Lawn And Garden

  • The Library has a large collection of books and videos on gardening, garden design, landscaping, plant selection, pruning, lawn care, organic methods, composting and other related topics. This guide will help you to understand how the materials are organized at the library and it will also introduce you to reliable and authoritative sources on gardening in the community and on the Internet.

    Steve B.


  • Bridget Biscotti Bradley
    712.6 Bra

    This book is published by Rodale, a company that has specialized in organic and green gardening techniques for many years. Coverage includes use of accent pieces, colors, focal points, a variety of styles of walls, walkways, heavy plant areas, limited plant areas, high maintenance and low maintenance backyards. Includes many illustrations of innovative design ideas for tricky situations.

  • Carolyn A. Harstad
    Indiana Room IND 635.95177 Har

    Many books on gardening in the Midwest may not be very applicable to south central Indiana. By focusing on the lower Midwest, Harstad creates a book that is more useful in Monroe county. She offers advice on planning, site and soil preparation, garden design, plant selection, and propagation.

  • Tim Newbury
    712.16 Ne

    Tim Newbury is a well known landscape designer and has authored several books on the topic. This book contains forty templates for different kinds of design situations. Contains hundreds of illustrations and photos showing many types of garden conditions and ideas for adapting to specific problems.

  • Richard Gianfrancesco
    635 Gia

    A complete illustrated guide to the hundreds of plants that are easy to grow in the home garden, this book contains an extensive list of plants to suit all growing conditions in all regions. Also included are instructions and a month-by-month calendar of tasks describe how to cultivate more than 125 crops, from traditional choices to more unusual varieties.

  • John Jeavons
    635 Je

    This is a classic; a complete guide to growing organic vegetables in any size garden. It's a bit on the old side, but the tips and techniques included here are still very useful and this is a good example of the kinds of books you can find on growing vegetables naturally at MCPL.

  • James A. Fizzell
    Indiana Room IND 635.09772 Fi

    James A. Fizzell has more than 40 years of hands-on horticultural experience and has been featured often on television and radio and in leading trade journals. This is an authoritative and detailed handbook for gardening activities throughout the year in this region.

  • Guy Sternberg
    635.977 St

    In the landscape, trees are the usually the most expensive and valuable additions. Sternberg, an expert arborist, author and lecturer helps you to pick the right ones. With a focus on native species, and with plenty of photos, readers will be able to pick the right tree for the right place.

  • Kenneth Druse
    635.951 Dr

    The Natural Habit Garden introduces 35 gardens that re-create the naturally balanced plant communities found in each of the four main botanical habitats. Druse shows gardeners how they can recreate the natural havens for birds, butterflies, and other wildlife.

  • American Horticultural Society
    635 New

    Similar to the first book in the list, this is a comprehensive gardening manual and plant encyclopedia, including trees, shrubs, perennials, climbers and annuals. Provides illustrated steps for planning, pruning, propagating, feeding and watering and shows how to create water features and patios, and add lighting. There are also chapters on container gardening, garden tools and equipment, and everyday garden maintenance as well as on landscaping and hard structure building.

  • Ellen Phillips
    635.932 Ph

    Rodale always fills their books with practical information on organic techniques, building and conditioning soil and other important aspects of providing a sound medium for thriving plants. This encyclopedia has all that, plus an extraordinary and comprehensive plant list, complete with tips on combinations, plants for specific conditions and micro climates and other useful information.

  • American Horticultural Society
    635 Am

    This manual covers all aspects of vegetable and ornamental gardening. It includes well illustrated, step by step instructions on techniques such as pruning, grafting and transplanting. Readers will also find information on what plants are best for certain conditions, timing for vegetables and many other topics. This is a source that can serve most needs of gardeners.

  • Melinda Myers
    Indiana Room IND 635.9647 Mye

    Provides information on keeping your lawn in tip top shape, from mowing height to fertilizing and seasonal maintenance tasks.

  • John H. Tullock
    640 Tul

    "This book teaches you how to: make wise choices in the design, planting, and maintenance of your residential space, regardless of its size or location; produce your own food; integrate vegetables, herbs, and fruits with locally native species and surrogates that contribute to the restoration of the local ecosystem; acquire a deeper understanding of the continuously evolving 'livingscape' that you can create for yourself, and of its relationship to the ecosystem that nourishes and sustains all life; use your space in the sun to manage health problems, earn supplemental income, and calm frazzled nerves" (From the introduction)

  • Edward C. Smith
    635 Smi

    Don't have a space in your yard large enough for a full garden? Consider container gardening- you'll find that most vegetables can be grown this way and they can even lend a decorative element to your deck or patio. And what's more convenient than being able to harvest tomatoes right outside your back door? It's not quite the same as conventional gardening; the author details the techniques needed to keep your container vegetables healthy and productive.

Web Resources

  • In order to know whether a plant can thrive in Monroe County, you need to know a little about the USDA Plant Hardiness Zones. This map divides the United States in to zones, based on the maximum lowest temperature an area will experience. Most plant sources will provide the Hardiness Zone as part of the description.

  • The Purdue University Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture maintains this valuable website, where you can find information on all horticultural topics. The focus of this website is on the midwest.

  • The United States Department of Agriculture maintains this comprehensive database of plants grown in the United States. You can look up plants by their common or scientific name and learn many details about plant habits, growth, size, optimal conditions and common problems. Maps show where each plant can be grown, although you will still want to consult hardiness zone data because Indiana winter weather varies.

  • Maintained by the Ohio State University Department of Horticulture and Crop Science, Webgarden is one of the most comprehensive and extensive sources of plant and gardening information maintained on the web. Many of the articles, guides and tips included in this site are perfect for Indiana gardeners because Ohio has very similar climate and growing conditions.

Local Resources

  • Bloomington Community Orchard is an organization devoted to growing fruit for the community to share and enjoy. The publicly owned orchard is maintained entirely by volunteers and the harvest is available to everyone in the community.

  • Hilltop has primarily focused on youth gardening, but has expanded its reach throughout the University and surrounding community to provide opportunities to learn about different gardening practices and connecting with nature. Hilltop provides gardening programs for children, classes for adults and volunteer opportunities. Visitors are always welcome at Hilltop to tour our demonstration gardens, enjoy nature or find a good idea for their garden.

  • Grow closer to your food! Community Gardening offers a variety of gardening opportunities for individuals, families, groups and organizations.