Health And Wellness

  • Health and Wellness are primary concerns for a wide swath of our population.  Although everyone knows what health is, wellness is a newer term that can be defined as actively pursuing a lifestyle that includes good nutrition, stress management, and exercise.  In wellness an individual works proactively to promote his or her health rather than reacting to illness or injuries later.

    This guide contains materials held at MCPL including books, movies, and magazines. It also includes information available through our resource databases as well as web sources including information about local organizations. The broader subject headings and their call numbers are: health: 613 | nutrition: 613.2 | exercise: 613.7 | medical care: 610 | mental health: 616.89 | self-care: 616.024 | sexual health: 613.9 and 306.7082 | sexual hygiene: 612.6

    Dory L.


  • Jesse H. Wright and Laura McCray
    616.8527 Wri

    This workbook style guide takes a multi-pronged approach to helping people deal with depression.  All six of the suggested paths have been proven effective by research. They include dealing with thoughts and action, a biological path, one dealing with relationships, one focusing on lifestyle, another on spirituality, and finally, one on mindfulness. Along the way, the two therapists provide a lot of background information on the genetics and biology of this disease as well as practical tips such as light therapy and fighting negative thinking.  A practical approach to a common mental illness.

  • H. Winter Griffith, M.D.
    615.1 Gri

    This comprehensive guide covers more than 6000 brand names and over 1000 generic names.  For each it provides basic information: (is it habit forming? is there a generic drug available?), usage information, what to do if there is an overdose, possible side effects, and warnings and precautions. Also helpful is a list of possible interactions with other drugs and substances. Simple to use, this makes an excellent home reference work for all drug-related information.  

  • Scott Litin, Ed.
    613 May

    Every home needs a copy of this practical, in-depth volume. It's a detailed source for your entire medical and health needs including: immunizations, fitness, health while traveling, pregnancy, early childhood, and end-of-life issues. There's also a large section on injuries and symptoms that advises people on what conditions they can handle at home and when to seek emergency medical treatment. There is a large section on diseases and disorders arranged by body systems and separate sections on infectious diseases and genetics. Also treated in detail are both men's and women's health.  Other helpful additions are sections on tests and procedures, pain management, and alternative medicine.  This is an easy to use, detailed resource that's packed with helpful information.

  • Kevin Kaufman
    616.1205 May

    Heart disease is the leading killer of both men and women in the U.S. In 26 short, easy-to-read chapters this guide offers advice on controlling heart disease for those who already suffer from it, and preventing it for others.  Early sections make it clear when you need to see a doctor. It also provides a quiz to help you ascertain the current state of your coronary health. Other chapters include information about eating and sleeping well, lowering stress, and knowing your genetic history and numbers. Eight chapters feature more detailed information about specific disorders such as vascular diseases and arrhythmias. Illustrated with many diagrams, photos, and tables, this excellent guide will appeal to a wide audience.

  • William, Mary E. (ed.)
    306.7 Se

    This book is part of a series that presents opposite sides to contemporary issues. Many of the ones covered here are, as you might, expect hot-button issues such as gay marriage, pornography, cohabitation before marriage, virginity pledges, sexual freedom, and other topics widely covered in contemporary media. An annotated bibliography is included. This book offers a good introduction to many of the topics being widely-discussed today.

Web Resources

  • Over 25 million Americans have diabetes. This website is a great resource for people who have the disease, or care for someone with it. You can also access you own personal risk factors for diabetes with their risk test.  Covered are basics of all types of the disease including diabetes 1, diabetes 2, and gestational diabetes. The site also provides meal planning and tips on exercise and weight loss. It also covers risk factors for other diseases, skin care, information on blood glucose levels, and how to track them. There is also an "Ask an Expert" section.  Comprehensive information on all aspects of diabetes and diabetes management.  

  • The Centers for Disease Control, our federal government's leading agency to protect the public's health, has set up this website so that people can quickly search for health and wellness information. It features topics that be searched by common names rather than scientific terms.  It includes popular topics, ones that the agency receives many requests about, and ones that help it pursue its mission of guaranteeing the public's health. It's a very wide-ranging list and covers everything from death certificates, disaster management, SARS, to vaccination and hundreds of other topics.

  • The motto of this site is "Get in shape, stay in shape." It provides a wealth of information in various formats: videos, articles, exercise examples, and blogs on topics that include exercise, diet, and nutrition. The "tools" section is very helpful. It includes a BMI calculator, a hidden carb locator tool, a tool to measure your fitness level, and a "calories per day" needed calculator.  An important site for both fitness newbies and long-term exercise practitioners.

  • Maintained by the USDA Agriculture Library, the Food and Nutrition Center offers over 2500 links to current and reliable information about all aspects of nutrition from labeling to healthy foods for athletes to information for those suffering from allergies or with food sensitivities. One nice element is the section on good nutrition based on life stages, including infancy, childhood, pregnancy, nursing mothers and the aged. Other helpful additions are detailed information about weight control and a calorie counter.

  • This U.S. federal government website has a wealth of information on all aspects of mental health including anxiety diseases, autism, depression, bipolar disorder, eating problems, schizophrenia, suicide prevention and other topics. It also has a mental health service provider search by area, recent news reports on all aspects of mental health, and web, video and audio reports on various conditions such as brain basics, neuroscience, and how the brain works.  Also included are mental health statistics, mental health information by age and gender, information on clinical trials, and a primer on how to cope with traumatic events.  

  • This website offers wide-ranging information about all sorts of health and wellness topics. Recently diagnosed with cancer? Has your husband burned himself cooking dinner? If so, this website will give you a guide for chemotherapy and instructions for treating minor burns at home. All of the material is written by trained medical professionals from the Univeristy of Iowa. Also available are sections on healthy recipies, joint care, obesity, pediatric care, and many other health and wellness issues. 

  • This site provides a list of common diseases and symptoms. Its large wellness component includes information about fitness, parenting, teen health, and even pet health. It allows you to create and update your own personal health records. There's also a section on drugs and supplements. Because of its news section, you can find current information on health and wellness research.  Also offered are blogs by experts and newsletters to sign up for based upon your interests and conditions. An excellent site for all your health and wellness needs.

Movies & Music

  • James Wvinner, Director
    613.71 Age

    This fitness program includes four 15 minute segments that promote strength and stamina especially for older adults, however this total body workout can be enjoyed by all ages.  Smith, a long-term fitness instructor, provides a helpful course in total body strength training.

  • 616.39 For

    This film profiles the work of two doctors, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn and Dr. T. Colin Campbell who wondered why Americans suffer from so many chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. They believe there is a strong relationship to our diet. They recommend a plant-based diet for maximum health.

  • 306.8743 Rea

    Approximately a million teens in the U.S. get pregnant every year. This film emphasizes the large responsibility that becoming pregnant as a teen entails. It covers how teens get pregnant, why some teens choose to become pregnant, and what types of help a teenage pregnant mom needs.

  • 616.898 Unl

    This moving first person account recalls a daughter's relationship with a father who suffers from paranoid schizophrenia. The narrator and director and writer, Delaney Ruston, describes how difficult it is for family members and for those suffering from this disease. She also pleads for a better mental health care system in our country that would provide good treatment for all those suffering from mental disease.

Reference Resources

  • R 616.075 Cur

    This single-source clinical diagnosis guide is detailed and current enough for medical practitoners, but it also provides a detailed resource for family members seeking information about symptoms and treatment for more than 1000 specific diseases. It covers all major diseases as well as sports medicine, psychological disorders and immunizations. There are also sections on women's diseases and on infertility.

  • R615.5 Gal

    This four volume reference source includes over 800 articles on complementary and herbal therapies.  Its easy-to-use alphabetical arrangement includes conditions and diseases such as autism and breast-feeding problems and herbal and complementary treatments such as coltsfoot and Chinese massage.  For each treatment listed, the work provides a definition, information on its origins, benefits, preparation, precautions, and side effects.  Other helpful categories covered are research and general acceptance of the alternative treatment. Also provided is a section on training and certification. For each disease the following are included: definition, description, causes and symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, allopathic treatment, expected results, prevention and a resources list.  Unexpected inclusions are essays on shamanism and sleep apnea.  A one-stop source on a popular topic in the health and wellness field.

  • R615.1 Ha

    High quality medical illustrations and photographs cover every system of the body and help patrons visualize where various parts of the body are located and what functions that they perform. Clinical views show photographs or illustration of diseases or disorders such as Alzheimer's or Graves disease. Organized by anatomical region, the illustrations are paramount in this resource; they are well-done and well-labeled. 

  • 610.3 Mag

    This six volume work gives in-depth coverage of many diseases (symptoms, treatment, etiology) in a handy A-Z format. Each disease or disorder is summarized in a box for quick review, and recent research is highlighted in sidebars. Helpful illustrations are placed throughout. An easy to use source with lots of current medical information.

  • 616.075 Med R

    This source offers comprehensive information about many tests inducing biopsies, mammography, blood and urine tests, ultrasound screening and MRIs. There are also sections on tests for sleep problems, stress. One chapter is devoted to newborn testing and another for childhood checkups.  Also included are home tests, test for infertility and diabetes.

Journals & Magazines

  • This popular monthly circulates and offers lots of ideas for a personal exercise regime including running, walking, and strength training. Illustrated with photos of exercise regimes, there are lots of good ideas here to keep your workout fresh and challenging.

  • Many people suffer from heart ailments. This newsletter has the latest news and research on living with heart disease as well as advice about preventing coronary illness. Covers the latest heart research in an easily understandable format.

  • Mental health issues affect a large proportion of Americans. This newsletter is the only one we subscribe to that focuses on this important area. This monthly guide covers new research and practical treatment of mental health problems.

  • This monthly newsletter covers all aspects of nutrition and fitness. It also covers stress management. It provides an excellent source for the latest research findings in these areas, and it's written for a general audience. Each letter is about eight to ten pages, so the research information is summarized.


  • This source offers a wide variety of health and wellness information from periodicals, journals, reference sources and pamphlets. It covers health assessment, diseases and conditions, drugs and herbal remedies, alternative medicine--in short, basically all aspects of this field.  An additional helpful feature is a list of "Trusted Sites" that offers well-regarded websites on a huge variety of wellness topics. It would make an excellent starting point for web research on these subjects.

    It is accessed through INSPIRE, the periodical database on our Research Tools page. It can be searched from home or at the library. This database works well for all research levels from grade school to academic to a consumer audience.

  • This excellent resource offers full-text searching to over 250 full-text magazines offering up-to-date information about wellness, self-care, nutrition, exercise, and drug and alcohol abuse. It's part of our Indiana's Virtual Library, Inspire database and can be accessed from our Resource Page. 

  • This science database offers many health and wellness subjects such as obesity, nutrition, disease symptoms, current medical treatments, etc.  Subject and keyword choices allow you to search Gale Publisher's current database of e-reference titles. You can limit by publication year and whether you prefer your results be geared for a popular or academic audience. 

Local Resources

  • Area 10 Agency on Aging is a private, not-for-profit corporation serving elderly persons in Monroe and Owen Counties. We are the tenth of sixteen Area Agencies on Aging in Indiana. Our mission is to improve the quality of life and celebrate the independence, health, and dignity of all senior citizens. The following services are available for persons in the Monroe and Owen County area who are 60 or older or who are disabled:

    • Food Pantry Program
    • Nutrition Services
    • Case management & Care planning
    • Respite for care givers
    • Home Health Care
    • Friendly Visitors Program
    • Elder abuse issues
    • Homemaker services
    • Information and Referral
    • Pre-admission screening for nursing homes
    • Telephone Reassurance
    • CHOICE program services
    • Medicaid Waiver services
    • Transportation
    • Assistance to homebound elderly and disabled (includes grocery shopping).
  • This is part of the national Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance.  They offer a support group, but do not provide any therapy.  The group is diverse and welcomes people age 17 and above. They are very welcoming to new people.  Family members and friends are also welcome.  Be advised confidentiality is very important to this group. Meeting information is listed below.

    When: The first and third Thursday nights of each month, except on holidays.

    Where:  St. Mark’s United Methodist Church, Rooms 3, 8, or 6 ; 100 N. State Rd 46 Bypass (Just north of CVS Pharmacy near the College Mall)
    If you enter the church from the main parking lot to the south facing toward the College Mall, turn left immediately at the first hallway.  We never start early, but it is fine to come late and/or leave early.

    Time:   7:00 PM

  • The Monroe County Division of Family and Children Division of Family Resources: receives applications and approves eligibility for Medicaid, Food Stamps, cash assistance via Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), and childcare.

    Office of Medicaid Policy and Planning: Administers Medicaid programs including the managed care system for Hoosier Healthwise participants.  Performs medical review of Medicaid disability claims.
    Division of Disability and Rehabilitative Services:  Manages the delivery of services to children and adults with developmental disabilities. Oversees the First Steps rehabilitation program for children from birth to age three.
    Division of Mental Health and Addiction: Support network of mental health care providers.

  • The mission is to help mothers worldwide to breastfeed through mother-to-mother support, encouragement, information and education, and to promote a better understanding of breastfeeding as an important element in the healthy development of the baby and the mother.

  • The VA Medical Center is the only complex, tertiary medical center in Indiana. Provides acute inpatient medical, surgical, psychiatric, neurological, and rehabilitation care.

  • In cooperation with others in the community, Volunteers in Medicine plans to provide the following services without cost to the medically underserved in Monroe and Owen Counties: easily accessible, quality primary and preventive health care; treatment for both acute and chronic conditions; and health education that empowers individuals to take responsibility for their own well being