It's emotional for me to have achieved my goal!" CATS General Manager Michael White adds, "To my knowledge, Lennon Beasley has produced more programs than any producer in the history of community access television. Certainly at CATS, no producer even comes close. On a daily basis, Lennon demonstrates what one man with special abilities can do when possessed of a passion for life and the focus to achieve a single-minded goal."

Former Chair of the Bloomington Telecommunications Council and Public Access advocate Duane Busick says, "Lennon represents what public access should be about: that anyone can have a voice on the community access network here in Bloomington. Watching Lennon accomplish his goal of 1,000 programs and seeing the sheer joy emulate from him during this process, has warmed my heart."

Lennon's programming may be seen on Comcast Channel 7, Mondays and Wednesdays, 4--5:30 p.m.  Viewers can also sample Lennon's music on YouTube at: Better is One Day.

CATS is a department of Monroe County Public Library and provides free cameras, editing, training and time on the cable for the expression of constitutionally protected forms of speech. More information about CATS is available by calling 812-349-3111 or visiting

Contact: Michael White, CATS General Manager, 812-349-3111.