Movie Resource Guide

  • This guide helps you find resources related to all things film. There are general sources providing an overview of the history of movies, as well as more specific materials focusing on one particular aspect of film. Links to local movie showings are included as well.

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  • Steven J. Scheider (Ed.)
    791.4375 One

    Spanning more than a century of film this popular title is regularly updated with movie profiles that include detailed information about the cast and production, as well as little-known facts relating to the film's history.

  • Daniel Eagan
    791.4375 Eag

    A guide to the most significant films ever made in the United States, includes everything from the Jazz Singer to Citizen Kane to Boyz N the Hood.

  • Ephraim Katz
    791.43 Kat

    The undisputed bible of the film industry this book includes entries on the technical, artistic and commercial aspects of movie making.

  • Roger Ebert
    791.43 Ebe

    The only film critic to win a Pulitzer Prize, Roger Ebert presents full-length movie reviews, interviews, essays, tributes, journal entries, and "Questions for the Movie Answer Man."

  • Paul Simpson
    791.4375 Sim

    A blend of essential trivia and informed opinion, this title takes you on a tour of the most compellingly weird - and weirdly compelling - films in the world.

  • Jim Craddock (Ed.)
    (AV-Reference 791.4375 Vid

    The most comprehensive single-volume film guide available,  it contains capsule reviews of more than 22,000 movies, written with wit and good humor; the films are rated in a range from "four bones" to "WOOF!"

Journals & Magazines

  • American magazine covering film, music and all aspects pop culture and entertainment news.

  • Arts and culture magazine published by the Film Society of Lincoln Center.

  • Founded in 1969 by Andy Warhol this magazine features intimate conversations between artists,  celebrities, musicians and creative thinkers.

Audio/Visual Materials

  • Bret Wood
    791.4 Edi

    A four-disc treasure trove of 140 of the first moving pictures ever seen, includes camera tests, early special effects, street scenes, humorous shorts, and "The Great Train Robbery."

  • Morgan Spurlock
    791.436 Gre

    From Morgan Spurlock a documentary about branding, advertising and product placement that is financed and made possible by brands, advertising and product placement.

  • Jon Wilkman
    791.43 Mog

    This seven part documentary looks at major developments in cinema, detailing personalities, relationships, collaborations and conflicts that created an industry and an art form while also looking at how moviemakers responded to major historical events.

  • Richard Brown
    791.4392 Mov

    Interviews with Hollywood's biggest names from Professor Richard Brown's NYU class Movies 101.

  • Peter Hanson
    808.23 Tal

    Screenwriters ranging from newcomers to living legends share their triumphs and hardships in this probing, insightful and often hilarious odyssey through the world of movie storytelling.

  • Walid Khaldi
    791.4302 Tha

    This three part documentary provides a look at groundbreaking black entertainers from the 1920s through the 1950s. The focus is on actors, comedians, and westerns.

Local Resources

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